First day of signings

I had a really great time at my first book signings. Everyone was so polite. I found the folks at Chapters in Dartmouth extremely friendly. One lady bought a book because she shared a last name with the family in “Bitter, Sweet.” She was curious to know where the name came from and I explained that I have a problem coming up with original last names and I usually check out names in the obituary column or the phone directory. In this case I found the name in the phone book.

I’ve never had so many people smile at me in one day I’m sure. There were also people who stopped to look but decided it wasn’t “their kind of book” and that was fine. They made me laugh and I thoroughly enjoyed their visit. I love meeting new people and hearing their story. Another gentleman decided the book wasn’t for him since he only reads non-fiction but we had a good chat about the book and before the day was over he slipped a hot chocolate on the table for me. A young family stopped to explain to their children that I wrote books as the boys were just beginning to read….. As I said a very friendly bunch of people.

I had a marvelous time. Next week I’ll be at Coles in Bridgewater—- familiar territory. Hopefully it will be another interesting day!

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  1. Sounds like you are having so much fun, Laura! Must have so interesting…all those people!

    • It was fun, Jennifer. I wasn’t expecting many people to come by as no on in the city knows me and the book’s only been out about a month now but I was grateful for the ones who did stop by because they made my time there enjoyable. That’s the most important part. I think it’s quite something for perfect strangers to stop and get an autographed copy.

  2. Fun!! This is kind of funny, but what stood out the most to me was the hot chocolate. What a nice, out-of-his-way-to-appreciate-you kind of gesture. I also think it’s neat that the family explained to their children that you’re the author of the book. So, so cool.

    • The hot chocolate was actually the highlight of my day, not the chocolate but the fact that someone, as you say, went out of their way to do this. That is exactly why I enjoy meeting new people so much.

  3. You have a busy schedule for the latter half of November! I’m glad it’s gotten off to such a good start. While it must be nice to meet and get feedback from people who are interested in your story, it also must be nice for them to be able to interact with the person who has written the story. That special connection is a two-way benefit, both for the sale of the current book and also for subsequent ones.

    • Carol, You always have such a wise take on things. I love your ability to see situations from all sides. Whenever I read one of your comments I always find myself thinking of things I never thought about. Thanks for your wisdom,

  4. One of my imagined drawbacks to my fantasy of getting published is the thought of public readings and book signings. But if I knew mine would be as enjoyable as yours has I would remove that from my list of dreaded promotions.

    I’m so glad this has been such a terrific experience for you.

    • You might not believe this Tricia but I felt the same way before publication of an actual book was in my future.. I wondered how I would ever handle that part of it. But it seems to me that as publication became a reality and I was given an editor to work with, one who really believed in my and my book –not only that, everyone at Nimbus has been super supportive—that I became more self confident about it all. I’m sure this will be the case with you. You’ll be surprised at what all you will do for your book. I really feel as though the focus is on the book and not me and maybe that’s why I’ve been enjoying this whole experience from start to finish.

  5. Congratulations on the great signing! I hope your next one goes just as well. :)


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