Is It Really Spring?

Spring seems to have arrived early in Nova Scotia. Buds are swelling, mayflowers are blooming, and the lakes have been free of ice for weeks now.

And people are suspicious. They want to believe, yet they aren’t quite sure. What if this is just a taste of spring and they’ll wake one morning to find that winter has returned? They’ve been sending out warnings.

“Don’t get too used to it.”

“We haven’t seen the last of the snow.”

I choose to ignore the warnings.

Over the Easter weekend we had record-breaking temperatures. While Halifax was basking in 25 c temperatures, the normal for this time of the year is 5c. It’s been simply wonderful.

I’ve decided it doesn’t matter what might be waiting down the road because I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures today.

I’m posting a photo of some Mayflowers my Aunt picked for me over the Easter weekend. I only wish you could smell their fragrance.

I say, enjoy the gifts we are given and, try hard not to worry about something that might never come to pass.

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  1. I think that’s a good philosophy. In life we’re skeptical that something especially good may be “too good to be true”. Pair that with the “if only” attitude and we could go through life wondering and worrying about what might have been and what may be. In fact, God gives us today. If we’re too busy looking ahead or behind, we won’t see what we have right now… “the gifts we are given”.

    Your Mayflowers are beautiful!

    • Thanks Carol. Are there Mayflowers in BC as well? If not you’re really missing out. They smell SO beautiful.

      • I’m not familiar with them, which isn’t to say they aren’t in BC. There are some beautiful blossoms around but nothing that I know of by that name.

  2. Between snow at the beginning of last week and 80 degree temperatures this week, I think spring is teasing us Ohioans. But there’s buds on our trees and even more of my flowers are peeking out from underground so I’m optimistic.

    Not certain mind you, but hopeful that the snow is behind us :)

    • The weather here has been really strange. Usually we get dumped on during the winter but the snow melted away quite quickly. Of course there are concerns that we’ll have a killing frost and the buds will be frozen off. Could be bad for the apple crop but so often these predictions end up being much less harsh than we imagine.At least a wait and see attitude keeps us from worry about something that might never come to pass. (sometimes easier said than done.)

  3. Nice flowers! Can I put an order in for a nice bouquet to be brought up when you guys come to visit? :)

    • Unless our visit is within the next weeks they’ll likely be over by then. Guess it all rests in your hands…LOL!

  4. Here in California we are have a cold spell. I had turned off the heat over a month ago only to turn it on again yesterday.

    I like the “real moments” you are sharing with nature and not worrying about how long it will last.

    • Sometimes you’ve just got to love the moment you’re in, Tricia. If the snow returns it won’t last for long, at least that’s something we can be sure of.
      I hope things warm up for you soon!

  5. Oops. I meant to write we are “having” a cold spell. I’ve been reading too many LOL Cats.

  6. ”I say, enjoy the gifts we are given and, try hard not to worry about something that might never come to pass.”
    Wow, that is really relevant for me at the moment. Great advice – thanks. :-)

  7. cottentail

     /  April 7, 2010

    The old wise tale: If you hear frogs peeping before April 18th expect a backwards Spring meaning Cold and Rain. Sadly, I did on Good Friday and throughout the weekend. This happened to us last year also.

    • April 18th must be St. George’s Day. Is it?

      Yes the peepers have been out for some time now. Today was beautiful as well.The wood ticks are here and there was actually a mosquito flying about the dining room. Must have been hungry I guess..LOL

      • cottentail

         /  April 8, 2010

        Not sure about St. George Day? Never heard anything about that! Yes, the moquitoes and house flies. Seen them all. They are literaly coming out of the woodworks this year. Flies any one! For sale! Give you a real good deal!

  8. Very wise, inspiring words about enjoying the gifts we’re given them and being optimistic about Spring’s arrival! Yay! (she says after it _snowed_ where she lives lst night ;-)).

    Your picture of the Mayflowers is gorgeous–and I’m not sure BC has them either. Maybe in the lower mainland . . .


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