Tree in Stone

With enough nurturing even the most unlikely things can flourish. You really have to love Mother Nature!

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  1. Melanie

     /  June 10, 2010

    :) Love this photo!!!

  2. I love the way you derived the message from it!:) With special care, roughest of all can also become smooth. And with strong determination, impossible can also become possible. Such a needed reminder. Thank you for sharing it with us!:)

    • I love the way we are able to grasp meaning from some of the simplest things in life. Perception is a wonderful thing. We all see life through different eyes, and meaning can be found in most things if we take the time to really look.

  3. That’s an amazing photo and interpretation, Laura. Grasp what little bit you have and hold on tight. Thank you.

    • I really like this photo for what it represents. It is fun to sometimes search for the hidden meanings that are all around us. Most times we are simply too busy to notice.

  4. This reminds me of the pyramid in Rome (yes, there’s a pyramid in Rome – I had no idea!) I saw when I was there last month. It had loads of greenery growing from the cracks between the bricks. I was so upset it hadn’t been looked after better, but you’ve just put a really good spin on in. Thanks for the thought.

    • Pyramids in Rome. I know most of us associate them with Egypt. I imagine your trip was quite exciting. I haven’t travelled to any other countries. Maybe someday!

  5. On our way home from Kentucky this weekend I made sure to point out to my daughter the trees growing up through the rock in the mountains. I’ve observed those trees I don’t know how many times but they never cease to amaze me. I’m glad you shared this photo on your blog for those who maybe haven’t taken the time to “see” such wonderful gifts and reminders in nature.

    • Hi Leah, Nice to see your smiling face again!! It is really amazing to think that a tree can grow within the crack of a tree. One wonders how they are able to get the nourishment they need.


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