It’s Official!

Once a year the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia invites writers to apply to the Writers’ Council. So this year I decided to apply, and earlier this week I received a letter of acceptance from The Federation.  The Federation—doesn’t that sound like something from Star Trek? But gee, I like the sound of it!

So what does it actually mean to be a member of the Writers’ Council?

First of all, in order to be in the Writers’ Council you need to be a published writer. Sounds obvious, I know. Being a council member means that I’ll have my own page on the Nova Scotia Writer’s Federation site, and I’ll be listed with all the other Nova Scotia writers. So if you check out the Federation’s site and you click on the “writers” link, my name will also be there. (Nope, its not there yet. You’ll have a wait awhile longer.) Another added bonus of being a member of the council is I can apply to be a part of Writers In The Schools program if I so wish.

So I’m officially official.

Of course now I need to write a bio and send in a photo for the site. I have to be honest, I write boring bios.  I’ve read some author bios that knock your socks off, not only because of the credits and awards, but their sheer entertainment value. We’ve all read those kind—-cleverly crafted to the point where you want to read the book because the author bio is so darn good you know the book has to be brilliant. Aside from the fact that I’ve been fortunate enough to have a YA novel published and some short stories, I’m just a very average, everyday, run of the mill person. Just me. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! But when it comes to writing a bio I really don’t know how to “jazz it up” to make it sound interesting. No socks coming off there.  But that’s okay. I’ll still have a page. No complaints about that, none whatsoever. I’ll get something pulled together, it may not be brilliant but in the end it won’t really matter. Who wants their socks knocked off anyway? Wear sandals, right?

Now while I don’t really like having my photo taken I’d like to have something other than the pic that went on the back of my book. Quite frankly you just  get tired of seeing the same old picture after awhile. I have until the end of July to submit my photo and bio to the Federation (there’s that “F” word again!) so surely I can come up with something acceptable.

So that’s it. I’m officially a writer!

Once the page gets up I’ll add a link for anyone who’s interested in taking a gander.

I expect that’s my big news for this week.

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  1. That’s exciting news! Congratulations.

    • Thanks, Carol! For years I wondered ho one gets a page on the Writers Federation site and I would imagine for years the information was right there but this year I told myself, “I”m going to do it!”

  2. Madison Woods

     /  June 16, 2010

    How very exciting to be ‘official’ :) I’m not officially anything, except a non-fiction article author for very obscure publications, LOL.

    Know what you mean about bios. I hate writing them, too.

    • Thanks, Madison! Hey publishing credits are publishing credit I always say!

      Thanks for dropping in. I plan to look your site over a bit more. I noticed something in YOUR bio that I have in common with you!!

  3. That is great news, Laura. Congrats! (I was a little shocked by your frequent use of the F word though. Heh.) And no worries about the bio. Sandals are all anyone needs–no, seriously, I generally prefer straightforward, kind of business-like bios.

    I look forward to the link!

    • Oh EV, you made me giggle. You’re probably right about the bio. And they did give us a sample to go by. Sometimes you just have to do it and not worry about it. Thanks for the advice :)

  4. Congratulations, Laura! Your fame is growing by the minute. :-)

    Good luck on the bio writing, something I haven’t even attempted yet.

    • I’m afraid my fame doesn’t spread much further than the kitchen and that’s only if I serve up something extra special. :)

      Thanks for the good luck wishes, Linda. The hardest part about writing a bio is getting started.

  5. Congratulations.

    I read a bio the other day that said he spent a better part of his life in a mental institution. You can bet I wanted to read what he had written. He hooked me on the bio. :-)

    • Thanks Tricia. I agree, some bios are just screaming for you to read the book, something I won’t have to worry about! LOL

  6. Congratulations, Laura! Sorry for the late well wishes but you know how life can interrupt your plans to comment as soon as the post shows up in your Inbox. Looking forward to the link.

    • Thanks, Leah. I’m still dragging my feet on the bio and photo. Since I’ve had my hair chopped off recently I thought it would be nice to add a more recent photo. Frankly I’m so tired of seeing the photo that went on my book. It’s everywhere. I finally changed it on my FB profile.


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