I love looking at clouds.  As a child I would lie in the grass and watch to see what form they resembled. Sometimes an image would jump right out at me, other times I’d really have to use my imagination to come up with a likeness. Then, when I was able to find some vague likeness in a cloud, I’d end up feeling a tiny bit disappointed as I watched it change so quickly, or else dissolve into the sky like a passing fancy.

Life changes like the shifting clouds. We watch with eagerness as they move about elegantly on a warm summer breeze, and look on with trepidation as they become dark and menacing during times of turbulence. Like life, clouds are in a constant state of change, stretching themselves out as fine and thin as a whisper, or collecting themselves into thick bulging mass of thunderous noise. They continue on their way just as we must continue on, despite the times of turbulence, and especially during those times when we wish for a particular moment to linger on for a little while longer.

I’ve been spending much time these past few days with my head in the clouds. Can you really blame me? It’s been an incredible time. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments, well wishes, for the emails and for those of you who dropped in just to get the scoop. I appreciate all the crossing of toes, fingers and any other body parts that might be involved. But, as much as I’d like to stretch this moment out forever, life is telling me it’s not going to happen. How can it?

Receiving the Bilson nomination has been wonderful, and it may sound corny to say, but I really do feel like a winner already. No kidding. So if you get tired of all the toe and finger crossing (It’s going to be a long few months ahead) it’s really okay. LOL!

When I look at the other contenders I can’t even begin to describe how I feel to be included in this nomination with them. This is much better than I could ever have dreamed up.

But I hope you’ll humour me a little. And if I find myself floating, from time to time during the next little while, promise me you’ll allow me a little room to float freely. In turn I’ll promise not to come off as too obnoxious.

So can you answer me this? Is that a lobster claw I see in them there clouds or is that just a little wishful thinking?

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  1. Miss Julie

     /  July 19, 2010

    I definitely see a lobster claw. I also see it as a hand with the finger pointing down, as if someone’s saying, “Get here. Now.”

  2. Madison Woods

     /  July 19, 2010

    Yes, it definitely looks like a lobster claw :)

    And whoo-hooo about the Bilson award nomination – not sure what that is, but it sounds like something worthy of a few or plenty whoo-hoo’s :) Will go see about it next. This morning I might have time to browse around your whole site for a while :)

    • Thanks Madison :) Not surprised you haven’t heard of this award as it is given out by the Canadian Children’s Book Center. The announcement comes in November.

  3. Arrrrgghh. Me sees the hook of a pirate, matey, peekin’ out from ‘is sleeve. Aye, ye should well be floatin’ lass, ’twas good news ye shared and we shall keep our hooks crossed for ye to win the booty n’ enjoy the fair seas an’ followin’ winds.

    Yeah, it’s probably a lobster claw.

    • Arrrggh Ye would sees the hook of a pirate. Aye, some might say this floatin’ in the clouds is for the birds, matey….. Heck..Who am I kidding, I can’t talk like a pirate…You’re the expert in that area.. LOL!

      Thanks for the good wishes, Dave. :)

  4. Love the cloud post, Laura. I could definitely relate as my head is always in the clouds most of the time.

    So happy for you with your nomination and I can imagine you’re floating on a cloud for sure. Just getting nominated would be a real high.

    Yes, that cloud does resemble a lobster claw. Slurp. Just had a feed of lobster last week at my parents’ place in Cape Breton so I have lobster on my mind. Now we’re back in Ontario and back to frozen fish and my own cooking. How boring!

    • I’m betting Cape Breton lobster has a flavour all of it’s own.

      Thanks so much, Cathy. You are so right. The nomination itself is enough to keep me in the clouds for days.

  5. I’m crossing fingers, toes, and nose hairs just to be safe. Great post, Laura. I can see a chick peeking out through the first cloud.

    • Nose hairs? Hmm. I’m afraid to ask. I guess with all these crossed body parts I stand as good a chance of winning as the rest of the nominees, maybe more. Nose hairs, you say!

      I’m trying to see the chick but haven’t found it yet.

  6. chezjlb

     /  July 19, 2010

    Side profile of a T-Rex head. Maybe I’ve watched Jurassic Park too many times!

    • T-Rex? That’s an interesting one! I saw Jurassic park way too many times when my kids were small. Damn those vhs movies.

  7. You’re entitled to have your head up there, Laura! The nomination is fantastic so revel in it to your heart’s content; we don’t mind.

    I haven’t looked for things in the clouds since island vacation days when we used to lay on our backs on a knoll overlooking the bay and watch the clouds in the daytime and the constellations at night. But my cousin experienced an eery cloud recognition last year… posted a series of photos on Flickr with a bust of his father’s head to compare to one cloud formation he encountered while driving home not long after his father’s death. ( Kinda makes you wonder….

  8. A P.S. — My other cousin, Gary’s brother, superimposed a photo of their father onto the cloud photo which really emphasized the likeness. Eerier still!

    • Thanks Carol, and the nomination is totally wonderful. Winning would be great at this point but there will be no disappointment whatsoever if I don’t. I’ve got to check out these links.

  9. I hope the waiting isn’t stressful for you. And I know what it’s like! *laugh* I definitely see a lobster claw, but I also like “come here, now.”

    I used to watch the clouds, too. Especially at work. But then I moved offices and no longer have a window. Boo.

    • Yes, Gayle, I guess you do know what the waiting s like, and you also know that feeling of being in the clouds.

      Sorry you lost your window. We should all be able to look out and see clouds evryday, especially while at work!

  10. It could be a lobster claw, but the first thing I thought of was Marilyn Monroe. Notice the blue face (although I’m sure hers wasn’t blue) outlined by the long blond hair, and the white boa around her neck? Her head is tilted, making her look glamoruous. My daughter has dozens of Marilyn Monroe pictures, so I’d recognize her anywhere. :)

    As for the award nomination, I’m excited for you. Keep floating up there in the clouds and keep a positive attitude. Someone will win, and why not you?

    • Marilyn Monroe?…I’ll have to look at it for awhile before I see that. Wow! I think you’ve got us all beat, Carol. You’re imgination is really soaring in the clouds!!

      You’re right, someone does have to win and I’m planning to keep a positve attitude while I wait. Thanks for the well wishes!

  11. Jan Coates

     /  July 23, 2010

    Hi Laura:

    I found your name listed as a nominee for the Bilson award – that’s big, very big! Congratulations on the peer validation of your writing! Give me a call…


    • Thanks so much, Jan. It came as a real surprise and it does feel great to receive this sort of validation. :)


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