The Versitile Blogger Award

Last week I was awarded the Versitile Blogger Award by Joylene Butler. I met Joylene through Carol Garvin‘s blog awhile back.

For those of you who are not familiar with Joylene’s Blog you may want to check it out. There’s some pretty nifty things going on over there. (Did I just say nifty?) Joylene’s novel,  Broken But Not Dead, is due to be released by Theytus Books in July 2011 so keep your eyes peeled for it when the time comes.

Of course this award does not come without certain conditions, which seems to be the general theme with most blog award, I’ve noted. Usually these rules get changed but for some unknown reason I actually followed them this time.

For those of you sitting on the edge of your seats asking what the heck are the rules?…Here they are:

Drum roll please………..

1. Thank the one who gave me this award.
2. Share seven things about myself.
3. Present this honour onto 15 newly discovered bloggers.
4. Drop by and let my fifteen new friends know I love them.

Sounds pretty simple. Doesn’t it? So, thanks Joylene for sending this award my way. You know I love your blog!  I told you I wasn’t sure if I follow fifteen blog, but I guess I was wrong.

Hmm seven things about myself—without being too revealing are:

1.I’ve been married for 32 years, have two daughters, a son and now, a beautiful granddaughter!. (All this and I’m still only 39 years old! How did she manage you might ask?)

2. I have not travelled any further from home than a six hour car drive to Fredericton many years ago when my daughter attended UNB.

3. I don’t like driving and didn’t get my license until I was 25. I much prefer sitting on the passenger’s side.

4. I can’t type. (No kidding you say!) Anyone following this blog may have already figured that one out. I’m of the “hunt and peck” variety. I often  peck the wrong keys.

5. Until recently, I have never shared a WIP with anyone other than my editor. No one read Bitter, Sweet until it was made into a book.

6. I have watched Mary Poppins a gazillion times. (Thanks kids. I owe you one!)

7. I love to sing. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t break into song at least a couple of times. Luckily , for those around me, I CAN carry a tune.

Here are the fifteen bloggers I have chosen for the award.

1. Charlotte’s Weblog

2. Ann Lynn

3. Life According To Loup

4. Polilla Writes

5. Herding Cats in Hammond River

6. Gayle Sharpe

7. The Writing Place

8. A life Less Ordinary

9.Madison Woods

10. The Wright Words

11. Small Town Big Life

12. Melanie Crouse

13. Shakti Mama

14. Shari Green

15. Miss Julie’s HodgePodge

Whew! I made it. There are a few blogs that I have recently discovered, a few others that I have been following for awhile. Since I’ve given out awards before I picked on tried to choose some totally new ones. Some of these bloggers are new moms, and do well to blog let alone doing all the things required of one receiving this award. So you’re off the hook on this one. And that goes to anyone else who would rather just bask in the glory of this award without passing it on. The choice is up  to you. But know that I read your blogs and like what they have to offer.

Well that’s about it for the day. I hope you’ll check out some of these terrific sites when you have the time.

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  1. Thanks, Laura…I appreciate the nod! My friend Jane at PlaneJaner’s Journey gave me this award a while ago, but I have difficulty thinking of seven things about myself that I haven’t already put in my blog! I will check out the new blogs you list though…thanks again!


  2. Thank you, Laura. I appreciate the award and knowing you like my blog. Not sure if there are 7 interesting things to share about myself, but I’ll see what I can come up with. :)

    • You’re welcome, Carol. I sure didn’t share interesting things about myself. I wouldn’t know where to begin. I lead a fairly uninteresting life. I’ll be anxious to see what you can come up with.

  3. I’ll pass on the great news to Loup since he’s not online at the moment. At least I don’t think he is since I’m in Montreal and he’s at home in the backyard. Then again, he might have swiped a laptop and snuck it into his doghouse. He will be pleased, I’m sure. Thanks, Laura. What an honour for a husky’s blog to be mentioned along with all those others.


  4. Aw, thanks, Laura! I will answer the questions when I have more time! I’m busy making a fool out of myself in front of agents and NYT best selling authors. :)

    • Yay, Gayle… I’m SO excited for you. This is your time to shine. I’m sending nothing but good thoughts your way!

  5. You’re welcome, Laura. And thank you for introducing me to 15 wonderful blogs. I’m going to spend more time with each of them tomorrow. Sleep tight.

  6. Wow, thank you Laura! What a lovely surprise to find in my inbox this morning. I got up early to work on an editing gig and now, instead, I’m thinking about 15 blogs that I could put on my list. (Much more fun!) I look forward to exploring the blogs on your list, too. Thanks again; I’m going to have fun passing this along. p.s. I didn’t get my license until I was 31.

    • You’re Welcome, Heather, Glad it was a surprise for you! So now I don’t feel so bad about the license thing.

  7. “I have not travelled any further from home than a six hour car drive…”
    Wow. You would probably hate my life! Plotting my travels wuld look like an EKG printout.

    I’m going to catch up checking out these blogs & some of Joylene’s as soon as time permits. You are a very worthy recipient.

    • Yeah, I know, Dave I’m the most “untravelled” person there is. I do hope that will one day change. It’s not that I wouldn’t like to travel but circumstances haven’t allowed it. A trip in the next province to visit my grandaughter feel like a big deal at the moment. Heck, a 45 min trip into tow for groceries sometimes wipes me out..LOL!

  8. Yeah, 32 years!!!! Love hearing about longevity in marriage. Woo-Hoo!

    I hate driving and would much rather be the passenger as well!

    Thanks for this. Happy Friday.

    • 32 years is quite awhile. The years sort of slip up on you. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. :)

  9. Miss Julie

     /  July 30, 2010

    Thank you Miss Laura!

    It’s always wonderful to know someone is following your blog when there are so many other fantastic websites out there!

    Enjoy the weekend… it’s going to be beautiful!

    • You’re very welcome, Miss Julie. I like that your blog is very local for me and I love your sense of humour. I’m hoping one day we’ll bump into each other since we I’m sure we frequent the same places. Carry on!

  10. Madison Woods

     /  July 30, 2010

    Thank you Laura :) I’m sorry to be so negligent in picking up my award, but I really enjoyed reading your list and hope mine is as interesting to my readers… when I get it done. Which should be soon – I promise! When I get more time, I’ll also be cruising through your list of other recipients. They’re a whole new world for me to explore!

    • You’re more than welcome, Madison. You are a very busy lady from what I can see. Time is so often the problem. That’s why it took me a week to post the award. Hope you have fun exploring the new blogs.

  11. Wowee, this is so exciting! *does cartwheels around the yard* I feel honoured to be included with all the other bloggers. Thanks, Laura. I’m so excited, I think I’ll dig a new hole to celebrate!

    • Well Loup, I can see that Cathy told you about the award. Glad you’re so happy. You might just have to dig two holes. :)

  12. Madison Woods

     /  July 30, 2010

    I’m working on my post right now :) I should even be finished by tonight, LOL.

  13. Thank you so so much! What a lovely honor!

    You are an interesting lady indeed. 32 years in a marriage, never far from home, you are so wonderfully rooted! I have always wished for this rootedness, but it is not me so much :).

    I’m not sure what Versatile Blogger refers to (I can guess, of course), so I’ll go by Joylene’s blog to see if I can figure it out!

    Thanks again :).

    Oh, and I linked to you from a post I wrote yesterday … it was inspired by your recent post on names … I hope you don’t mind.

    • Oh Juliana, you are most welcome. Nice of you to link to my blog and how sweet that something I wrote inspired you! I love your blog!

      I’ve always maintained that I’m the most ordinary person there is. But we all see one another’s lives in a whole new way when they differ greatly from ours!

      Enjoy your award!

  14. Hi Laura:

    I forgot to mention that I just turned 49, and still don’t have my driver’s license (the plan is to get it soon though)! And I also love to sing…


  15. My first blogging award! Thank you for thinking of me, Laura!

    Your life seems peaceful. Family-centric, bonded to one home, and full of joy. That’s what I see in your seven things. What could be more interesting in these times of scattered families, uncertain home-lives, and frequent personal and national traumas (at least in the U.S.)?

    • Thanks, Ann! Glad to have passed this award your way. We all see things differently when we look at other people’s lives especially when they differ greatly from our own.

  16. Thanks so much for the award, Laura! I really appreciate it. As a new blogger, it’s so difficult to get the word out and let people know you’re there, and this will really help. Every time someone adds me to their blogroll, or retweets a post, or becomes a follower, it means so much – I think only other bloggers know how much.

    I will do my part as a winner of the award with Monday’s post, and will definitely add you to my blogroll. Thanks again! This means the world to me.

    • You so welcome, Holli! It does take awhile for people to find us. I’m sure the point to such award is just that.

  17. Thank you so much for the award, Laura! And thanks for reading my blog–I appreciate your visits. :)

    I’m looking forward to checking out the other blogs you’ve mentioned, and will try to post about the award and my “seven things” soon–I’ve got a few days at home in between camping trips, then I’m on the road again…. (Next trip is WAY longer than six hours, lol!)

  18. Polilla-Lynn

     /  August 3, 2010

    Hi Laura,
    It is high time I sent a THANK YOU for the award; I didn’t mean to seem so ungrateful. You know you caught me totally off guard by doing that, don’t you? :) I have not been able to focus on blogging lately, but I do want to get back to it. Family things, a LONG overdue vacation with my dear husband, other life stuff, have pulled me off the writing track. Having many interests I get distracted easily.
    I will try to get to my blog soon and see what I can come up with for 7 things about myself, but I don’t think I know 15 other bloggers.
    Thanks, Laura, for believing in me when I am the last one who does.

    • You’re welcome, Lynn. Sometimes we all get busy with our lives and it’s not always possible to blog. Blogging does take up a good amount of time.
      Hopefully, you’ll find the time to get back into it. :)

  19. Hi Laura,

    I fulfilled the requirements, to the best of my ability! I’d also like to add your blog to my blogroll, if that’s okay.

    Here’s the post:

    Take care,

    • Hi Holli, You certainly may add me to your blog roll and I in turn will add you. :) I’m going to head on over to check out what you had to say because I’m a curious person by nature.

  20. You are added, Laura. Thanks again! And thanks for your comment. You’ve been most supportive.

  21. Okay,I finally got ‘er done! Even though a few of the bloggers I chose may have things going on in their lives right now to keep them from posting as regularly as they used to, perhaps they will be inspired to get back into it. Thanks,again, Laura!

  22. This is really awesome! I wish I would have seen it when it first came out, but I got distracted and discouraged and took a little break from blogging. I’m back and I’m still going to do this, even if it’s a day late and a dollar short. Thank you so much!

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