Take Off, Eh!

Remember these guys?

To quote two of our more famous Canadians, Bob and Doug McKenzie, “Take off, Eh!” Which is exactly what I plan to do tomorrow. While I’m not heading off to Bob and Doug’s Great White North, I will be out of the province for the week. Not to fear, I’ll still be online, keeping up with you all. And yup, they even have high speed where I’m going to. High speed and baby kisses. What could be better?

If all goes as planned my lovely daughter and I will be putting together a book trailer for Bitter, Sweet. If all doesn’t go well….well, I guess we won’t. But we’ll have fun playing around with the program regardless. Who knows maybe Miss Charlotte will offer her opinion of the subject.

So that’s it. I’m off to pack my bags and clean the house before tomorrow. See you all from Moncton!

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  1. Have a great trip, Laura! All the best!


  2. Have fun in Moncton, Laura! We’re off to Fredericton tonight for the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival (seeing John Hiatt and Thom Swift).


  3. Hi Laura. Wishing you a safe a memorable trip to spend time with your daughter. I hope to see my daughter soon, also. Plans are in my heart. Blessings to you…

  4. Have a safe trip and a wonderful visit. I wish you as many baby kisses as you can take.

  5. I don’t really need to say “enjoy yourself” because there’s nothing quite like the joy of visiting family. I love the saying, “If I’d known grandchildren were so wonderful I would have had them first.” Take pictures! And I hope you get the trailer done, too.

  6. How wonderful for you, Laura – and for your daughter and grandbaby Charlotte. Methinks you are going to be doing more travelling from your wee hamlet than you have ever done in your life … thanks to cherished baby kisses. :)

    I wish you success and fun creating a book trailer, too, although it obviously falls to second in importance. Godspeed.

  7. Sounds wonderful, Laura. Have fun, stay safe, and best of luck with your book trailer. It’s doubly wonderful that you have a daughter and she’s helping.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments and well wishes. I’m so excited about spending time with my family.

    Cathy–Thanks. I’m so excited!
    Carol Ann—I’m sure this trip will be filled with many great memories..Thanks so much!
    Linda—I’m going to fill myself with baby kisses!
    Lynn—I’ve already travelled more in the past five months than ever before :)
    Wendy–Have a great time at the festival in Fredericton!!
    Carol–I like that saying as well because it’s SO true!
    Joylene–Thanks! Hopefully we’ll come up with something.

  9. Have a good trip, Laura, and good luck with the book trailer! :)

  10. Happy landings, eh? And have a wonderful time with your family. I visited your blog, courtesy of the lovely writerwoman, Wendy, my new friend! And I really enjoyed what I read – your tag post painted a delightful picture of you!

    • Welcome Sunshine..Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I look forward to checking ouy your blog as well!

  11. Oh, whoohoo! Have a great time away. I can’t wait to watch your book trailer!


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