Today I received a beautiful invitation from the Canadian Children’s Book Centre in Toronto. Can’t say how honoured I felt to be receiving one. Remember back in July when “Bitter, Sweet” was shortlisted for the Geoffrey Bilson Award For Historical Fiction For Young People? Well that award will be handed out on November 9th along with a few others—-Marilyn Baille Picture Book Award, and Norma Fleck Award For Canadian Children’s Non-Fiction.

Just to know that my book has been shortlisted for one of these awards really is reward enough. :) That may sound corny, but it’s so very true.

On November 9th you can bet I’ll be daydreaming about this wonderful celebration from home while those attending are sipping cocktails and eating d’oeuvres, and I will definitely be smiling when they announce the winner’s names. :)

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  1. Oh no, Laura…you can’t go?

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the Bilson for you…


  2. Laura! It’s such an honour! Why aren’t you going?? Are you afraid to fly, or what? Gosh! I would go with you if it’s that you don’t want to go alone. Or, I’m sure you have a family member to go with you. Anyway, Girl … GO!

  3. Congrats Laura! I agree that being shortlisted for this prestigious award is something to celebrate and cherish. Blessings to you…

    • Thanks, Carol Ann. I can’t say making the shortlist has been a dream come true because I honestly didn’t even dream THAT big!!!

  4. Madison Woods

     /  October 22, 2010

    Congratulations – this is not corny at all! You should feel rightfully proud :)

  5. Exciting, Laura!!! Too bad you won’t be there. You’ll have to have your own party at home. Will it be broadcast so you can follow it?

    • I’m not expecting there to be any party at home, and I’m pretty sure they don’t broadcast it. But you never know I may have a glass of wine to celebrate being shortlisted. Oh wait, I’ve already done that..a few times…lol! Just kidding! Sort of..

      • well, CBc radio airs all kinds of things. They aired a much smaller award I received, so I think you should look into it. It was a few days after the fact, but still fun! you never know…

  6. Jan Coates

     /  October 23, 2010

    Okay, realistically Toronto is only 4 hours from East Dalhousie – two by car, two by plane. You can do it! Nice 50th birthday present to yourself. If you win, how disappointed will be you be if you’re not there?? I’m sure one of your kids would love a trip to TO! How does Wednesday this week look for you (Vittles, not TO)?

    • I’m working Wednesday, unless you mean the evening. My days off are Monday and Tuesday and then I’m starting a six day work week for the next six weeks. Sorry, that’s the best I can do. :)

  7. Thanks, Jennifer. I will look into it. :) You’re probably right, one never knows.


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