Interview & Book Giveaway

Today over at Lynn. A. Davidson’s blog--here’s the link- there’s an interview with yours truly. What’s in it for me, you might be asking? A chance for you to win a copy of Bitter, Sweet., that’s what! So head on over, leave a comment for Lynn, and enter into the draw. It doesn’t matter if you already own a copy there’s probably someone on your Christmas list who would take a copy if you wrapped it up all nice for them with lovely wrapping paper and a really big bow. Don’t you think? Everyone likes getting free stuff!

Speaking of Christmas gifts and Bitter, Sweet, I’ll leave you with a photo that I posted a over a year ago of a Christmas gift my daughter made for me.

This was painted on a fungi that came off of a fir tree in our area.

Merry Christmas! I’m mean good luck with entering the draw!

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  1. Laura, thanks for sharing your journey in writing with Lynn. It’s always interesting to read about the experiences of other writers.


  2. Good Morning, Laura,
    Already comments on our interview are being posted to my blog – some may even make you blush. ;)
    Thank you for a wonderful interview. I know I asked more questions than most do, but I am very curious by nature and interested in knowing and learning about people and what they do – especially if it’s a personal interest of mine (as is writing.) It was an enjoyable interview and I’m sure visitors to my blog will enjoy it as well.
    Have a blessed day. :)

    • Thanks so much, Lynn. The interview was fun, but it really made me think about some of my answers. But thinking shouldn’t be a bad thing, right?

      I know you have more interviews planned with other writers and I’m really looking forward to reading them. :)

  3. Elayne

     /  January 26, 2011

    This was a very informative interview…to a great deepth…very interesting and left you wanting to hear more….just like your book…you want to know what the future for its characters will be…..keep up the great writing….

    • Glad you enjoyed reading the interview, Elayne. :) Yes, those darn Burbidges really get under your skin. Hehehe. You may have to write that sequel yourself. ;)

  4. Very unique Christmas present. Very nice, I might add. Blessings to you, Laura…

  5. Laura, I must have missed the first time you posted that photo. Very nice. What a lovely “memento” of your book.

    • Thanks, Linda! It’s a beautiful memento and one I certainly cherish! Thanks for dropping in I know your super busy with your books edits! Can hardly wait to see what you’ve decided on for a cover.

  6. I enjoyed your interview, Laura. We have a lot in common. I didn’t start writing until my third child. I knew I needed something for me. Great interview!

    • Hi Ciara, I think I was over on your blog leaving a comment the same time that you were on! While motherhood is totally awesome every woman needs to feel as though they have something in their lives just for themselves.

  7. Love the fungi. Loved the interview. Interested to know your thoughts about being without an agent. I am too, because the publisher bit before the agent. I love my publisher — Acorn Press. Terrilee Bulger is wonderful. But agents can do more, can’t they? Like foreign rights, etc.?
    Can we chat about this — here or elsewhere? — in some form?

    • Thanks Hilary for your comment not only on the fungi but the interview.

      If you’re reading this now you’ve probably already received my email. :)
      Yes we need to chat!


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