Never Turn Your Back

You know how you can’t turn your back on a kid because the moment you do they’re up to their eyeballs in something interesting?

Doesn’t seem that long ago when my ceiling was plastered with pie dough, my son jumped into my washer spin dryer, and the infamous “flour and water paste” episode took place. Oh yes, there have been exciting times in the best household over the years.

So, I also discovered that the Internet is a bit like those kids of ours we should never let out of our sight. Seems as though last night, while I was away, there was a lot going on behind my back

Blogger/facebook friends Darlene Foster and Dave Ebright both posted reviews of Bitter, Sweet on their blogs. Talk about a coincidence, and I didn’t even have to pay them. How about that?

For a look at what they had to say you can check out Darlene’s lovely review HERE and Dave’s most entertaining review HERE and sorry about the burn you suffered, Dave.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Darlene and Dave planned this out, but with them being on opposite asides of North American and so far as I know, haven’t met, either in person or via the net, that’s probably unlikely.

Thanks so much, you’ve both reaffirmed what I’ve known all along, the blogging community is wonderfully supportive and generous.

I was just thinking, maybe I should turn my back on the internet more often.

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  1. There are some things I check on the internet daily–or several times daily–and others that I leave for a week or two. I like to find out where my book is for sale online and a few weeks ago South Africa was added to the list. Yesterday, I discovered that Hong Kong and Brazil had joined the group. Cool! When my son was little, silence was definitely not always golden, but the results made for great memories.

    • Heather, I believe as authors, we spend time googling around to find out what’s going on with our books. Sometimes it’s the only way to find out what’s gong on.

      Sweet! that your book is making it around the globe. Congrats!

      Ah yes, those silent times were most generally to be feared, weren’t they?

  2. duke1959

     /  February 13, 2011

    It is good to take a break sometimes especially when its just wasting time. You are right about the blogging community.

    • We all need a break from time to time, Duke. Sometimes it’s difficult to tear ourselves away.

      The blogging community is definitely quite wonderful!

  3. I think it’s wonderful. What excellent reviews for a deserving novel. Congratulations, Laura. Your book is getting the notice it deserves. Yay!

    • Thanks Joylene! It was a pleasant surprise to see these great reviews! Nice to know that Darlene and Dave would take the time to write one.

  4. Congrats on the reviews, Laura!

    Until they were about 6 or so, my kids believed me when I told them that I had eyes in the back of my head and knew what they were doing even if I wasn’t looking at them! Worked like a charm (for a while!)…


    • Thanks Wendy!

      We may not have had eyes in the back of our heads but it sure didn’t hurt the kids to think we did.. LOL!

  5. Hi Laura

    So glad we were able to surprise you with the reviews. You would think we planned it but I actaully don’t know Dave. (but would like to) I just love those kind of coincidences. keep writng Laura as we all want to read more of your wonderful work.
    A fellow writer, Darlene

    • So sweet, Darlene, and much appreciated. I was pretty sure you and Dave didn’t know each other, so yeah it was kind of spooky, but Dave’s into spooky along with pirates, of course..

  6. syr ruus

     /  February 13, 2011

    You deserve all the accolades, Laura. Not only for the novel, but for your wonderful short stories as well. I’ve read relatively few of the many you’ve published only because they’re not readily available. WE NEED A BOOK OF LAURA’S BEST’S COLLECTED STORIES! PUBLISHERS TAKE NOTE.


      • Okay, you two. I hope you both have a lot of pull. I wouldn’t mind having a book of short stories published. LOL!

        Perhaps one day when and if the time is right.

  7. Very nice reviews, both of them. I left my comment of affirmation on the first one, saying that I’d read Bitter, Sweet and agreed that it was everything her review said it was. I had a problem trying to comment on the second.

    I just finished Jody Hedlund’s historical romance, The Preacher’s Bride. It was excellent, alos. Good writing and story. Blessings to you, Laura. You might just have a best seller on your hands. :)

    • Thanks Carol Ann. Yes, some blogs are a challenge to comment on. I’m still on good old dial-up and some times it’s VERY challenging.

      I’ve been curious about Jody’s book and plan to get it for my mum. I’m pretty sure she’ll enjoy it. :) Thanks for being so supportive, Carol Ann.

  8. I have a “Google Alert” that tells me when stuff comes up. Can’t tell you how I got on it though — no memory of that at all.

    It is nice having these things surprise you, however they come to your attention.

    Going to check out the reviews now.

    • I had a google alert once upon a time, but then I still ended up missing things. Keeps us on our toes.WE never know where our books will turn up.

  9. Great reviews!

  10. The washer / dryer thing – works like a charm. I used to put my kids in instead of the bathtub – much faster. Quick, pop ‘em in the dryer & fluff ‘em up & they were good to go. Slept like, uh, babies – though they made strange buzzing noises every 20 minutes or so. And, because they had their clothes on – it saved on added laundry expense. Geez, hope Deb doesn’t read this.

    Seriously (if that’s possible) THE BOOK WAS GREAT! I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was also fun typing with one finger from my left hand. I’ll hafta check out Darlene’s review. Just returned to Ft Lauderdale about an hour ago, so I’ll catch up soon.

    • LOL! Ah yes the old washer and dryer. Lucklily Matt has calmed down a bit since then.

      So glad you enjoyed the book, we all have varied tastes and well, on never knows. thanks for taking the time to write a review.

  11. You are so right. The blogging community, especially in romance, is so supportive. I’m going to hop over and check out the reviews.

    • Can’t say enough good things about the blogging community, Ciara. There are really so many wonderful people out there.

  12. With three kids of my own, I can appreciate the ‘never turn your back’ warning.

    It is always pleasantly surprising to find someone wrote about me in their column/blog/article. I’ve had the pleasure and have given the pleasure. Strangely, I don’t realise I’m doing someone a favour when I write about them. It naturally happens because in some way, they’ve helped me and I want to tell everyone about it.

    • I’m nodding my head in agreement as I read your comment, Diane. Giving someone a mention is something that just feels right to do. It’s only natural to let others know when someone has done a kind deed, even though it’s not done for that purpose.

  13. Congrats on the reviews, Laura!

    I turn my back on a lot of things at home. It’s either that or go crazy!

    • Hi Gayle, so nice to have you visit!! LOL! yes, going crazy is not the way most of us would prefer to go. We do what we do to keep our sanity. ;)

  14. I seem to do my best at turning my back on my housework, but tonight we are having a dinner party, and so… Vacuum cleaner here I come!! Love the post, Laura.


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