Didn’t Even See it Coming —Sweet!

How about those things in life that just come right out of the blue?

I’ve always considered myself someone who worked hard to get what I wanted. Nothing wrong with that, I say. I was brought up to believe that hard work was a good thing. When it comes to writing I think I work as hard as the next writer and my hard work has paid off over the years. I’m thrilled with the publishing credits I have and believe me I worked hard to get each and every one of them…I’m not complaining here just stating facts.

But this came to me yesterday right out of the blue and I thought I’d share it. A few years back I wrote an article on wreath-making for a labour magazine. I happen to find non-fiction quite challenging to write. I’m totally out of my comfort zone, and yet where would any of us be if we didn’t take chances and try new things, right? I know what you’re probably thinking, blogging is non-fiction, but it’s still a bit different than putting together an article for a magazine.

So the article was published and I haven’t given it much thought since, until yesterday that is. I received an email from the original editor who published the article. Seems as though the good folks at The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour’s Literacy Program would like to reprint part of it for an upcoming anthology which will be used as a literacy tool.

—Sweet on a few different level here. I’m all for supporting literacy (I’m a writer for goodness sake.) And look at that I didn’t even have to work for this one. Scary, when things happen on their own like that, isn’t it? Scary in a good way, that is. Guess I’m just not used to that so much. But I’ll take it with much gratitude.

I also want to mention that Christi Craig, a most excellent blogger, from the US won the contest over at Lynn A. Davidson’s blog and will receive a copy of my book very soon. If you’ve never checked out Christi’s blog you should pop over and say, hi! Here’s the link.

That’s it for today. I wonder what goodies tomorrow will bring?

Do you have any good news you’d like to share? Doesn’t have to be writing related just whatever’s on your mind.

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  1. Julie Dempsey

     /  February 17, 2011

    At the least you got credit on 2 levels, for your writing and for the long hours and sore hands perfecting that “other craft” you have. Believe me I can appreciate that.

    • Yes, Julie. You definitely can appreciate all those little things that goes along with wreath making. Thanks for for stopping in to visit!

  2. I once wrote a piece for Canadian Living magazine about watching my daughter skate. Someone contacted me from a skating club in Ottawa and asked permission to post it in their rink. Cool! Kind of the same idea! It’s always rewarding when somebody lets you know your writing has affected them:)

    • Yes Jan, we just never know who’s out there watching and reading what we are doing..And receiving feedback is the only way we have of knowing who’s actually out there reading our work. Cool, indeed!

  3. Honestly, as dull as this may sound, the sun is shining and it’s only -4C this morning! Coming from a week of -30C and no sun this is making me smile :)

    Wreath-making? Neat. Not sure if you mean on the craft level, but it’s something I finally did last Christmas.

    Last year I wrote a story about a musical event held four times a year for kids. AFter my article was published the organizer contacted me and said they sold out for the first time since they had begun the series. She thanked me, and that was a great moment of seeing something I wrote work beyond my reach. Enjoy your moment, Laura!

    • Yay for the sun!! It’s beautiful here today as well.

      Nice to know that our words are making a difference. You must have been thrilled Good for you, Jennifer!

  4. Congratulations, Laura! And especially nice that your article will be used for a good cause. Things like that would make me feel just a little more like a “real” writer. :-)

    • Thanks Linda! Nice of you to take time to comment. I know how busy you are these days getting your book ready for publication..Exciting times for you! :)

  5. I wrote an article on aromatherapy gardens once. I know what you mean by “out of your comfort zone”.

    My good news, as strange as it sounds, is the type of feedback I’ve been getting lately on rejections to my short stories. I used to get form rejections, but these days the editors take time to really talk about the story. They praise me in ways that don’t feel like rejections at all. Sometimes I have to reread the rejection just to make sure.

    Congratulations on your reprint.

    • I know what you mean, Tricia. When those encouraging rejections come along it feels like an acceptance in a strange sort of way. Knowing we’re are getting close is the next step toward being accepted.:)

  6. Tirry

     /  February 17, 2011

    3 cheers for you!!

    • Thanks Torry. I just found out the book will come out in March and I’ll be invited to the launch. Now I’m very curios.

  7. I hadn’t heard of The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour’s Literacy Program until you mentioned it, Laura. It sounds interesting.

    Congratulations on the surprise. It’s always nice when your writing gets recognised and they come looking for you.

    Do I have good news to share? I’ve received positive messages from several places I contacted with regard to selling my book. When the books are in these locations, I’ll post the information on my blog.

    And, my last visit to the dentist is done and over with until October. Yeah!

    • It was the first I heard of them as well. It is strange to see things going on without you knowing.

      Great news, Diana. Yes, you’ll definitely have to let us know when your book is ready for sale.

  8. That’s thrilling, Laura. No wonder you’re feeling good. Hard work aside, it’s nice to be appreciated, and they must appreciate what you wrote or they wouldn’t bother reprinting it. Good writing doesn’t come easy, and I believe publishers and editors understand that.

    As for my good news, my publisher called me this morning to say that she appreciates the effort I’m making on my blog to promoted them and me. I wasn’t expecting a personal call and so am pleasantly pleased.

    • Yes, it is nice to feel appreciated.

      Yay! It’s thrilling to get a call from a publisher. It’s that personal touch that really makes us feel appreciated.

  9. Good for you, Laura. You planted a lot of seed for a long time; now the harvest keeps coming in for you. Blessings…

  10. Laura, I believe nothing surprises me regarding your creative talent. The blessings just keep coming. Congratulations!

  11. Hearing about your success, how hard you worked for it, and how you appreciate it, is really inspiring, Laura. Congrats!

    Good surprises always make my heart do a few jumping jacks :) Such a good feeling.

  12. Well done! It seems like a lot of people who have commented have had similar experiences. That’s a nice reminder to keep going with the writing, even if you don’t know where it’s heading, because you may get a nice surprise in the future.

    • Defifintely so, Helen. Now if I could get my next novel published without having to query… ;) I guess that’s asking a littl too much.. Regardless, I’m thrilled with this and to know it will be used as a literary tool is kind of nice.

  13. Congrats! Don’t you just love it when unexpected things like that just seem to fall out of the sky?!


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