Keeping the Raccoons Away

Yesterday Hubby and I braved the snowy winter roads to attend the book launch for “Plants for Atlantic Gardens” at the Telegraph Tea Room in Melvern Square. If you’re ever in the area you should drop in to the Tea Room it’s totally lovely.

Here are a few photos from the launch.

Jodi so graciously signed my copy of her book.

Not sure what we were talking about, but it looks pretty intense. Just as people ask mechanics for advice once they find out what they do for a living, I’m sure Jodi hears all kinds of new gardening tips in her travels. So, I had to tell her my husband’s foolproof way of keeping racoons out of our grapevine last summer. I don’t know about you, but I think Jodi looks totally impressed.

If you’ve never been to a book launch before you really should go. Not only are you showing your support for the author, but there’s always great food and great conversation. Best of all you’ll go away with a signed copy of the book. Sweet!

For fun I won’t mention what Hubby’s tip for keeping raccoons out of the grape vine is since I’m sure Jodi will want to add it in her next book. ;) But if you want to take a shot at guessing I say go for it or maybe you have a great gardening tip of your own that you’d love to share! Who knows maybe your tips will make it into one of Jodi’s future books.

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  1. I’ve never been to a book launch. You definitely have made it look like a lot of fun! Blessings to you, Laura…

    • You should go to a book launch sometime, Carol Ann. I’m sure you’d have a great time. :)

    • Ericka

       /  March 3, 2011

      Laura is right…that was my first one at a private place and it was the best. Jodi is very good at what she signs in her books…a personal note for everybody. She commented about my lavender. I also see she is a lefty!

  2. My gardening tip: Use leftover coffee in the pot and add water, then water outdoor plants. Plants love watered-down coffee almost as much as I love it full strength.

    • I think one eyar we put coffee grounds around the tomato plants. Not sure why now, but I thought it was to keep ceratin bugs away but maybe it was as fertiizer.

      Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Laura. I intend to visit the Woodlawn Library when Jodi is there. I hadn’t thought of bringing my camera. Mmm. I just might.

    Great photos. I don’t have a problem with racoons in the garden. My biggest problem comes in a much smaller form: ants!

    • You’re most welcome, Diana. Yes, there will be another launch in Dartmouth. :)

      I don’t think ants have ever been a problem for us in the garden. Cut worms are about the worst I think.

  4. Book launches are a lot of fun, I go to as many as I can. It looks like it was held in a lovely venue.
    As for racoons, we have many of them here in Tsawwassen, BC and they are not shy. I believe they consider themselves citizens of the community and feel they deserve the right to vote at the next civic election. They parade through our patio on a regular bases, look in the windows with their bandit eyes and worry our cats. One particularly audacious fellow wandered into our bedroom one warm summer evening when we had left the door to the patio open. Other than chasing them away with a broom, my husband has no trick to keep these rascals away.

    • Yes, book launches are great fun, Darlene! I recommend everyone attend at least one. I have another one coming up in March, maybe make that two. I was told there would be a launch for the anthology that will have one of my pieces in.

      Raccoons can be very distructive. Last year there seemed to be so many around.

  5. Please tell me the tip isn’t urinating around the perimeter of the garden…

    -Abigail :)

  6. I planted flowers from seed last year. I was so proud – there were my babies. Then, the lawn service that cuts our grass tore them all out of the ground…said they looked like weeds. Hence, I will not be sharing any gardening tips.

    • The lawn service folks should have been able to tell plants from weeds, for shame! We have a vegetable garden every year. Where I live it’s sort of a way of life. We have some shrubs and trees, a few blueberry bushes, but this year I really want start a flower garden. My poor flower garden has been left unattended for too long. :(

  7. It looks like you had fun. :)
    One of my great buds, Belinda Peterson is having a book launch for her debut romance novel. I can’t wait. Oh, I LOVE tea rooms. I went to a real English tea in York a couple summers ago. It was soooo good.

    • I had a wonderful time, Ciara. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself at your friend’s book launch. It’s a great way to support writers/friends. Having a book released is a wonderful event and so important to have our family and friends right there by our side. :)

  8. “If you’ve never been to a book launch before you really should go. Not only are you showing your support for the author, but there’s always great food and great conversation. Best of all you’ll go away with a signed copy of the book. Sweet!”

    Sounds perfect! I’m anywhere there’s free food! ;)

    • Hey, I can so relate. I’ve had some pretty delicious food in my travels. The idea is to go a bit hungry. ;)

  9. Book launches benefit both the authors and those who attend. The last one I attended was for Denise Jaden’s debut YA and it was very well done… a lovely afternoon last September.

    I enjoy gardening and have a number of gardening books on my shelves, but don’t know any western gardening authors. Can’t say as I know any tips to keep raccoons away, either. Fortunately they don’t bother our gardens, but they’re much too curious and frequently visit our deck to peer in the windows. They’re cute to look at, but vicious if cornered. I worry about the dog’s safety with them around.

    • I love to attend launches.It’s actually my idea of a great social event. You can meet so many interesting folks and share ideas.

      Raccoons are so cute. It’s too bad they can be so destructive.

  10. Ericka

     /  March 3, 2011

    Hi Laura…another fun thing about going to book launches is one never knows who might be there…from gardeners to photographers and my fav., other writers…it was great to have finally met you again after all these years!!!
    Hey what about horse manure all around…maybe they won’t cross it…those crazy but smart rascals! <3

    • So true, Ericka. I enjoyed our visit It was also one of the highlights of the afternoon. So glad to have met Joanne as well.

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