Bitter, Sweet on Vacation

Apparently my book has it pretty darn good–so good that it has travelled further than I have ever dreamed of going. (Nope I don’t mean the moon!) To tell the truth it wouldn’t have to go far to out do me. Totally pathetic, yet totally true. Recently, my book went on a cruise with my sister—the lucky duck. Here are some of the great photos she sent me to rub my nose in it for my viewing pleasure. I love it!

Looking lonely at the Boston Airport--Yup that's my baby sister

St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands

San Juan, Puerto Rico

In Grand Turk--I can't believe it took her that long to read my book!

Thanks, Kelly! I’m glad my book was such a good sport. Next time you go, instead of taking my book, could you maybe take me? ;)

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  1. How wonderfully clever of her! That is funny and so great, Laura! Gotta love that! And I agree, next time maybe she can tuck you under her arm instead. ;)

    • Yes, I was rather tickled when the photos were sent. I think she had a lot of fun doing it (rubbing my nose it it, I mean.) ;)

  2. How wonderful your book got to travel! Hopefully people noticed it and will order a copy or two.

    • They apparently got a few strange looks, and some kid wondering why they were taking pictures of her reading a book.. Too funny!

  3. Torry

     /  April 1, 2011

    What a wonderful family to take you… I mean your book along!

  4. These are really fun photos AND you can boast that your book ‘gets around’. You can easily use these pictures for marketing. What a great idea.

    • Yes, the photos are fun, but I’m thinking it would have been even more fun is I had been holding it in St. Thomas. ;)

  5. Melanie

     /  April 1, 2011

    Awesome! I hope it wore sun screen. Looks like it got a lot of sun all week!

  6. I like all the pics with Kelly holding your book, not to mention all the great vacation fun all around her. Yes, I can see how you’d be willing to trade places with the book for the next cruise. Blessings to you, Laura…

    • I’m not really holding my breath on the cruise thing. This was actualy the first time she’d gone. The photos wuth the places in the background are stunning.

  7. OMG, your sister is a hoot. What a brat! But funny. Great idea. Now she’s got me thinking. Uh oh!

    • Yeah, the baby of the family is usually a real card. Believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg. She can come up with some pretty funny stuff.

  8. As a book dealer, I would have to recommend that you don’t put sunscreen on the book…that would tend to reduce its value, not to mention sticking the pages together! LOL!

    Fun idea, Laura!


  9. That is soo cute :)

    maybe it’ll be translated and travel further?

    • Hard to say what the future holds in store for this little book. If nothing else it’s always fun to dream!

  10. Kelly

     /  April 1, 2011

    Don’t you worry — I’ll be taking that book on future trips if I’m ever lucky enough to go on another one.

    Maybe you’ll have another book by then. :-p

    • Ha! I’ll try to whip another one up. I noticed there’s no talk about taking me. Alas, I’ll have to settle for my books travelling without me. ;)

      • Kelly

         /  April 1, 2011

        Hey now! You can come….I’m just not paying for it. :-p


  11. My sister and I just went on a vacation (took Don along, too:)) – you really have to go next time…trip of a lifetime! Cute pictures – sisters are great promoters!

    • Did you take your book with you, Jan? So thrilled that you’ve got two nominations on the go!

      Yeah, kid sisters are the best. They’re usually up for that sort of stuff. ;) As they get older they’re harder to trick into doing things but she enjoyed this so whose to say where my book will end up.

  12. At least your book didn’t get eaten by a goat. A few years ago when I went to the Carribean, a found a goat chomping away on the book I brought to read while I was swimming. Nice, huh?

    • LOL! Love that story, Tracy! Too, too funny. I don’t think my sister came across any goats but maybe the next time. That might make for good pictures..

  13. Cute photos! She should go into marketing… what a fun promotional opportunity. If she took along a box of books to sell to fellow shipmates maybe she could have claimed the cruise as a business expense. :)

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