Renewing a Weary Spirit

“It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.”
~~~Robert Louis Stevenson

We all find inspiration in various places. For me, nature is usually a good place to start. I’ve been surrounded by forests my entire life, have watched with wonder as the seasons change.There have probably been times when I took this for granted having lived in the country all my life.

I like to write about the outdoors; the sound, the sight and smells of rural Nova Scotia. Even when I don’t actually give a name to the setting in my story I usually write with the assumption that it is somewhere close to home. It is what I know, and what I love. It feels right.

I love these pictures for their greenness, for the way they remind me of how awesome our forests really are when left untouched, uninhabited. They really can renew a weary spirit without even trying. I can hardly wait for our green world to come out of hiding. It will be another month or more before the leaves appear. But for now I must sift through my photos with longing until that time comes..

What has inspired you lately?

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  1. The pictures are lovely Laura. Makes me want to be there. Although I live in a city (a beautiful one mind you) I do get away to see my daughter once in awhile who lives on a small island in amoungst the forest. It is very refreshing and inspiring so I know what you mean.

    • Thanks, Darlene! When I visit my daughter in the city I’m always anxious to get back to the trees no matter how much I love spending time with her and Miss Charlotte.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful forest visit, Laura. I am always inspired by a walk in the woods. (Even through pictures!)

    • You’re most welcome, Sue! Glad you enjoyed them. The woods are definitely inspiring. I guess nature knows what she’s doing. :)

  3. Looking through the leaves at the ferns spread out before them makes me think of the forests I ran through as a child. Like you, I have been in the forest all my life. Well, not so much the past few years because there isn’t much forest left in Milford Station. Much of it has been cleared for grazing or for hay fields. But when I do get into the forest, I suck in its energy. It does revive the spirit.

    Between my mother’s home and my brother’s home, there is a fifteen minute walk through the forest. Everytime I walk through there alone or with a child, I always pause at a certain spot, just on the edge of the creek bed. I explain to the child with me (usually it was a niece or nephew) that spirits live in the trees and if you stand still and quiet, you can hear their wings as they fly from one tree to another.

    The breeze sings through the branches high above and a certain kind of peace falls over you while standing and listening for those wings. After observing for a moment, we always thanked the fairies for safe passage and then continued on.

    I miss that place. It has since been ploughed over for ugly houses.

    • Diane, we seem to have much in common. Wish we lived handier. Hopefully, one day we’ll get to meet. Have you ever been to Vittles? lol

      It’s sad when we loose our wooded areas. I cringe when I see the clear cuts that are far too common and far too close. It makes me wonder what is going to be left for the next generation. I like that you thank the fairies for safe passage. Cool!

      • Hello Laura,

        We do seem to have a lot in common. No, I haven’t been to Vittles.

        There is too much clear cutting. I wish they’d manage the forest instead of destroying it.

        I was always one for getting the kids to think about things they couldn’t readily see. I have several nieces and nephews who still tell stories about what we used to do. It was all good fun.

  4. Your words and photos of wooded lands have lifted my spirit, Laura. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. Where I am, in Texas, USA, the trees are green now. I have lived in the country and in the city. Now I am in a major city in the near-downtown area. There is beauty everywhere, but none as lovely as the country photos you show. I miss the woodlands of my childhood, yet, outside my window are the tree tops close enough that Shady, my cat, thinks he could leap into the branches and catch a squirrel. Ha! He can’t figure out the window that stops his fun. Blessings to you, Laura…

    • So glad to have lifted your spirits, Carol Ann. I love leaves and trees and all things green. Glad you have some trees in your city. Who knows maybe one day Shady will figure that window out. :)

  5. The last shot is my favourite…hoping to see buds on our trees in the next few weeks!


    • I know it’ll be well into May before that happens here even when the rest of the province is all leafed out we’ll be waiting. Ah well, with the leaves come the black flies.

  6. Beautiful. And I suddenly feel like I’m on my own blog. Haha..

    It’s too bad we all don’t live in simple shelters in the woods like prehistoric humans. I think we would be so much more at peace.

    Winter can seem to last forever, but without it, the coming of spring would not be so special.

    • Hi Kay. Welcome to my blog! It’s nice to meet you. I’ll slip over and check out your blog. I’m suddenly quite curious.
      For those who complain about winter, (and I know I’m sometimes one of those people) spring certainly wouldn’t be something we anxiously await were it not for the snow and ice. I like you’re thinking, Kay!

  7. Your photographs inspire me, Laura. They’re so incredibly beautiful. We’ll be out there in September, and I love the idea that we’ll see the leaves turning. It’s truly a special time of year.

    • I”m anxious to see signs of green in the area, Joylene. For now I just have photos.

      The leaves are usually quite beautiful in the fall. Hopefully you’ll hit it at a good time.

  8. Lately, I’ve been inspired by the sounds of spring, particularly the birds that are back from their winter vacation. One of the great things about being in the forest, for me, is to listen to it…the creek…the wind..the birds…the leaves crunching underfoot. Inspiration abounds.

    • There are some pretty awesome sounds in the springtime. Love the sound of the birds in the early morning. I agree, inspiration is everywhere.

  9. I dream of traveling again some day soon. I’ve always wanted to go to Nova Scotia. :) Beautiful pics, Laura!

  10. Such soothing photos, Laura. Normally, nature and plants are my inspiration, of course, although right now I’m beyond weary so taking a mental health day to just read other blogs and rejuvenate my enthusiasm. Spring is slowly approaching us, despite today’s stormy weather.

    • You’ve been working so hard this past while, Jodi, what with all the promotion for your book. So glad to see it making the Bestseller lists..Yay!! Your hard work is rally paying off.

  11. This really resonated with me, Laura (as your posts almost always do! :)). I especially relate to your comment, “I like to write about the outdoors; the sound, the sight and smells of rural Nova Scotia. Even when I don’t actually give a name to the setting in my story I usually write with the assumption that it is somewhere close to home. It is what I know, and what I love. It feels right.”–except, for me, sub “Northern British Columbia” for Nova Scotia.

    The pictures were gorgeous too. I think I might have to do a Laura Best inspired blog post one of these days and showcase some of the landscapes that inspire/nuture/renew me. :)

    • That’s so nice of you to say, Ev. I’m glad you found something that resonated with you in my post. That’s always nice to hear. Would love to see some of the landscape in your area. Do it!!!!

  12. Beautiful photos! I really wish more people would respect nature and try to coexist with it rather than tear it down.

    • Thanks Pauline. I agree with you on the respect thing. Each time I drive past clear cuts my heart cries out a little bit. When will things ever change?


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