A Second Life

My son recently sent me this picture in an email.. He said, “JWD Books on Barrington Street has thousands of books. Look which one I came across.”

It’s kind of nice to know that Bitter, Sweet will now be read by someone else. Kind of like getting a second life.

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  1. I love to browse bookshops. You never know when you will find an edition of an author’s work published decades and decades ago when the author was still alive. I have McGuffey’s Readers and a few other things. No valuable treasures but precious in themselves with some magic in them and the aroma of the book projects that special enchantment. Glad your book has a home on the shelf and will soon find a new home on someone’s bedstand.

    • Agreed Carl, bookshops are wonderful, and a great way to pass the time. I do like the thought that someone else will get to read my book. :)

  2. I think your son finding your book is one of the small pleasures in life. He obviously loves books and is proud of his mother. I can just imagine him telling all his friends. “Hey, it’s my mum’s book. How cool is that???”

    • I think he was a bit excited to find it and probably was just passing the time away when he came across it. I think he was kind of impressed.

      Whatever did we do before we had cameras on our phones and email?

  3. That is so wonderful. To think this wonderful book will be read again and not left collecting dust on someone’s book shelf. My motto is books are meant to be read. I too have found some gems in used bookstores in various parts of the world.

    • Yes, collecting dust is never a good thing. The more peope who read it the better as far as I’m concerned.

  4. catchats

     /  May 30, 2011

    That is so fun having your son find your book in that bookstore. It shows how proud he is of his mom that he would send a picture to you. Great stuff!

    • It was a bit of a coincidence. I think all my kids are proud. It doesn’t hurt that I dedicated the book to them either. ;)

  5. Book stores are great places to hang out.

  6. That is so great, to find one of your ‘babies’ awaiting a new home.

  7. Ah, John Doull’s place…I’ve heard he has about 100,000 books! I need to get there some time soon!

    We haven’t gotten a copy of your book yet, Laura, but I’ve been watching for one…


  8. I was doing a school visit recently, in Kennetcook, and a teacher asked if I’d autograph a copy of RAINBOWS IN THE DARK for her young daughter. To my surprise, when I opened it, I saw that I’d already signed it – personalized for a friend of mine! I laughed like a fool – what are the chances? Then when I confronted the friend, she had some story about a renter packing up a bunch of her books and taking them to a used bookstore, unbeknownst to her…hm….We laughed again anyway:)

    • Love that story, Jan. I’m chuckling now and you know why.

      I’m thinking that was quite a surprise especially to find it was a book your friend had bought. :)

  9. Wow, That is SOOOO Awesome!!! I could be freaking out if I received that in an email. :)


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