Have You Seen The Castle?

From where they stood, they could see the castle.
~~~Frank Yerby

Today, I saw the castle through the fog, through the mist, and couldn’t resist snapping this photo. Never thought there were any castles in Nova Scotia. Guess I was wrong.

I love it.

Both the castle and the fact that I was wrong.

Can’t imagine owning such a place except in my imagination, and yet imagination is what allows us to dream new dreams and rediscover old ones. Imagination allows us to build castles in the most unlikely places or, at the very least, dream them in our minds..

I’m holding this imagine in my mind as I venture forward in the coming weeks.

How about you, can you see the castle from where you stand?

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  1. Laura, you my attention instantly when you mention castles. When I first read the email, I thought you were going to talk about the Moffett Castle (http://www.castlemoffett.com/comein.html) in Cape Breton. But you surprised me. Where is this castle?

    Castles are in my dreams. It’s why I’ve called my publishing company Quarter Castle. I love castles.

    • Thanks for sending the link, Diane. I had no idea about the castle in Cape Breton.. This Castle, my husband discovered on his way to work one day in the Chester area. He thought it was pretty cool and wanted to show me.

      Castles are pretty cool, agreed..:)

  2. My first thoughts are how much does it cost to heat and cool something like that!

  3. Our home is our castle, humble though it may be. I’m not drawn to big houses. I picture big housework. Lazy me. Ha!

    The photo of this castle is amazing! It almost looks foreboding. Or, it could be the castle with Cinderella tending the fireplace. Her chariot could be on its way to take her to the ball! Yes, I think I can see it from where I stand! Blessings to you, Laura…

    • Yes, I’m not into spending a lot of my time doing housework wither. There are too many other things I want to do. Castles really do make us dream, and I’m glad you can see the castle where where you are standing, Carol Ann. It’s a gorgeous view!

  4. Because your castle photo sits beside the photo of your book cover, I wondered if you might have to write another story about a house with a secret. A castle seems a natural for that. ;-)

    • My first thought when you mentioned that Linda was oh no, I’d never write about a castle, then quickly reminded myself to never say never.. I guess I’d say anything is possible.

  5. gleggy89

     /  June 26, 2011

    Hey Laura, check out this link: http://www.thelibraryofhope.com/acastleinnovascotia.htm, you may be surprised! Then let me know is it fiction or true????

    • Thanks for the link, Glenna. There’s a lot of good info there. I believe there was a spot done on the Live @ Five on this a few years back. Interesting stuff.

  6. No castles from where I stand!
    Got some pink houses, green, blue, wood, brick, small, tiny (like so small I don’t see how they can get through the front door – given there’s only one these around here), and some mansions. No castles, not yet.
    BUt I live in an old neibhorhood, most of our homes go back to before 1920, so not much new development, not much chance of a castle…but the imagination gets fueled in other ways by these homes :)

    • Well, who knows a castle might be waiting just around the corner. :) There are a lot of interesting homes out there and sometimes it doean causue my imagination to soar. Lots of possibilities.

  7. fivecats

     /  June 26, 2011

    Can’t see any from my vantage point, but there are two castles locally. One is Glen Eyrie, built by Gen. William Jackson Palmer for his wife. It’s a 67-room English Tudor-style castle. The second is Miramont Castle. Miramont was built by Father Jean Baptist Francolon. Father Francolon was from a rich family in France. When posted to the Colorado Springs area, Miramont was built as a personal residence for himself and his mother. Both castles are noted for paranormal activity, especially Miramont which later became a sanatarium ran by the Sisters of Mercy.
    A third castle is located farther to south that was hand built by an individual who was fascinated with castles. This third castle was not completed as its owner-builder died in construction accident while workingon the high tower.

    • Love the history behind your local castles. Very interesting…. Thanks so much for sharing.. Whatever possesses one to build a home with 67 rooms? Perhaps they had a lot of overnight guests..lol

  8. The closest thing to a castle in Fresno was a mini Cesear’s Palace. I had the good fortune to get a tour of it a month or so ago when the realtor held an open house. It was quite amazing inside as well as out.

    The Hearst Castle is a few hours away and I’ve never been there.

    • Sounds like a very interesting tour, Tricia. I wouldn’t mind a tour of the castle in my photo. It seems odd, yet fascinating, that someone would build a house in that style today. I say good for them for following their dream. :)

  9. Ericka

     /  June 27, 2011

    This is so funny you bring this up. About two weeks ago…we were driving on the old road from Windsor to Chester and saw this…I got the woman driver to turn around because she didn’t see it…and I took a photo also! It looks like the same one…it has solar panels on the side also….I thought it looked strange to me…would like to see the inside though before my final decision.

    • That’s the exact road it was on..Too funny. Brian discovered it last week. Looked strange, as you say, to suddenly come across it but it’s kind of neat on a certain level as well. It would be interesting to see what it looked like inside.

  10. http://www.berkeleysprings.com/legends.htm

    We found this “castle” during our travels and toured it. The linked page says it is now privately owned and no longer offers tours. It was built as a summer cottage, with 13 rooms, and a dungeon. The dungeon wasn’t open to tourists at the time we visited. The stone walls throughout seemed awfully cold and dreary, don’t think I would want to live in one.

    • Thanks for the link, Patti. Very cool. My thoughts are what is a summer home without a dungeon or two. Could have used one of those when the kids were all teenagers. ;)

  11. angie baby wilson

     /  June 27, 2011

    Ha ha! Love the “dungeon” part, Laura. Years ago, I watched them renovate the “Olands Castle” here in Halifax on Young Avenue. It was renovated into condominiums – I imagine they cost a bundle! I walked through and it reminded me of a church, what with the stained glass windows. What a beautiful site! I was in another castle in New Brunswick. Can’t remember what it was called – maybe it was the Miramont? So cool! Here’s a quote for ya: “A man’s home is his castle where he rules, until the Queen arrives”.

    • angie baby wilson–kind of has a ring to it..

      The Olands Castle ounds beautiful.. Haven’t seen it, before or after renos. I loves stained glass windows.

      Your quote sound just about right. ;)

      Glad you stopped in to share it..

  12. I hadn’t thought of Frank Yerby in years but was an avid fan as a teenager – thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    • Thanks for dropping in. It’s sometimes nice to take those trips down memory lane. Hope you enjoy the view. :)

  13. Hi Laura! I can’t believe there’s a castle in Nova Scotia. We have plans to travel there either this fall or possibly next. This is exciting. Thanks for visiting over on my blog. My primary blog is http://mylife-in-stories.blogspot.com I try to keep this one up to date as well. Subscribing to keep up with your stories. Donna

    • I’ll checkout your primary blog, Donna and add it to Google reader. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. :)

  14. I love castles…I don’t think we have any around here, but we do have some lovely older houses!


    • Castles are kind of neat. I was surprised to find this home designed to look like one. I’m not sure many people are doing this. It makes for interesting conversation if nothing else. There are some very beautiful older homes as well.

  15. Awesome, something to aspire too.


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