In My Blanket Fort

Ever build a blanket fort? I bet it’s been a few years unless you have young kids or grandkids. There’s something that feels so safe about crawling beneath a canopy of blankets.

Feels like I’ve been hiding beneath a blanket fort this past week. I haven’t been visiting many blogs, or spending much time on facebook. I’ve just been too preoccupied.

No big secret I’ve just been quite busy working on revisions lately. It sometimes happens to writers.

The story I’m working on has been occupying my thought. I’ve been breathing it most of my waking hours, trying to fit all the tiny little details in. I’m not a whole lot of fun to be around seeing how I need to get to the bottom of the story I’m working on. Yes folks, I’m in the middle of make believe again.

Working on revisions is a bit like crawling inside a fort made of blankets. I’m aware of the outside world around me, and yet I want to stay inside my fort, protecting my thoughts, reaching inside to find all the right words. While I seem to love doing revisions I don’t like putting the rest of my life on hold. I have some books I want to get read from a few blogging friends of mine, not to mention we’ll be having some visitors over the 1st of July holiday. They may appreciate having clean sheets on the bed.

So bear with me while I’m in my blanket fort. I promise I’ll soon come out and see what everyone else is doing. For now there’s a sign on my fort that says: PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB, but hopefully that sign won’t be there for too long.

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  1. Melanie

     /  June 29, 2011

    Pretty cute picture. :)

    Good luck with the revisions. But I’m going to ignore that Please Do Not Disturb sign you know!! lol

    • Now, you know I have to talk this story over with someone, and constantly. Thanks for letting me bounce ideas off you. I’m sure you won’t have to read this story you know exactly what it’s about already. ;)

  2. Wow, Laura! Blanket forts were part of my childhood. My grandmother showed us how to make them. It was so much fun!

    Stay inside your blanket fort and get your writing moving. The world will still be spinning when you’re finished. See ya later. Blessings…

    • Seems that many of grew up playing in blanket forts. I’m glad to see the tradition is being carried on. They are so awesome..

      I’m hoping to be out of the fort for good real soon, but when revisions are involved one can never tell. :)

  3. Everyone needs a blanket fort once in a while. Maybe I should find one so I could get some work (writing work) done. Good luck with the revisions Laura.

  4. Nothing better than a blanket fort and a Sandra Boynton book! I love her books–so glad I have grandchildren! Are you sure your guests wouldn’t be happy in a blanket fort? My mom used to drape a bedspread across the clothesline to make me a tent to play in. Good memories.

  5. christicorbett

     /  June 30, 2011

    Love the picture of the fort! Now I’m inspired and I’m going to make one with my twins right now :)

    Christi Corbett

  6. Hurricane season in Miami meant tree trimming forts with lemons, grapefruit, mangoes for ammo. Nothing like catching one one the enemy splat in the face with a rotten mango sending the poor sucker crying home. If his mother came out yelling, we’d bomb her too. Refrigerator boxes made great space ships. Ah, the 1950 ‘s !

    • Sounds like good rough fun where you grew up. Sounds as though a blanket fort would be a bit tame for you, Carl

  7. I’ve never thought of my retreating tendency as being inspired by a blanket fort, but that’s the concept all right… muffling the world ‘outside’, isolating and protecting the creativity inside. Go for it, Laura! See you when you re-emerge.

  8. Thanks, Carol. I’m taking a quick break this evening. I’ll see you on the other side… :)

  9. What a beautiful and creative way to describe the “writers world”, I completely understand and know we will all be here waiting for the return of your great inspirational writings. By the way, all the best in your revisions and artistic process:)

    Until soon

    • Thanks so much. I do very much enjoy the revision process, and hiding away for hours with my characters makes for an enjoyable time.. :)


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