Sunset and Champagne

Margaret Atwood is coming to the Best Western in Bridgewater on the 23rd. I had a conversation with my daughter a few weeks ago where I remember saying that, although I’d like to go, I didn’t think I’d pay $100 dollars for a ticket. Now that also includes a signed book, “The Year of the Flood,” and the money is going to support the South Shore Library—a good cause and yet I could think of many more things to do with that money.

So today, my middle daughter a.k.a Grub (don’t ask because no one in the family even remembers where the name came from) surprised B and I with two tickets to see Margaret Atwood. The tickets say, “Sunset and Champagne with Margaret Atwood.” Sweet! My three wonderful kids chipped in for the tickets—a birthday present for B and I; maybe Christmas too. It also came with a poem that I won’t post on account of the fact that when Margaret Atwood reads this post she might be insulted. (Okay, so that’s a joke.)

We’d been to the Pearl Theatre in Lunenburg a few years back to see her, which had ended up being one of those family stories when the photos I had taken of Margaret and I got deleted from my camera. Poof! Gone! No proof that I was actually there. No one took the blame. I ‘ve had my suspicions but….. The truth is, had I learned how to remove photos from my camera it never would have happened.

So on August 23, B and I will be chatting it up with Margaret Atwood. Hopefully, I’ll have photos to share.

So thanks, Mel, Grub, Skippy! You really are the Best kids!

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  1. OMG LOVE Margaret Atwood. I never read a book of hers that didn’t leave me feeling just slightly creeped out. :)

    • Yup…I have a feeling it will be good. We thoroughly enjoyed her reading at the Pearl Theatre. She’s so witty.

  2. I can’t wait to hear how it went. Maybe that price includes more photo opportunities.

    • I’m going to have that camera clicking, Tricia. Going to have an empty memory card, too. I’m going to be one clicking fool. Surely that way a photo or two will survive. Don’t know what we’ll do with two signed copies of her book, but I’m sure we can find someone who’d like it..

  3. Sounds like pretty terrific kids. That is so nice. I would like mine to send me to the SIWC, but I can’t see that happening. I wish I’d gotten a chance to hear Margaret Lawrence read. That would have been a real treat.

    Have a great time, Laura. Can’t wait to hear what you thought.

    • Oh they’re great kids, especially when they know we wouldn’t approve of them spending the money on us, them paying back students loans and all. I’m expecting a lot of sunsets and champagne for that $200…LOL

  4. Lucky you . . . I’m looking forward to hearing all about it. :-)

  5. Don’t forget to have your camera battery fully charged too! Can’t wait to see pics! :D

  6. What a wonderful gift! Obviously your clan know you well. I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous evening. Looking forward to hearing all about it. :)

    • It was indeed very thoughtful. :) One of the things I love about my kids is their knack for coming up with just the right gift. I’m quite excited about going.

  7. Lucky you! So what is your favourite Atwood book? I’m a history buff so Alias Grace is mine! Enjoy!

  8. Hi Lisa! Glad you made it to my blog..

    Alias Grace is also my favourite, and for the same reason. I just loved it. It may well be one of those books I’d read again when time permits.

    • I agree – I think I have read it twice and would do it again! Maybe you could ask Margaret to write another Canadian historical fiction – I’m sure there are other great stories to tell about women in Canada! Enjoy and don’t drink too much champagne. LOL

      • Do you think if I asked her personally to write another Canadian historical fiction she would name the main character after me? No? Just a thought? LOL!

  9. That’s wonderful, Laura. I’m looking forward to hearing about it, and seeing pix! :) How thoughtful of your “kids” to do that for you.

  10. Laura, I just saw this post. Tomorrow! Woo! I hope you have a lovely time. I can’t imagine it will be anything less than phenomenal.

  11. What a perfect gift! You are blessed to have such thoughtful children. I have met Ms Atwood twice and enjoyed her both times. She is a Canadian national treasure for sure.


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