Everyone Poops

Okay, laugh at the title if if you want to. No one’s going to know anyway…

Not sure how many of you are familiar with this children’s book that was published in the 1970’s, but it’s about exactly what you think—poop.  The whole premise behind the book is the fact that all animals, including humans, poop. There are a few basics about being human that we all share and pooping is one of them. Since it’s a universal thing, I suppose we shouldn’t find it embarrassing, but we do.

My daughter likes to remind me, “Everyone poops, Mum,” during those times when I think that for some reason I shouldn’t have the same faults as all other human beings on the planet.

So where am I going with all this you might be asking? To tell the truth, I have a confession to make. Nope, it’s not about pooping, but the fact that, like everyone else, I make mistakes. BIG SHOCKER!

After posting my last blog post here, I started to have thoughts about whether or not this was a post I had been working on many months previously and  hadn’t yet posted,(which is sometimes the case) or if I had in fact posted it before. Sometimes I work on several posts at a time and sometimes, for one reason or another decide not to post them right away. I knew I had written it a long time ago, and saved it in my file with all my other blog entries. When I came across “Got To Be you,” I was positive this was one I hadn’t published before. It didn’t seem familiar to me at all–At least until after it was posted and several people had commented, and then it niggled at me a little.

So, it started to get under my skin the way things do sometimes when we’re not so sure about something. That tiny thought kept growing until I just had to check it out before it drove me berserk .(Okay, so that’s an exaggeration, but it did start to bug me.) I checked back through my old posts and, sure enough I discovered, I had published it a number of months back.. Okay, talk about embarrassing. I would have simply deleted it but a few people had already commented, and it didn’t seem right to delete the whole post after that.

So I apologize if you recognized that post and got to thinking I was repeating myself. If, like me, you had no recollection if the post, that might be a good thing depending upon how you look at it.  ;)

Yeah, like everyone else I make mistakes, but as my daughter tells me, “Everyone poops, Mum. Everyone poops.”

Guess I won’t waste too much time worrying about it. I will try and mark all published posts in my file so that it doesn’t happen again. Since I’m sure you’ve all made mistakes as well, feel free to share your own story so I won’t feel so all alone.

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  1. I understand . I made a mistake. Once. In 1952. Anyway way does such an inordinate amount of poop emanate from Washington, D.D. ?

    • I’m inclined to ask if 1952 was the year you were born, which would also coincide with your very first poop in the world, but that just sounds rude.

  2. Heh heh… poop.

  3. I’m curious about the apple on the cover. Does it poop?

    • I’m thinking the apple must also poop or it wouldn’t have made a spot on the front of the book… Of course that’s just the way my mind works. Good question, though. I might have to read this book.

  4. Hmmm . . . I should keep better track of my posts, too. :-)

    This is a great book – I saw it at my local book store a while go and got a kick out of it.

  5. << laugh like a crazy even before reading the post

    • Laughter is the best medicine….Okay, so I stole that from Reader’s Digest, but it happens to be the truth. Glad you had a chuckle. :)

  6. You forgot, I forgot, they forgot. … hmm. I should look at some of my past posts.

    Our living room fireplace hearth sits about 18″ off the floor. I keep reminding myself not to walk into it. I walked into it this morning. I forgot to remind myself. You’d think I’d remember something as important as avoiding pain? lol. Nope. But yes, I remembered to poop.

    You’re too cute, Laura!

  7. One week, I was on a roll (not a t.p. roll, mind you) and had blog ideas ahead of time, so I saved them as drafts. Then I forgot about them when it came time to write. For those of us who haven’t followed your blog for long, we would never have known you MADE A MISTAKE. :)

  8. I’m thinking it might have been interesting had you indeed been on a t.p.. roll, Patti…LOL or perhaps a cinnamon roll, ah well….mmmm…. cinnamon roll.

    I thought about keeping quiet about it, but it felt wrong. They say confession is good for the soul. I do feel better. And I know at least one person who said they knew the post sounded familiar, of course it was a family member.

  9. I think reposting old posts is perfectly acceptable. Not every reader has read every post! For example, me. I don’t recognize “Gotta Be You” at all and I’m excited to read it. Don’t vow to never repost–maybe just flag an entry as having been posted before if you wanna run a repeat. :)

    p.s. You poop? That is just shocking.

    • I guess you’re right, Ev. But I will be careful in the future is I would happen to repost something to make sure I do flag it. Yup, I poop. I thought you knew.

      PS. So nice to have you visit. It’s been awhile. :)


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