The Brevity of Roses

“That book does not exist.”

Those were Ed’s words the day I drove out to his bookshop to order The Brevity of Roses written by blogger friend, Linda Cassidy Lewis.

Ed thought he was being clever, that I wouldn’t have a clue what he meant by that, but I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, Ed. I know what print on demand means. (It actually seems like a very good idea, although I’m sure Ed might not agree seeing how he likes to stock books on his shelves.)

So many bloggers were writing wonderful reviews of Linda’s book, raving about it in fact, and for awhile I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to get my hands on a copy. Luckily, I discovered there’s a bookshop a little less than an hour from home that would order Linda’s book for me. All I had to do to get my hands on Linda’s debut novel was to prepay. No sweat. I could do that! So you see, even if you don’t own that little piece of plastic you don’t have to deprive yourself. There’s always a way around everything. (Okay, so the lack of a credit card is a personal decision, one that I’ve been rethinking lately.)

This past while, I’ve followed Linda on her journey to self-publication and, I won’t beat around the bush, I’ve admired her initiative, all the work that went into getting her book out there. She’s a determined kind of gal and I’m all for determination.  (She even designed her own cover! How cool is that?)

If you haven’t already checked out Linda’s book, you might like to slip on over to her blog out of my mind, and check it out. You’ll find two sample chapters of The Brevity of Roses to read on the sidebar right under the book cover, and if you like what you read they can print you off as many copies of that “non-existing” book as you want. Non-existing! Oh Ed, I do beg to differ.

Linda’s writing speaks for itself. Oh yeah, the lady can write! For me the mark of a good book is one that leaves a lasting impression on the reader and, I have to say, I thought about Jalal, Meredith and Renee after the book was read. Bravo!

I also feel moved to mention that when Bitter, Sweet was released in the US last year, Linda was right there to support me as a debut author. What some people might not realize is that, as authors, we truly do appreciate all those people who buy our books. Without them, our words would not reach a larger audience. And it is for the reader that we put our selves and our work out there,  knowing that there will be those who will rave about our efforts, and those who may be less enthusiastic about it. We just can’t satisfy every reader. It is not an easy business to be in, and yet here we are.

So, congrats, Linda, on a job well done. Enjoy your time as a debut author, you deserve it!

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  1. Generous to support each other in wordpress family

  2. I never thought about how hard it would be to buy a self-published book without a credit card. That’s one more thing the author needs to worry about, as if there wasn’t enough already.

    I agree, this is a good book and I’m glad you went to all the trouble to get it. We all need supporters like you.

    Hi, Linda.

    • I keep threatening to get a card, but knowing me I’d be too paranoid to use it online.. Something I have to work on.

      I’m glad I was able to get it as well. :)

  3. Thank you for going to the trouble of special ordering and reading it, Laura. I’m glad you didn’t feel you wasted your time and money.

    Absolutely, writers need to support each other as often as they can. Maybe you can’t buy my book, or maybe it’s just not one you want to read, but it means a lot to me to have fellow writers’ congratulations or commiserations. To have them take the time to comment on my blog or retweet one of my tweets, just anything that says to me, “I know what it’s like and I’ll stand with you.”

    • Getting your book ended up being more of a challenge than trouble, Linda. I’m so glad this little bookstore could order your book for me. :)

      You do make a good point. Not everyone is in a financial position to buy books, but there are a lot of others way to show some author-love. As writers we are all in this together. And as debuts authors we both know how difficult this is. Most debut authors are little unsure by times as we wait to see how our work will be received by others.We want everyone to love it, even though we know that’s nearly impossible.

      I’m so wishing you the best with your novel, Linda. You’ve worked hard to get here.

  4. It’s always good news to hear indie authors getting their words in print. Thanks for sharing.

    • This is something you know a lot about Diane. It is a good thing for authors that Indie Publishing allows them to get their stories out there. :)

  5. It wasn’t until my financial advisor recommended it that I got a card. He also suggested I use it everyday, then come home and pay the balance online. The rebates are wonderful.

    Happy reading, Laura.

    • Use it everyday! Oh dear. I’m a chicken when it comes to debt and money matters and little pieces of plastic.. I may have to be walked through the process.. lol!

  6. I use a debit card. Same deal, no accumulated nonsense.

  7. I like having the Paypal option available to purchase online. I’m ready to start Chapter 19 of Bitter, Sweet. I didn’t want to stop reading this morning, but also didn’t want to be in the tub when the termite inspector showed up! lol

    • I’m not very familiar with paypal (big surprise) but you need an account for that don’t you?

      Don’t you think the termite inspector would have understood? I mean the chapters are short…. LOL


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