Making Memories

Look how quickly a month rolls around. Today you’ll find me over at A Hopeful Sign. I hope you’ll drop in and say hi, maybe check the site out while you’re at it.

I’m sneaking in a little computer time while Miss Charlotte has her nap. I don’t expect to do a whole lot of writing this week what with Miss Charlotte here until Saturday, but that’s okay.  I’m just excited for the extended visit.

She’s growing mighty fast and, at seventeen months, has a larger vocabulary that some adults I know. It’s a great feeling to know that one day she’ll be reading the stories her nanny has written.

Earlier today, when the subject of a quilt was brought up, I mentioned to my daughter that I had helped a neighbour with the quilting and she later gave the quilt to me as a gift. I have wonderful memories of our times together. My neighbour lived to be 100.  My daughter said something then that struck a note with me when we spoke of the quilt. She said that everyone should make something to leave behind for others to remember them. This is how I feel about the stories I have written.

Yesterday, Miss Charlotte helped plant some tulip bulbs. With a little luck we’ll have a patch of tulips for many years to come.

It doesn’t matter how old or young we are we are all capable of making memories for the future.

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  1. She certainly is a treasure. Enjoy the visit.

  2. How adorable she is! You must be enjoying all the Charlotte time, Laura. So special. Love the idea of making memories for the future and leaving something behind of ourselves. I write and love making memories that way. I also love making photobooks and scrapbooks as the photos need to be shared and not just stored on a computer and never seen. I wish I could make more books but time and money are limited so the ones I do make are very special. My boys will appreciate them one day when they look back on their childhood and see all the books recording that time.

  3. Gardening with Nanny will be one of those memories, and your stories will be treasures, for sure. One thing I did before I began writing my novels was to write a memoir of sorts — scattered memories collected through the years of my life. I’m continually adding to it, but at some point I’ll consider it finished. Then I plan to make a copy for each of our children. My aunt has done something similar but much fancier, in that she is creating handmade ‘treasure books’ filled with her memories, favourite quotations, and original watercolours and sketches ( However we go about it, I think it’s nice to leave something tangible to help future generations remember us, although the memories are pretty special in themselves. :)

  4. I agree, Laura. Memories are only a day away. Miss Charlotte is so adorable. One day she’s going to be telling her grandchildren about your very special grandmother. How neat is that.

  5. Kathy

     /  September 18, 2011

    that’s beautiful, Laura. what a wonderful sentiment!!!

  6. What an angel! Tulips in memory of Charlotte. A living memory. How sweet. You are wise to enjoy your time with her. Blessings to you, Laura…

  7. So cute. “She has a larger vocabulary that some adults I know.” So true.

  8. You get the pleasure of her company for a whole week? Wow, Laura. The only writing you’d better be doing is making notes of the wonderful time you share!

  9. Laura J

     /  September 20, 2011

    I’ve always felt that it isn’t what you buy your children…but it is what you do with them…toys will come and go, but planting tulips with Nanny (awesome!), it’s the memories that will stay with them forever, I know your week with Miss Charlotte is going to just fly by…Enjoy :)

  10. “at seventeen months, has a larger vocabulary that some adults I know.” hehehe

    Nice post – cute kid (seems like she only arrived on the scene a few weeks ago)

    Enjoy your visit & memories. I only get to see my grandkids once a year – & the week that they visit flies by too fast.

  11. Sorry I got behind in my comments last week. I’m sure you all understand. The week seemed to fly by, and then of course, I also had work during the daytime hours. Luckily, I get home at decent hours. We managed lots of photos and had some good times trying to entertain Miss Charlotte. I’m sure she thinks Nanny and Guppy are pretty silly, but hey, I’d rather be remembered for being silly then just thought of as just plain old Nanny Bee.

    Carol, I like your idea. Yes, it is important to leave something tangible for generations to come.

  12. I am making a very late comment here, but in reading this over again I smiled about the names you have .. Nanny and Guppy. Makes me laugh because before my children could say the words clearly they called their paternal grandparents Ninny and Gumpy. I love it when babies are learning to form words. :)

    • It is cute when they start talking. I’m sure many of her words will change overtime. She may not always call Grampy, Guppy, but who know it may also stick. Sometimes those things do.


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