Home Renovations

I’m posting a few photos of Miss Charlotte’s cardboard house that Guppy made for her when she was here for her last visit. You might remember it from a post I did awhile back. In the Box, out of the Box.

The box has undergone a few renovations since Guppy made it. I wouldn’t mind being this creative myself, but alas I seem doomed to create only with words.

Needless to say Miss Charlotte just loved it. Oh the things we can create with a little imagination. I’m with Miss Charlotte. I just love it, too!

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  1. Oh, this is WAAAAYYY cool!

  2. We always scoured the neighborhood for boxes and sometimes dad took us back of the appliance store and we got refrigerator and stove boxes. We made forts and space ships. Even better when the hurricanes would pass here in Miami we had plenty of tree limbs to make even more realer forts. Those were the days. I could teach that kid a thing or two about cardboard forts. See you make them in the back yard by the tree and you climb the tree as it now is the tower and you can spot the enemy from miles away.

    • We grew up in much simpler times, Carl and created our own fun with whatever was available. I think many of today’s kids are missing out on a lot.

  3. What wonderful renovations! I could use that kind of design assistance around here. It looks magical now and I can understand why Charlotte loves it.

    • Pretty cut, Carol. I agree. My daughter is quite talented and can make magic out of such simple things. I’m impressed that she doesn’t have to follow instructions but creates all on her own. Miss Charlotte is very lucky!

  4. Ann Best

     /  October 27, 2011

    Reminds me of the years when my first husband was in graduate school, and about all our three little girls had to play with was boxes. They had SO much fun using their imaginations. Those were the days, as Carl D’Agostino says.

    What a lovely post!

    • Thanks, Ann. I do believe that using our imaginations is far better for a child then sitting in front of a computer or tv and expecting that to entertain them.

  5. Simply adorable and much better than a store bought one!

    • Thanks Darlene. Mush more time and love went into this “Wittle house” for certain, and that makes it priceless. :)

  6. Oh, you mean boxes don’t come with babies in them? ;) It seemed that every time a new box came into our house it soon had either a baby or our cat inside.
    In fact, I remember when I was a child.. the box was the place to unwind one’s imagination. Now .. mine is still trying to get out!

    Fun post.

    • Perhaps you need to get a box, crawl in and let that playful side out. I’m betting the box would be a bit larger than when you were a child.. ;) I had fun writing the post!


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