Starr Dobson Struck

Every Maritimer should recognize the name Starr Dobson. If you don’t you must be living in complete isolation. For those of you not from the Maritime area, Starr is the co-host of Live at Five, a suppertime news show which highlights people and stories from the Maritime region.

In case any of you are wondering about the title of this post, I wasn’t actually struck by Starr Dobson when we met last Sunday, of course not, silly! In fact, she couldn’t have been any more gracious when I caught up with her at Dempsey Corner Orchard Farm  near Aylesford, Nova Scotia.

We were greeted at the door by two rather rambunctious goats. Quite fitting since  Starr was there to sign copies of her picture book, newly published by Nimbus Publishing, titled My Goat Gertrude.

About an hour into the book signing, Starr read her book to a group of children who sat listening to her every word. She captivated them all, and no wonder. Nothing like having a local celebrity in your midst with a great book. I’ve never seen so many children quite that quiet.  The moment I heard about Starr’s book, and that she was going to be handy my neck of the woods, I knew I had to get a copy for Miss Charlotte. It was no surprise to learn that Starr is just as friendly in person as what we see on Live at Five every evening. In fact, she is so down to earth you almost feel as though she’s a member of the family.

The lovely illustrations for the book were created by Dayle Dodwell who lives in Bedford, Nova Scotia. You can visit her at This is the very first children’s book that Dayle has illustrated. I’d say she did a number one job! There are more illustrations on her site. I encourage you to pop over and have a peek.

Have I mentioned the scrapbook I’m going to put together for Miss Charlotte with pictures of her Nanny Bee with children’s writers from the area? (I’m hoping she’ll think it’s pretty cool when she’s old enough to read these authors’ books for herself.) Well I mentioned it to Starr who immediately told me I didn’t look old enough to be a grandmother.  I’m thinking now I should have bought a few more books for that remark!! I mentioned to my daughter how tall Starr is to which she quickly came back with, “No, you’re just short.” So here’s a photo of Starr scrunching down to make me look taller. I actually think it was just so my husband could fit us both into the same shot. By the look on my face, I’d say I’m the one who looks a little star struck!

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  1. I love the idea of Star Dobson’s book and it was wonderful that you got to meet her. Miss Charlotte is very lucky indeed to have a grandmother who is building her library and the scrapbook is a great idea. Having the goats greet everyone was a nice touch. Perhaps I should have a couple of camels at my next book signing!

    • I’m just betting that Camels weren’t even on your radar, Darlene.. lol. I bet they’d turn a few heads if you brought a few to your signing. I say go for it. ;)

      • It would certainly get me noticed that’s for sure. (Maybe even sell more books) When I was in the UAE, I emalled my husband and asked if I could bring a camel home. He emailed back and said he had checked the strata regulations and nowhere did it say we could not have a camel on our patio. Unfortunatly I couldn’t fit one in my luggage!

  2. syr ruus

     /  November 9, 2011

    Beautiful picture Laura — of two stars, I’d say.

  3. It’s so wonderful meeting people you admire. I remember Starr’s show from when I was visiting our son. What a delightful idea to create a scrapbook for Miss Charlotte. I would have given anything to have one from my grandmother. Kudos, Laura.

    • It was wonderful meeting Starr. She truly is a nice lady.

      I’m hoping the scrapbook will be a big hit when she’s old enough to appreciate it. At the rate at which I’m meeting so many children’s authors it’ll soon be full.

  4. Such a heartwarming post, Laura. Thanks for sharing Starr, her book, and this wonderfully fun time.

    • Thanks, Patti! We had a great time. The Dempsey Corner Orchard is a treat in itself. So many wonderful thing to see in the gift loft.

  5. How nice, Laura! You are putting together quite a collection. :)

    Is there more than one Dempsey Corner in NS? If not, then maybe I could’ve been there had I known! drat

    • Come to think of it .. it has to be the same community where some of my family lives. Guess they’re so busy with their own farm …
      oh well. I missed seeing you .. oh yes, and Starr.

      • This is in Aylesford in the Valley, Lynn. Had I even thought to mention it to you, I would have. It would have been great to see you again.

        Thanks for dropping in and for leaving a comment. I know how busy you are these days.

  6. Starr

     /  November 10, 2011

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post Laura. You’re far too kind! It was a pleasure to meet you as well. Miss Charlotte is a very lucky little girl (and I still maintain you’re not old enough to have a grand child!).
    All my best,

    • Well welcome to my blog, Starr. I was more than happy to write a post about your wonderful book. One of the things I liked most when my book was newly out was meeting people at book signings, and now I have the pleasure of meeting other authors from our region. I’m enjoying that part as well.

      I’m holding onto the book until Christmas and then who knows Miss Charlotte might have to fight me for it. I seem to be growing more attached to it every day. It’s a wonderful book! Congratulations!

  7. fivecats

     /  November 13, 2011

    It’s always nice to find when the local, on-air celebrity is the same in person as they are on television. Extra nice when they’re willing to take a picture.

    • Yes, it is nice to realise that people are who we hope they are, without any surprises. One thing I’ve been noticing as I meet more and more authors is the fact that, underneath it all, we are all just people. Thanks for dropping in Five Cats!

  8. Great post, Laura. Thanks for posting the link to Dodwell’s blog. As a budding artist, at first glance, her blog looks like one I’ll follow.

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