I’m Going to be Famous

So, I’m going to be a famous blogger somewhere in the future in case I am not already. So says one of my spam comments the other day.

Hallelujah! It’s a miracle. An honest to goodness miracle.

Here’s the comment in question:

I don’t even know the way I stopped up here, (Hey buddy, I’m asking myself the same thing) however I assumed this publish used to be good. (Used to be good? Sheesh. Maybe “used to” is a good thing in this dude’s world. Did I just say, dude?) I don’t understand who you might be (Oh there are days when I ask myself the same frigging thing.) however certainly you are going to a famous blogger in case you are not already ;) . (Woohoo. dude is certain I’m going to be famous, did y’all hear that? Did I really say dude again?) Sorry for bad English Cheers from India!  (Hey, I can overlook a little bad English, I do with some of my facebook friends, and well, especially since I’m going to be famous and all. But what’s that wink added for, right after he says I’m going to be famous.. He’s being sarcastic isn’t he? Figures.)

Luckily, these comments are held over in the spam queue and don’t end up as actually comments on my blog. Many of them basically say the same ridiculous thing. I’ve been noticing a lot of these spam comments lately. Hey, maybe that means I am famous (in the spam world at least.) I wonder with Christmas coming if the spammers will take a holiday.

How about you, are you experiencing an increase in spam comments lately? Any funny ones you’d like to share? I could use the laugh.

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  1. I am getting about 20 a day on blog from 3 variations of same whack job I think. Biggest mistake I ever made was to subscribe for grocery store coupons on regular email. That created about 60 junk mails a day. I never even heard of half the stuff they are trying to sell. This lawyer in Texas keeps saying that I am in a law suit for auto accident out there. Huh? If it’s more than 12 miles away from my apartment here in Miami I don’t go there.

    • As a rule I get very little spam in my personal email but lately there have been so many through wordpress all with the most “wonderful” English…. “Thanks for putting up. Woh!” I mean , really..Like that’s going to fool anyone.

  2. I love the ones that tell me how knowledgeable I am on a certain subject. Thanks for the ego boost, stranger!

  3. Laura, it seems that there are an extraordinary number of people in India and Russia with nothing more to do all day than to make veiled attempts at English. Oh, I think I can do this and fool the little American blogger into believe me can speak in right proper. Like a New York City cab driver who doesn’t want to ride uptown … “I don’t make the dollar transporting to this place!” Well don’t we all have fun with those? No, even better. Spammers are like old guys who brush three hairs foward and then use hair spray to keep them plastered to their skull. Gosh, what a lovely head of hair you have :)

    • Many of mine are India, not so many from Russia. Yes, it makes me giggle to think that they might believed we can be fooled. :)

  4. As far as I’m concerned, Laura, YOU ARE FAMOUS, and I’m better for having met you. Now, if only you could rub some of that famous this way. No, a little more to the left. Close, ooh, now right, then left.

    Thank you! You famous lady you.

    Or should I say You famous dudette, you!

    • Awww! You’re sweet, Joylene, and I’m so glad I met you as well. I don’t think you need any famous sent your way, you seem to be doing pretty good for yourself, you famous lady writer, you! ;)

  5. It’s nice that strangers don’t take us for granted like our friends sometimes do…lol!

    I haven’t had any “saveworthy” spam lately…mostly the same old stuff. The sad part is that they’re getting paid “to write”, and we’re not!


    • Yes, how under appreciated I suddenly feel, ignore for my fame by all my friend. ;)

      Many of mine are pretty boring but every now and again…

  6. I think you’re already are. I suppose with the last name Best, it must means something, right?

    I don’t get any fun spam, just the usual, links to buy this or that.

    happy holidays!

    • I’ve been told I have a great last name. I never thought about it until lately when people started pointing it out.

      Happy Holidays to you Lissa!

  7. fivecats

     /  December 13, 2011

    From one famous blogger to another, it’s good to have company on this lofty pedestal. :)

  8. LOL. I totally get spam comments like that. I love the flattering ones. Such a crack up. :D

  9. Am I ever! Most days now I get about 150 spam comments. It’s ridiculous, and even though they go to the spam folder, it still annoys me. A lot of mine lately are from Ugg Boots … though that’s not the site the link goes to, of course.

    My favorite spam comments are the angry ones, where they tell me I’m rude and not treating my readers well. Or I should publish better posts and quit wasting their time. I do what you did and talk back to them. At least those kind are a little bit entertaining.

    • Whoa!!! 150. That’s crazy..You REALLY are famous in the spam world. Too bad they wouldn’t be interested in buying your book. You could really rake up the sale. I did have one rude on but I’ve been lucky. Maybe in 2012. Who knows?

  10. It’s certainly better than my spam, which basically says “you have a really nice blog, but you don’t seem to get many comments. Click here to learn what you can do to increase your readership.”

    Oooh, talk about salt in the wounds! ;)

    • Yes, I’ve received ones that offered to help get more traffic to my blog. So helpful, they are. I could just kiss them.. ;)

  11. Fun post, Laura. I get one or two a day. The early ones were nice, most are concerned with my readership, but lately I’ve been getting ones that said it was a waste of their time to read. Funny, the post they linked to didn’t have many words. Maybe we’re famous and don’t know it?

    • Patti, I think we truly are famous. I just wish someone had told us before now. ;) I know I can use a boost to my moral every so often.


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