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Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.~~ Albert Schweitzr

Good old Albert had a point, don’t you think? Loving what we do should bring the smile to any old grouch’s face, unless they’re simply being contrary. I’m not going to say that never happens.

In my world, nothing makes me happier than sitting at the computer and hearing the clicking of the keyboard. Okay, maybe not so much clicking since my typing skills are atrocious, but even the hunt and peck method  can sound musical when thoughts are flowing and you’ve got a great idea by the tail.

Back when I was writing short stories there always seemed a time when I had work forthcoming, but I haven’t written a short story in a very long while. I’ve simply been too busy working on longer pieces. I don’t seem to write nearly as fast as some of the writers I’ve come to know, but as they say, “slow and steady wins the race.” Truthfully, I can’t say I’ve missed writing short fiction. I think it’s a matter of moving forward, and graduating into writing longer, more complex pieces. I’m not going to declare my short story days are over because one thing I know I’m not good at and that is predicting the future.

Anyway, the point behind this post is to mention a short story I wrote a number of years ago that appeared in the Nashwaak Review this time around. My copy arrived before Christmas, and although I took the time to read it (I always read my work after it is published) I didn’t take time to mention it to anyone except in passing to my daughter. The truth is, each story that we have published is just as important as the others considering how we toil over our words, pouring our hearts and souls into our work. The story I wrote is title Balloon Man it is told by a five year old boy whose mother has abandoned the family. His mother’s story, published by Transition a few years back, is available to read online and takes us quite far into the future. Transition published an earlier story told by the same character with the title, Mad Money, unfortunately that one can not be found online so far as I know. If you’re interested, you can check out the “publications” tab on my blog and click on: There’s This Thing About Leaving. It will take you to the issue in question. I can’t remember what page my story is on now, but scrolling down is always a good way to find something.

But enough about me, what’s new with you and your writing? Doesn’t have to be writing related, just anything you’re just dying to tell, and while you’re at it enjoy your weekend.

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  1. How wonderful to learn more about your writing, Laura. I agree that the process is often more enjoyable. It is the time we are fully engaged, submerged and almost as one with our work. You stories sound like an afternoon I would plan to sit in a warm, scented bath … wonderful :)

    Me? I am sending a completed literary novella to small press, submitting a full length novel to one publisher and several agents and writing a new mystery. #amwriting and loving it :)

    • Great to hear you’re getting your work out there, Florence. It’s the only way to get published. It sometimes takes a lot out of us to keep sending out those submissions, I know I’m sometimes guilty of that. If only there was a submissions fairy to do all that for us. ;)

  2. My comp tech friend will help me upload 100 cartoon book on kindle/amazon tomorrow morning. We will then look at print on demand for it. I have had a dozen or so little things published over the decades but this is all very exciting. Have received so much encouragement from blog buddies. I have material to redo for 3 more books that size.

    • This is exciting news, Carl. Kudos to you… Hopefully, you’ll be making many, many more people smile with your cartoon in the near future. I wish you all the best… :)

  3. Congratulations, Laura! It’s always so nice to have work accepted for publication. I visited Transitions and read “There’s This Thing About Leaving.” Very poignant reading! You portray her mind set and confusion so convincingly, it’s a bit unsettling. Perhaps that’s because my father had Alzheimer’s… but the aging process brings changes to everyone.

    • Thanks for reading, Carol. The really unsettling story was Mad Money where the main character is in the midst of a break down and her thoughts are scattered and all over the place. I felt so sorry for her in both stories. Mental illness is something that has effected my family when I was young and now in recent years again. There is such a stigma attached to it even now, and I think that is so sad. Hopefully, as people become more educated, they will gain a greater understanding and not feel embarrassed to admit when help is needed.

  4. Seems like so many people are self-reflecting these days – must be the new year!

    Each piece we do write is important to us and we develop no matter what becomes of it.

    It’s really neat that you have various shorts told through same povs. Have you thought about compiling them – I’m thinking of Anthony deSa for instance.

    • Oh the new year is great for self-reflection, Jennifer

      Collections of stories are a really hard sell, and I’ve made a few lame attempts in the past but haven’t thought of it for some time. But who knows? It may be an idea worth revisiting again.

  5. fivecats

     /  January 14, 2012

    It seems we share the same set of typing skills. Mine are half touch, half hunt-and-peck. But when the keys start to click, the rhythm sounds good until the mistake in spelling or punctuation needs to be corrected.

    On the writing front, it’s only a couple of lengthy work-related reports. I have a short story idea rambling around in the head to be added to the collection.

    • All I can say is thank goodness for spell check… That’s why I’d never part with my computer. :)

      Here’s hoping that “rambling” short story soon decides to take root and grow. :)

  6. I love the quote. I live by this philosophy, and I tell my kids to focus on what they love and turn it into a career; don’t go for the paying jobs because of the money.

    Short stories are a great way to exercise the writing part of the brain. I think some stories naturally fit into that length.

    Congratulations on getting published. Short or long, they do all matter.

    • I think the quote is great, too. Thanks for the congrats, Diane. This story was gone so long I was actually surprised when my copy arrived. It made my day though. :)

  7. I love the Albert Schweitzr quote. It is what I teach the participants in my job search workshps. I have always believed it to be true. Congratualtions on having a short story published Laura. I sometimes feel that short stories are the hardest to write as you need to say so much in a few words.

    • Thanks, Darlene.. I think it’s a great quote as well. I know they say that short stories are more difficult to write but since that’s where I began I really don’t know. You certainly have to write a much tighter story but that’s a challenge I enjoy.

  8. My second novel has been my main project lately. My muse has been chattering endlessly and I am barely able to keep up. It’s like she’s been quiet all this time because she was thinking! So far, I’ve written 1500 words and have plans for two new characters and a revised timeline, (this is big because I was struggling with the flow in the story. There is now a cool transition that links the end with everything else!). It’s been fun and I hope it keeps going!


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