Third Generation.

This week  I’ve been a bit busy working on some rewrites . I expect to be blogging more about this in the next while. Not to be mysterious but for now let’s just say I’ve been busy. Also, we are having a nice visit from a certain little miss this week. Sorry I haven’t been around to visit any blogs but this is simply one of those times when life just doesn’t allow for it. There will be plenty of time for that next week. Just know I haven’t forgotten about any of you. Okay, I’ve been peeking in a  little during the wee hours but haven’t had time to leave any comments.

Today just happened to be bookmobile day and I had a book on hold. I don’t live far from where the bookmobile stops. In fact it’s rather convenient.

Here’s the third generation experiencing the joy of choosing a book from the stacks. I was a bit older the first time the bookmobile came through forty years ago, but it’s nice to know that this service is still in place and able to bring reading material to people living in rural Nova Scotia. Kind of a proud moment for this writer.

I discovered some great finds today. I’ll be adding them to my goodreads list. Now it’s time to do a little reading..

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  1. I haven’t been in a bookmobile for a very long time. … oh, wait! Yes, I think it was two summers ago my sister and I climbed into one parked in a mall parking lot. Nice to experience that again. As a child I found the big bus to be quite intimidating, but I was small and painfully shy. Loved the books I found, though. :) In fact there is one I SO WISH I could find again, but I have no idea what it was called or who wrote it.
    Enjoy your week, Laura.

    • It had been about a year since I’d been down. It’s impossible to do when I’m working. But I have some time off this winter. :) The good thing is I can always put books on hold and have someone else pick them up. Many years ago, my daughter loved a book from the bookmobile and I was actually able to track it down and get her a copy a few years back. Now she’ll be able to read this to Miss Charlotte in a few years. ..Wonderful memories.

  2. Judi

     /  February 1, 2012

    Miss C. looked quite content on the bookmoble. Maybe she is taking after her grandmother….

  3. I spotted this today on a friends fb page and I thought of you. It has nothing to do with this post (that made me smile) or the sweet girl in the picture.

  4. Ah Laura, how delightful your little reader is and how special she will have the memory of choosing that book with you :) Enjoy the sweet moments … all will be there when you return.

    • Thanks, Florence. She’s been enjoying the books quite a bit. I’m happy that she’s interested in them already. :)

  5. That is so special that the tradition continues! She is such a sweetie, I can see how much you enjoy her when she comes to visit.

    • Yes, ti’s been a nice visit. Each time she gets a little more comfortable with Nanny and Guppy. We’ve been reading books, sledding and making snowmen. The snow came just in time for her visit.

  6. The bookmobile reminds me of another vehicle I loved to see when I was a kid and spending summers at Liscomb Mills. We referred to it as the ‘green truck’ but others called it the ‘grocery truck’.

    I believe it came twice a week, stopping in communities all along the Eastern Shore. Inside the truck was everything needed to stock a kitchen, as well as, chocolate bars and ice cream and one-cent candies. We loved to see that truck roll in and within minutes of it parking in my grandparents driveway, neighbours from the small community came out to buy goods.

    It was very convenient for the locals, many who were elderly or had no vehicle to get to the nearest grocery store — 30 minutes away.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    • We also had a grocery truck that would come out on Thursdays from the Valley. Loved that truck, and wrote about it in a piece that was published in The Country Roads Anthology. We never had ice cream, but there were chocolate bars, chips and pop. Every kid’s dream come true.

  7. There’s nothing more beautiful than a child discovering books.

    Ooo, I may have to find you on goodreads. I just joined myself. :-)

  8. It’s a delight to see our young ones showing early interest in reading. My two youngest granddaughters love their books. When we arrived at Christmas they had a pile of 43 ready to return to their library! We’ve never lived where a bookmobile was available. But I do recall my parents having an icebox (before the days of their refrigerator) that was filled by the iceman who brought his truck of ice into residential streets. It was always a treat when he would chip bits off for the children who gathered by his parked truck. That really dates me! My own children will remember the small ice cream trucks rolling slowly through the streets with bell ringing to summon them with dimes clutched in hot palms, eager to buy cool treats.

    • I loved reading about this Carol.. Thanks for sharing. Dating yourself? No. I’m sure your area was just slow in catching up with the rest of the world.. ;)

      What would we have done back then without these services? It sure made things convenient for those of us living in rural areas.

  9. What lovely memories this brought back…I loved it when the bookmobile came through!

    • Oh, you had a bookmobile too? How wonderful. I love it that it still comnes around to our area after all these years. :)

  10. I read to my grandson Blake while I was visiting Rusagonis, NB. When I wasn’t reading to him, his dad or his mum were. Blake would hear the words and become so captivated. It was wonderful.

    We don’t have a bookmobile. I’ll find out if they do in Oromocto. Great wonders.

    • I’m glad you had such a great visit, Joylene. Being able to read to our grandchildren is something special for sure. :)


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