Hello Blogging Blahs

I’ll admit this past while I’ve been feeling a bit blah when it comes to blogging. Maybe I’ve simply been busy with other things and finding ideas to blog about has been taking a back seat. But today, I read a post over at Author Jody Hedlund’s that seemed to resonate with me. 6 Ways to Beat the Blogging Blahs. How the devil did she know what was on my mind?  I felt a wee bit happy to know that others go through this as well. Truth is I didn’t even have a name for it before.  Blogging Blahs….Who would have thunk it? Thanks, Jody.  :)

Now, I’ve also found myself a tad bit bored with facebook lately as well. Oh dear, am I seeing a pattern here? And Twitter? Well, Twitter just doesn’t seem to speak my language. I’m just not a Twitter kind of gal.

Could be that I’ve just been spending more time reading and writing and the urge for social media just hasn’t been striking me all that often. It’s difficult to do everything, be everywhere. Yet I know some of you seem to be able to juggle it all and then some. By the amount of new posts I see each time I log into google reader I’d say most of you are doing a pretty good job of it. You amaze me. Not only that, you remind me of how far behind I am at visiting your blogs.

I’m not going to say that winter has had any effect on my mood because I really don’t think that’s the case. I’ve got plenty of energy for other things. I’m just feeling a little content to spend time away from the internet. But I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some of Jody’s suggestions and come back even stronger. Hmmm. Time will tell.

If, like me, you’re finding yourself in the midst of the blogging blahs, I suggest you check out Jody’s post. Hopefully, you’ll find some helpful advice.

Have any of you experienced the blogging blahs and if so how did you get yourself back into the groove?

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  1. Laura, I love Jody’s blog. I found her the first time through Keli Gwyn and I am happy I did. Of course, we all get the blahs from blogging, tweeting, or whatever else. It doesn’t upset the balance of the universe if we decide to step out of the social network madness every so often :)

    Reading and writing is a great way to spend your time, even when you don’t have the blahs.

    • Jody does have a terrific blog. I’ve been trying to hangi in there but it’s been hectic with all the things going on in my life. I think I just need to slow down and start thinking of what I want to say. I usually go through spell, however, when I feel as though I have nothing worth while to say at all.

  2. Jody’s article was great and included some good suggestions. I probably spend too much time on social networking but I actually love it. But I am a networker by nature, teach effective networking courses and this is such a great way to meet new people. I prefer getting blogs from people once or twice a week instead of everyday. I get very happy when I see your blog in my inbox Laura! It is like a letter from a friend. I think it is Ok to take a break once in awhile too.

    • Darlene, you seem to be one of those people with endless energy. How wonderful! Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. :)

  3. Sometimes no cartoon ideas for days. During these times I carry a notepad around all day and the notepad seems to exude magnetic force that brings ideas to the pen and pad. It is very magical and molecular or atomical nuclear or something. Other days ideas bombard me faster than I can scribble out some notes. Fortunately I have been making cartoons for 35 years and have 250 on file which I can redo and post during dry spells.Getting nasty phone calls from friends about not putting up a new post is also a motivator.

    • That’s a good idea, Carl. I sometimes find myself thinking of ideas but have nothing handy to write the idea down and before you know it it;s gone.35 years is a long time, a lot of ideas, and a lot of cartoons.

      Nasty phone calls—Sounds like quite an insentive to me.:)

  4. I find blogging sometimes hard to do, I run out of ideas or what to say about the ideas I get. Other times I am just saturated with Internet stuff so have to step away a little while, sometimes completely from the computer, other times just from writing anything on blogs – my own or commenting on others.

    Making a list of ideas may be helpful when the blogging blahs hit, or simply visiting other blogs to see what’s going on in other minds. Sometimes inspiration hits that way.

    I don’t think you have anything to worry about, Laura. What you say is interesting, and it is not a crime to have other things take priority in your life and just not want to blog as often for awhile. A little break may be what you need for refreshing.

    • It is challenging by times, Lynn, and I no time is such a big factor for you. While blogging is wonderfulit can also be a big distraction especially for writers. I know some writers look at it as being a break from their other writing. When I’m working on something I’m sometimes too stingy to take that break..lol!

      I think you’re right about putting together a list. Thanks for your words of encouragement. :)

  5. When I wake up in the morning, I always tell myself there is something to write about. Walking out in the day with that mindset makes a world of difference because every little thing stands out as a possibility. I keep a list in my phone or on a notepad and whenever I get stuck, I refer to my list and something always jumps out.

    At the same time, its okay to get the blahs. Even our muses need a break! :-)

    • You also seem to have endless energy when it comes to blogging, C.B. Such well-thought out and interesting posts. I always enjoy visiting your blog. :)

  6. Maybe you just need another visit from Miss Charlotte to boost your spirits!

  7. Ann Best

     /  February 10, 2012

    OH yes! Recently I’ve had major blogging blahs. But partly because I need to keep promoting my books, I keep blogging, once a week now, occasionally another day if something pressing comes up. I DO love blogging, though. That is, I LOVE the friends I’ve made since April of 2010. I think one way to overcome the blahs is occasionally go on hiatus, as long as necessary; and then get organized – which I’m trying to do because like you I want to especially READ more books – so that blogging doesn’t eat up all your time. IMO there are much more important “life” things, such as family for # one. I occasionally go into Facebook to check on family and/or friends. I do use Twitter daily, but only for less than half an hour. I look for interesting links, and I also use it for book promotion.

    • Glad to hear I’m not alone, Ann. Promoting does take a lot out of us that’s for sure. I’m with you, I have enjoyed meeting new people and the friendships that have evolved. Today, I’m feeling a bit more invigorated for the first time in weeks. Hopefully the feeling will last and I’ll be anxious to get back at blogging once again. :)

  8. blogging blahs? have those all the time. I just wait it out and do something else. read a book, take a walk, go camping, and many other things.

    I used to write short verse with twitter but not anymore. I think it’s something only a certain person can handle. and besides, I can never be so brief in such a short time.

    hope you’re having a sweet day.

  9. My day is turning out to be quite lovely, Lissa. I also just discovered a new blog… “Beautiful Persuasions.” I think you’re very familiar with it.. I’m about to add it to my Reader. :)

  10. This happens to me each summer (if you check my achives, I’m pretty much AWOL during the summer months) because I’d rather be outside. When I’m on the computer, work is first which doesn’t leave me much time for blogging.

    It passes on its own mostly because while I’m away from blogging, my mind is thinking of all these wonderful ideas to blog about — even if they never see the Internet.

    And look at that day out there. Isn’t it beautiful, Laura? It feels like spring.

    Diane who won’t mention the weekend weather in fear of ruining this perfect day. lol

    • It’s no easy challenge sitting at the computer during the warm summer months. So much to do outside. I’m with you on that. :)

      This has to be a day for the records, and definitely spring-like. And as far as the weekend goes…maybe we’ll just keep out fingers crossed that the stormy weather will miss us.

  11. I don’t often get hit with blogging blahs, but I tend to spend too much time online, moving between the blogs and comments of friends, and I think that’s what sparks the ideas for many of my own posts. I like to keep a regular schedule so folks will know when to find new posts, but I take occasional breaks, too. I plan for them, though — for a focused week or two of writing, or perhaps a holiday or family visit — and I also plan a specific return date. I think that helps keep me from drifting into cyber oblivion! LOL!

    I always enjoy my stops here, Laura. Whatever your topic du jour, it’s written with your special voice and it’s refreshingly honest.

    • Seems like taking planned breaks might be a good idea. I’ve never really done that, expecting, I suppose, that I wasn’t allowed or some such silly thing. What if I return and everyone has forgotten me? I’m just kidding. I would hope everyone’s memory isn’t that bad.

      I enjoy having you stop by, Carol. You always add your wisdom to the conversation. I like that… :)

      • If you post a little announcement as to the length of your blogging break and the date you’ll return, I’m sure your faithful followers will be there to welcome you back. My stats always show an extended dip in visitors for about a week after I return, and then they start building again.

  12. It’s amazing how so many of us bloggers seem to be on the same page. Loved Jody’s post. I’ve been struggling over where to take my marketing plan since I read Susan Kieman Lewis’s blog about selling your book not you. My first plan is to blog every days. If that works out, fine, if not then I’ll stretch it further. The month I spent with Master Blake changed a lot of things for me.

    So, in conclusion, I love how we writers have so much in common.

  13. And just when I was impressed to think that you could come up with a new idea every day! I feel better now.

    Nothing like a grandchild to make us change our perceptions. I bet you’re missing a certain someone about now.

  14. Sometimes an outing, away from all the “normal” activities is enough to overcome the blah feeling.

    • That feeling of not wanting to be on the internet is beginning to lessening. I think I was feeling a bit uninspired as to what to blog about, although hos can we be sure exactly what causes those feelings of blah. I think you’re right, Patti, that sometimes an outing can be just what the doctor ordered. :)


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