Miss Popularity–That’s me!!

I’ve been holding out on you all for awhile now, keeping things kind of quiet for some time now, but then it happened again just the other day over at Diane Lynn Tibert’s blog. Diane nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award, which then reminded me that hey, Pauline over at Brightest Blue had also nominated me for this award, which then reminded me that Darlene Foster had nominated me for the Liebster Award.. I mean, all this nominating how did I get to be so popular? Little ole me…

So, thanks ladies, you all have terrific blogs and you make me feel more than welcome each time I visit.

Okay, so with every blog award that goes around in blogland there are rules in place, but what to do when there are several awards on the line?  Too many rules, too many blogs to nominate. What’s a tired blogger to do?

Why, make things up of course!!! I’m a fiction writer for goodness sake.

So I’ve decided to invent some of my own rules, taking a little here and a little there. Kind of like coming up with a new recipe of sorts, try what you like, leave out what you don’t.

I like the rule where you tell seven things about yourself. That one I’ll do.  So I’m going to tell you some totally useless things about myself, because well, I’m just not that exciting. If you know me in real life, you’re nodding your head about now.

Are you ready? Here goes.

  1. I’ve been harbouring a secret from most of you these past two and a half years, but I’m ready to come clean. I know it’s not evident from viewing my gravatar photos, but I’m vertically challenged. Yes, I know it’s a shock, right? Those of you who have met me in real life have no doubt figured this out on your own, ‘cause nothing gets past you. This news is more for the blogging community although even a few of you are in on that highly guarded secret. It is only a matter of time before Miss Charlotte joins the ranks of all the other children in my extended family who touches their hand to their heads and then over to mine to see how much further they have to grow to pass me. This usually begins at around the age of five. I have three years to wait. Oh joy, oh joy.

  1. I like Mars bars. If you’re on my facebook friends list you’re reading this and saying, “No kidding, mama!” The mighty Mars often takes up space on my status updates. Admit it. You’ve seen it. You even “liked” it.  Oh lovely, lovely Mars, you were worth hiding in the bathroom to savour when my kids wee small and driving me up the wall. But how many of you know that for a few months last year I had a Mars Bar Fairy who showered me with gifts of Mars Bars left in my mailbox?  Tis true. Tis real. I kid you not.

  1. My ring size is 4 ½. Yeah I know, you’re thinking, so what shorty. Someone mentioned ring size the other day so this tidbit seemed reverent while writing this post. I’m not a “ring” person. I like them, even admire them for their beauty. I sometimes walk into the jewelry store for a gander. I wear my wedding ring (unless my knuckle is swollen.) That’s it most of the time. I do have a family ring, and engagement ring and a birthstone ring given to me by my significant other when we were dating. That’s it. I don’t go for bling bling. I love it, but it’s not me.

  1. On separate occasions it was thought that my daughters and I were sisters. Wow, does that sound like an awkward sentence, and me a writer. Now some of you might think that’s quite a compliment. But truly, they only say this when they see me at a distance. Have you ever gone out into a Christmas tree lot and you saw that perfect tree, only to get closer and see all the big holes and flaws? Well here’s the truth people, women my age, like Christmas trees always look better when viewed from afar. True story. Listen to me on this. I live a whisker away from the Christmas tree capital of the world. I know my trees, and my wrinkles. Not to mention when you’re short people think you must be young.

  1. I once found a wallet when I was a kid with three two dollar bills in it. A group of us combed the cottage area looking to find the owner, because to us, if we didn’t know who you were you had to be a cottage owner. An entire Saturday afternoon was taken up. We just had to find the owner. But good old resourceful Dad found the owner’s phone number in the wallet that evening after we’d wasted an entire Saturday afternoon. Turned out he was from a neighbouring town and had been in the area driving his dune buggy with a friend. I thought I was rich when he gave me the six bucks for returning his wallet. Do you know how many Mars Bars that would have bought back in the day? I mean what? 10 cents a piece and no taxes back then either. I could have had sixty of those lovelies. And just think, the energy to burn off all those extra calories.

  1. On Valentine’s Day 1965 a small green lunch pail was found out the roadside in our little community by a passerby. Upon further investigation a handful of Valentines were discovered signed by one, Laura Legge. And for a small amount of time it was thought, by some of the neighbours, that I had been possibly kidnapped. Oh yeah, the minds of many spin mighty fast in small communities. It makes me wonder what the good folks thought my sisters were doing whilst I was being kidnapped, drawing straws to see who was going to break the news to Mum and Dad once they got home from school at the end of the day?  Turns out that at five years old, I’d tied the handles of my lunch pail to the end of my scarf. When the knot came out I hadn’t been aware of it. Mystery solved. So ended Dalhousie Road’s first near- kidnapping case.

  1. When I was a kid, my sisters and I used to spend our summers picking strawberries for money. Since we lived a long way from the berry field, often times farmers would bring in pickers from outside the area and change them a bit for room and board. The very first time I went off to make my fortune in strawberries, I got homesick and seen called Dad to come get me. Turns out my instincts weren’t all that bad. We later heard that the building the farmer had put us up in had once been the home of pigs. Yup, that’s right, I quite literally slept in a pigpen.

So there’s a whole bunch of useless information that I’m sure you’ll tuck away at the back of your mind never to think about again but, quite frankly, I enjoyed rehashing some of these memories.

Now I couldn’t possible pass these awards on to as many people as I’m supposed to, and since I know that many of the beloved bloggers I follow have already had awards bestowed upon them, how about we skip that part?

Instead, I thought I’d mention a few blogs that many of you might not have discovered, and thought I’d give a shout out to.

Pam Chamberlain-— Writer’s, there’s knowledge to be gained here, tidbits of info that you might not be aware of. Look into the mind of an editor. I worked with Pam in the past and she’s a real smart cookie.

Half Awake and Dreaming—If Lissa’s art work doesn’t blow you away then I don’t know what would. She’s wonderful. It’s always a thrill to go visit, to see her newest creation. Head on over, poke around, tell me you’re not impressed.

Lavenderlines-–Colleen is a writer/blogger/ book reviewer from good old Prince Edward Island. Check out her review policy. She also has book giveaways from time to time.

Life according to Loup—Dog lovers head on over.  Loup Graham is about as lovable as any dog out there. He’d likely argue and say he’s THE most lovable. One thing I know for sure is he’s the most articulate pooch I’ve ever met, and a real tease.

Miss Julie’s Hodgepodge—Julie’s a local gal who dishes up a steaming helping of hodgepodge with every post. Her posts are filled with wit and charm. She tells it like it is on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia

So there you go folks, some useless information along with some great blogs to check out. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. angela wilson

     /  February 11, 2012

    You are awesome! You’re the “Best”! Love ya girl!

  2. Thanks for sharing those delightful tid bits about you. If we are confessing, I’ll admit I’m under tall as well. But that has never stopped me. and I love it when I can ask a good looking young man to reach the top shelf for me at the grocery store. I was never good at sports but I prefered reading anyway. There is always a silver lining. I will check out the other blogs I am not familiar with! Thanks for mentioning me too. Congrats on your awards, you deserve them.

    • This was a fun post to write. See now there’s my problem, I usually jump to reach that top shelf or else stand on th bottom shelf and hope I don’t knock everything down on me…I knew there was something wrong with that picture. Thanks for the congrats!

  3. Elayne

     /  February 11, 2012

    Really enjoyed this newsletter…specially about the Mars Bar and that Fairy….very touching…..

  4. Love the lunch box story! My sister and I used to pick strawberries, too – seven cents a box I think we were paid. I love picking strawberries now, but heat and bugs are the only things I remember about those ancient summer days now…

    • I hadn’t thought of that story in years. I guess with Valentine’s day around the corner the memory came to the surface.Good old strawberry picking. :)

  5. Madison Woods

     /  February 11, 2012

    Hehe, I feel so privileged to know some of your little secrets :)

  6. Cute stories. I enjoyed reading tidbits of your life.

  7. I never knew #5 and 6. Why didn’t I know #5 and 6?? Totally unacceptable!

    • Well, I guess there’s more to me than you previously thought. I’m sure I have plenty more of these stories than you have no knowledge of… ;)

  8. Congratulations on the blog awards, Laura. I like how you’ve handled the ‘rules’, too. All those revelations are quite fascinating! From your gravatar I would never have guessed you’re “vertically challenged”. I tell people I’m not overweight, I’m just under-tall. LOL! I’ll be quiet now and go check out the other blogger links.

    • Thanks Carol, it nice to be remembered. I hope now that my secret is out you don’t think small thoughts about me. ;)

      Under-tall–I like that.

  9. Congrats! Now those are some interesting tidbits! I esp. love the story about the lunch box/near kidnapping.

  10. It’s lovely to think of kids spending the entire day looking for the owner of the wallet they found. Kids do things like that; at least they used to. They had all day outside and nothing like television, video games or computers to draw them inside.

    Congratulations, Laura.

    Now I’m off to check out Lissa’s art work.

    • You’re right, Diane. Those were definitely different times than what we have today.

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy Lissa’s work. There’s a contest going until Feb 14.The chance to own some of her art work. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

  11. Congrats on your awards, Laura! I’m surprised Mars hasn’t awarded you with a trophy yet. :)

  12. Congratulations! These are both so well-deserved. :-)

  13. Congrats on your awards, Laura :) So now I know who the model for “Get Shorty” was … I mean … being the tallest girl from second grade, you gotta know I have a gaggle of “short” jokes. And even though I am allergic, I have a deep love of strawberries.

    • Thanks, Florence. I think I’ve probably heard most of the short jokes there are along with most of the blond ones. Ah well, I always said if it wasn’t for short people, you tall folks wouldn’t even know you were tall. ;)

  14. Judi

     /  February 12, 2012

    Wow, Laura, I have known you for how long and I’m still learning new things about you. I could tell a few little tibbits about you as well, but I guess that would be telling things out of school. But one I can tell is of you running around in stores Christmas time with big bells on your wrists and makeing a racket every where you went. I think that is soooo not you. Am I wrong????? Congrats by the way I always love reading what you write…..

    • You mean to tell me you didn’t know about the lunchbox? lol. I’m surprised it didn’t make front page news.

      As long as you’re keeping those “tidbits” you know under wraps, at least for awhile then I’m not worried. ;) Everything in it’s own time, right?

      Oh yeah, the jingle bells…Some people, give them Christmas to celebrate and they simply get carried away.

      It’s always nice to have you visit and to comment. Knowing that my non-blogging friends stop in from time to time feels pretty darn nice. :)

  15. Great stories Laura. Still short eh? lol I’m quite the fan of mars bars too – what do you think of the dark chocolate ones?
    I also remember the strawberry picking. However, we had farmers come and pick us up in the early morning and drop us off early afternoon. I was a great picker and made good bucks but I was also a great thrower of those mushy berries. Many a sibling or friend got one splat between the eyes and Mom always wondered why we came home looking like we’d been in a war zone. The farmers, of course, were not impressed, so you had to wait until no one was looking. I still look at the odd strawberry in their store bought containers and wish I could throw it across the room at someone! lol THanks for the great memories!

    • Somethings, such as height, I don’t expect will ever change, Lisa..

      I can so see you as one of those pickers who would have thrown berries. Too funny!

      When you stayed at the farmers home you had to be on your best behaviour. I missed out on a lot of fun back then…

      Thanks for stopping in.. :)

    • angela wilson

       /  February 12, 2012

      Hey, I was a strawberry picker too! And corn picker, apple picker, parsnip picker, cucumber picker, nose picker, etc. ha ha ha And we had our fair share of strawberry fights too (when we weren’t snacking on them). Those were the good ol’ days!

      • I always said that there was no reason why kids living in the valley couldn’t earn money if they were willing to work. I’m willing to bet you didn’t get paid for the nose picking, though. ;)

        • angela wilson

           /  February 12, 2012

          When we were kids, we grabbed every opportunity to make money. And as for the nose picking, I was digging for gold. ha ha ha

      • I remember the blueberry picking too – more lucrative with that fork and a good wind. Do they still hire kids to pick?

        • I’m sure they still hire kids, but with the pay that people can make these days, I’m sure many adults rake blueberries too. There are certainly plenty of adults in the strawberry fields these days.

  16. So what if your fingers are tiny, your big in stature. Congratulations on the awards, Laura. You really do deserve them. I used to pick strawberries too! We’re related!

  17. thanks for mention my blog. I do enjoy reading facts about you. you put them in such interesting ways. I like the story about the wallet, reminds me what a big deal is to be a kid.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  18. fivecats

     /  February 13, 2012

    Well, someone has to be Miss Popularity. :)

    #3 – ring size 4½: I remember a jeweler saying that makes it hard to find the proper piece. More often than not, he said it would have to be a custom piece. You haven’t found it yet.

    #4 – best seen from afar: Say it ain’t so.

    #5 – finding the lost wallet: But you and your friends had a good time trying to find the owner. Did you buy those Mars bars, or were you (or encouraged to be) more sensible with your reward?

  19. #3–I have to pick rings that are appropriate for my hands/fingers, meaning no large stones or wide bands. One has to be realistic and admit that bigger doesn’t always look better. But since I’m not a “ring” wearer, I don’t fret over it.

    #4–admit it, it’s the truth.

    #5 –I can say that I would have used it for something sensible even though I have no clue what that “sensible” would have been.

    Thanks for dropping in.. :)

  20. Julie

     /  February 18, 2012

    Loved this post and the shout out at the bottom for my blog. Thanks a bunch!!

    I love the image of you sneaking away to eat a Mars bar! I think it sounds like a very yummy addiction and stress reliever! Though I’m more of a Buttercrunch gal myself! :)

  1. Seven random things about meself « The Daily Hodgepodge

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