Dinner at Eight, Dead by Nine

This year marks the 95th anniversary of Vimy Ridge. I’m betting, like me, you didn’t know that little bit of information. 95 years… Wow!

Some of the students from New Germany Rural High school will be going on a class trip this year to Vimy Ridge, and in an effort to raise funds for the trip they put on a dinner theatre at the Legion hall last evening.

The play, Dinner at Eight, Dead by Nine, was written and performed by the students, and I have to say they did an excellent job. You’ve got to love the ingenuity of a group of teenagers who want to go across the Atlantic to visit the graves of fallen soldiers. For many of them, I’m sure, this will be the trip of a lifetime.

While it seems that East Dalhousie loves a good dinner theatre (I swear at least half the community took in the event) most proved to be a little camera shy.

See what I mean? Maybe it was the threat of ending up on my blog that caused these reactions. People, don’t you know you look sillier this way then if you just let me take your photo? Ah well. This is more entertaining.

Here I am having my photo taken to prove that I won’t dissolve into oblivion when the flash goes off.See that E. Dalhousie. Yeah I look weird, but do you really care? It’s hard to look natural with a mouth full of roast beef.

Now, I’ve got to mention the meal roast beef, which was delicious. My compliments to the chef or is that chefs?

Let’s not forget dessert, goodness gracious we can’t forget to mention the dessert. While a chocolate brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce isn’t a substitute for a Mars, it does come in a close second.

Sorry, no photos of the actors, there were just too many heads in the way, and what with me being vertically challenged and all. You do understand don’t’ you? You’ll have to take my word on it that the show was entertainingly amusing. An excellent job.

So there you have the highlights of Dinner at Eight, Dead by Nine. Sometimes it’s nice for a writer to just sit back and be entertained by someone else’s words for a change..

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  1. Julie

     /  February 19, 2012

    Looks like great fun! The food looked delicious, and I love that the students wrote and performed their own play! The title is very clever.

    • Everyone I spoke to afterward said they had a marvelous time. It was definitely an entertaining show and the kids should be so proud of themselves. :)

  2. It’s fabulous that young people are interested in what our war veterans did.

    Great photos, and you look just as happy with food in your mouth as you do any other time, Laura. Just an all-round happy gal, aren’t ya? ;)

    • I agree, Lynn. It is good to know that our war vets are not being forgotten.

      It always fun to get out and have a good time. I think happiness is a choice, and when that delicious meal came out I knew I had no choice but to enjoy! :)

  3. Laura

     /  February 19, 2012

    Looks like it was a wonderful time, and the place is packed!!…everything looks delicious!!…and so glad to see that I’m not the only one who has a “fear” of the camera….lol

    • The play was so much fun, and provided lots of laughs which made it an even more enjoyable evening.

      Maybe I’ll capture the real you on our next trip to Vittles? LOL! Guess I’ll have to be quick. ;)

  4. Looks like a good time (and meal) was enjoyed by all. I hope the event turned out a financial success as well so the students can pursue their trip. Yes, I’m one who knows it’s 95 years — my father-in-law fought at Vimy Ridge.

    • Although I can’t say for certain, Carol, I would suspect that donations came in from the community to help provide the meal, so I’m sure it was financially successful as well.

      I think it’s a good thing that these students will get to experience Vimy Ridge first hand. It’s important that our soldiers be remembered.

  5. Judi

     /  February 19, 2012

    Hey, Laura, it was a very good play. The food was excellent and the company was good. I’m so glad that my picture didn’t make your blog, it was most likely too awful to put in it…..LOL

    • I was disappointed that the photos I took of you and Lee were blurry. I think because of the low lighting and I probably had the wrong setting for the camera. There was one where you didn’t look blurry, but Lee did.

      I guess you didn’t see yourself in that one photos then, cause you are there. lol Gotcha. ;)

  6. Wonderful goal for the students. This sounded like a great deal of fun, even though some were camera shy. You look so cute trying not to smile with your mouth full :):)

    Yes, it’s a pleasure to sit back and enjoy someone else’s work, words in motion being the best.

    What a hoot to be in a place where this type of event brings the town together to celebrate and enjoy. Hope the students get to where they want … Thanks for sharing.

    • It is good for the students to work toward something worthwhile . I think it gives them a sense of accomplishment to know that there efforts really paid off.

  7. I was always impressed by the high school students’ talent at plays we attended when our daughter was that age. This is so great that the residents come out to support them in their fund-raising efforts. Thanks for sharing, please pass the dessert!

    • I used to love attending the musical performances put on by the students at my old high school. So much work and talent goes into one of these productions. Saturday night was lots of fun. I’m so glad we went. :)

  8. The event sounds fabulous and the food, well, if it tastes anything like it appears, it must have been delicious.

    I was aware of the anniversary of Vimy Ridge, but that’s because of my veteran project for Guysborough County. Also, did you know preparations are already underway by many to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War?

    And this this year is the anniversary of the War of 1812. I’ve written one column about it and have several more planned. Because of the anniversary of this important war for Canada, more information is circulating in magazines and the web. It’s great to see all this history uncovered.

    • Although I was aware that the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War was coming up, I hadn’t heard that preparations were already underway. Of course it would only make sense since these things take much time to prepare.

      I’m often called to remember my history teacher who spoke about a bonus question on a test he once gave where he asked what year was the war of 1812, and one student got it wrong…lol!

      I’ll keep an eye out for more information on this war. It’s good to know that history is not being forgotten.

  9. We have roast last night, minus the dessert. That leaves me feeling unfulfilled, to say the least. In fact, I’m now looking around for some sucker to go to town for ice-cream. I NEED my ice-cream. When asked, I’ll blamed it on the cutie with the mouthful of beef!

    My uncle was injured at Vimy Ridge. My mother remembers him sitting on a stool in the corner of the kitchen talking to someone she couldn’t see. Turned out he was gassed. He must have recovered because he went on to marry and have a family.

    • I hope you found the right “sucker” to get you that ice cream, Joylene. What’s a roast beef dinner without ice cream? What’s a brownie without ice cream for that matter? ;)

  10. fivecats

     /  February 20, 2012

    It could be half the town are either in witness protection, fugitives, or both, which would explain the camera shyness. :)

    Sounds like an interesting class trip.

    • Wow! I hadn’t thought of that, Five Cats. It might very well explain the reactions. I might have to look into your theory a bit more.. ;)


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