Cruising Around With Bitter,Sweet

Some books are meant to sit on a shelf collecting dust while others are bound for wide open spaces. For those of you with a good memory you might remember that around this time last year Bitter, Sweet took off on a little vacation. That’s right! My little old book sweet-talked my sister into talking it on a cruise, even sent home pictures that I shared with the rest of you.You can check them out here if you’d like. To say my book has travelled more than I would be a complete understatement. But I’m trying not to be bitter about it all. I mean someone’s got to stay behind and keep the home fires burning, right?

Now as if to add insult to injury, these photos arrived in my inbox today. All the way from Cozumel, Mexico. Yup, that’s right. Bitter, Sweet went off on another cruise. I don’t know, seems to me there’s something a little bittersweet about an author who can only write about the places her book has actually gone. What do you think?

Every night when you get back to your room on the ship, they always have the bed turned down, with chocolates on your pillow and a towel animal. Here’s Bitter,Sweet with one such animal…

On the beach at  Roatan Honduras. I like to think late nights on the cruise ship attributed to this photo, not boredom.

Wide awake in Cozumel, Mexico. I wonder if she made it to the armed stand off scene yet? At the rate she’s going those poor kids are going to be trapped in that house for eternity… or at least until the cruise is over. I’ve got to say, I don’t much blame her. By the sounds of things it was a pretty busy week.

PS: I want to thank my baby sister for being such a good sport, and my book for cooperating as well. And a special shout out to say congratulations on your engagement, Kelly! Nothing bittersweet about a marriage proposal on a cruise ship. I’m glad you put the book down long enough to say, yes!   ;)

* PPS: Due to technical difficulties beyond my control some photos from Belize were omitted from this post. I’ll post them as soon as I get a spare moment.  :)


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  1. Laura, you can say that at least your book is well travelled, and that is more than many (books) can say. :) I think it’s exciting! If you can’t be there, too, then enjoying by proxy is the next best thing, I suppose. I hope you’re keeping an album of all your book’s publicity events, however they occur.

    Congratulations to Kelly!

    • I guess when you put it that way, Lynn, my book i a step above most of I’ve been keeping a record of this, yes. For me, it seems important to do so down the road for Miss Charlotte. She might think it’s kind of neat. :)

  2. Thanks to your sister, Bitter, Sweet is well traveled! Congrats to Kelly!

    • Yes, I’m happy that there’s at least one traveller in the family, although I have this thought that one day I’ll be the one taking my book to far off places…We shall see what the Universe has in store. :)

  3. “Some books are meant to sit on a shelf collecting dust ‘. Yup. Such is Institutes of Religion, John Calvin. Did get through complete works of Martin Luther, however.

  4. This is wonderful, Laura. If reading (and writing) isn’t fun, then I say it’s time to pack it up.

    Who knows, you might be next taking that book on vacation.

  5. It is so great that your book is travelling around again. And congratulations to your sister on her engagement! I have been on that same cruise 2 years ago and loved it. We danced on board on our 33rd anniversary, very romantic.

  6. Next your book will be maid of honor. Lucky book.

    • Hmmmm, maid of honour? I’ll have to run that past her.You never know she might just say yes. I do think at the very least my book should receive an invitation to the wedding. ;)

  7. What a fun post! Best wishes to your sister!!

  8. Your sister sounds like quite a nut, Laura. LOL. Everyone needs a sister like this. I once had a librarian in Poland send me a photo of his granddaughter holding up Dead Witness. I was thrilled. Yes, we need more adventurous people. Congratulations again on your new release to come.

    • I love my sister’s quirky sense of humour. Maybe it’s becasue she’s the baby and quite a bit younger but she’s always been the adventuresome one in the family. I’m so proud of her.. :)


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