I Got A Postcard From Hell

So, yesterday I got a postcard from Hell. Wow! That didn’t sound weird at all!

And in case you’re wondering, nope the devil’s not out to get me. I haven’t done anything THAT bad, at least nothing that I know about. And you’d think I’d know, wouldn’t I?

I know many people claim to have been to Hell and back, but how many of them actually have the proof? Oh yeah, there’s proof out there. Why not? You go to Hell nobody’s going to believe you unless you’ve got some proof.

Little did I know when I opened my mailbox what was awaiting me. My sister hadn’t bothered to give me the heads up. I was totally in the dark. Oh she’d mentioned something about Hell when we spoke on the phone after she got back from her cruise, but I just figured she was exaggerating. I mean someone mentions Hell you have to humour them right?

So what do I know?  My sister really did go to Hell and back while on her cruise a few weeks ago. Apparently there is a place called Hell on the Cayman Islands. You might have heard of it. I think it’s quite a popular place—Hell yeah!

Hell’s not all that big. I bet you’re surprised to learn that. There’s nothing in Hell but a post office inside a gift shop. (And I thought East Dalhousie was small!)  Many of the tourists take their passports to get stamped while in Hell.

Look at that, it only costs about 20 cents to send a postcard from Hell. I say let’s all go to Hell where the postal rates are affordable. I mean Canada Post has been bleeding me dry for years. I wonder how much it would cost to mail a full manuscript from Hell? And wouldn’t you love to be the editor to make the claim that she just received the manuscript from Hell? On second thought that’s probably happened more times than we could collectively count.

The postcard my sister sent was to make up for the fact that she’d left Bitter, Sweet  behind on the cruise ship that day. That’s right, my book nearly went to Hell and back. But a postcard is better than nothing so I’m not going to complain. Nice to know that when little sis made her historic visit to Hell and back that she was thinking of me—Um I guess.

I think the postmark is absolutely divine. Is it okay to say divine when speaking of Hell? Just asking…

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  1. Laura, if we can accept the fictional and real name of Paradise then why not … go to Hell? Lovely play on real places we can travel … if we dare :)

    • lol! I believe you’re encouraging me to go to Hell. ;) I had lots of fun writing this post. I think travellers take pride in having their passports stamped. I guess anything for tourism.

  2. Funny why we always want our siblings to know we have been to Hell. I sent a similar postcard to my brother a couple of years ago. Perhaps it is because I have told him to “go to Hell” a few times while we were growing up. Cute post.

    • lol! Too cute, Darlene. I’m hanging onto this postcard for a good long while. I love getting that kind of mail. :)

  3. Lol! Hve you ever been to Love? There is a Love, Virginia not far from where I am originally from.

    • Nope, I’ve never been in Love nor have I received a postcard from Love. Hmmm I’ll have to put a bug in my sister’s ear. That would be super cool!

  4. Nova

     /  April 3, 2012

    Great story Laura. Would it be wrong for us to say we want to go to Hell someday? Too bad I may not get to experience it until after death, haha!

    • lol! If it’s your goal to go to Hell one day you shouldn’t have to wait for someone to tell you to go.. ;)

  5. Too funny, Laura! I thought it was special to visit North Pole, AK and Christmas, AK while on a northern RVing vacation one summer, but being able to say you’ve been to Hell beats that. And sending “a manuscript from Hell” is a devilish idea!

    • Glad you enjoyed that, Carol. It would also be cool to visit the North Pole and Christmas. Such great names…and it would be super cool to send a manuscript from Hell—Devilish indeed!!

  6. That’s pretty funny! :-)

  7. Clever post. :-)

  8. fivecats

     /  April 3, 2012

    Well then, that means I won’t be booking a vacation to the Caymans anytime soon. Not that I was planning a vacation trip there. :)

  9. I think it’s a place that many people are told to go, but they ceratinly resist going..

    Of course I won’t be going to Hell anytime soon either being the non-traveller that I am. :)

  10. What I don’t understand is why she didn’t take you to Cayman’s with her??? She took your book. She loves your book more than she loves you? These are questions you need to ask the next time you guys talk. Sometimes it’s important to go to hell. I can’t think of a good reason right now, but if Hell is in the Cayman’s, that would definitely work for me. In fact, maybe you and I should go get your book. I could be your backup.

    • Sweet! We’ll carry out a secret mission to Hell. It’ll be just like one of your thriller books, Joylene. “Hell– A Bitter, Sweet Tale ” we’ll call it. We don’t need my sister. She’s younger, but I suspect she’d just hold us back from our mission. I’m going to go pack… I’ll meet you in Hell. ;)

  11. Funny stuff. I wish I’d been to Hell and back, so I could brag about the trip. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘go to Hell.’ and ‘I’ll see you in Hell.’ lol

    • Going to Hell and back does seem like something to add to one’s bucket list. I hear it’s a hell of a place to go. ;)

  12. Funny, Laura. Thanks for the laugh. Great postage rate, I agree!


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