Serendipitious Moments

I’ve been known to make declarations to the Universe at least a few times in my life. Now don’t go picturing me, head drawn toward the heavens shaking a clenched fist, crying out with passion, a hot tear trickling down my cheek. Come on now folks, it’s never anything that dramatic.

Last year I made such a declaration when I completed my current novel perhaps believing it would stop me from tinkering with it once and for all. One of the hardest things for any writer is to stop fixing every little flaw in their manuscript and move onto something completely new. We go over our manuscripts with a fine toothcomb so many times we can drown ourselves with the sound of our own words. Honestly, are a few rearranged words really going to keep us from being published? I hardly believe that to be the case. Of course, writers go on the assumption that if our baby is ever accepted for publication we’ll be working with an editor to try and make it the very best book possible, so when we reach the point where we declare our novel complete it really isn’t. But that’s another post altogether.

So, to continue my story…

Most of you know I have another blog where I post photos from around the area “..way out here in Dalhousie.”  You’ll see the link over on the right side. The posts are fairly simply– a picture and a quote and little more. I don’t consider myself to have any great skills when it comes to photography, but the blog is really just me playing around.

The evening I declared to the Universe that my novel was compete the very next thing I went on to do was post a picture of a chickadee I’d taken earlier in the day at a bird feeder on my Dalhousie blog. I needed a quote and randomly typed in bird quotes to see what sites Google would bring up. I found one and clicked the link. The very first quote on the list was this:  Hold fast to your dreams because without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.—Langston Hughes.  I stopped cold. I knew I’d found my quote and I knew my book would be published. How? The title of my book, the one I had moments ago declared complete is — To Fly With a Broken Wing.  Pretty cool I thought. Now with this very same novel about to be published I’m reminded of this moment even more.

Now it’s difficult for me to ignore these serendipitous moments although I know many people pass them off with hardly a thought. (Coincidence, they mean nothing!) Well maybe so, but I like to think of them a signs that I’m kind of on the right track. If nothing else, they warm my heart for a time and make me smile. There absolutely nothing wrong with a heart-warming moment, nothing wrong in taking a few moments to say a simply thank you to God or the Universe (however you want to say it) for sending these serendipitous moments our way.

Do you believe these serendipitous moments come to us for a reason or they are simply nice coincidences but mean nothing else? Have you experienced any serendipitous moments lately that you’d like to share?

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  1. Great post as always, Laura. Love your serendiptious moment. Definitely meant to be. What a great title for your book, too.

    I definitely believe in those serendipitous moments right from way back in 1974, when the computer gave me music on my timetable by mistake in grade 9 instead of typing. I decided to try it and absolutely adored playing flute and being in the band. I still do even now at 52!

    Lately my serendipitous event occurred when I was surfing through Google images looking at cute cat pictures. I came across a woman’s blog and we had so much in common, I had to friend her on FB. We decorate cakes, we both studied art in Montreal, we write, we love cats, she also lives in Eastern Ontario, she’s around my age, and she has red hair. Too many coincidences, I think. Had to be serendipity.

  2. I love those kind of moments! Thanks for sharing yours. Congrats on the completion of your second novel. You rock, Laura!

    • They are indeed pretty awesome, and you, my dear, are pretty sweet. :) I’m very excited about this novel.

  3. Laura, that was a wonderful quote to match the title of your second book. Ah yes, I do believe in those moments. I also believe that the universe sends us what we wish for in ways we do not always “see.” There are angels among us and they carry the message that all will be well with the world if we can only believe in ourselves :)

    • I couldn’t have asked for a better quote to stumble across. It totally fits the book and the title. I’m all for believing, Florence. It is what gives us our wings in the first place. :)

  4. angela wilson

     /  April 23, 2012

    I believe we gravitate toward what we desire and notice the things that are relevant to us in our daily life. I absolutely have had serendipitious moments in my life and it always makes me feel happy and warm inside, and I reflect on life more. I am so happy for you, Laura, for completing one of your heart’s desires and for your new book “taking flight”. I am so looking forward to reading your next novel!

    • I think most of us hae had these moments. Unfortunately, some choose to ignore them. For those people I feel a wee bit sorry. It’s exciting to have my book taking flight. Hopefully, with this book we’ll be able to connect. I expect I’ll be making it your way for some signings.

  5. The best moment I had was when I finished knitting a baby sweater for a friend. I put it down and declared, “Well, Jill can have her baby now.” And she did–that night–two weeks early! I’ve kept my mouth shut on “birthing babies” ever since.

  6. I believe coincidence is not accidental. These are moments that get our attention for whatever appropriate reason there may be. A moment to rejoice or take warning. We seem to know at the time what meanng to ascribe to such matters. And if not, we stand amused or amazed or perhaps unnecessarily startled. I think your assessment of the one you write about is correct. I look forward to reading your new book. Blessings to you, Laura…

    • Thanks Carol Ann. :) Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for this new book. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the publishing date will be 2013.

  7. Funny, I read your post right after I posted one on my original blog. (On blogspot – Scarlet Thread Musings, not my WP blog Polilla Writes) I wrote about something that happened to me today – regarding a root canal, of all things – that I believe was a “God-thing.” I also believe that the quote and your book title are a “God-thing.”
    There is so much we miss by not seeing as keenly as we should. I’m glad you shared this, Laura, and I am eager for the arrival of your new book. I love the title.

    • Thanks Lynn. These “God-things” are really somethig special. :)

      I’m beginning to get excited about the book even though it is still months away. I’m sure the time will go quickly and working on something else is a sure way to make the time fly by.

  8. I so believe in serendipity. It has happened over and over in my life and as recent as today. Can’t wait for the new book to come out. I will be waiting in line.

    • Thanks Darlene. Maybe life will find you on the east coast during the time of my book launch. Now that would be serendipitious not to mention totally cool. :)

  9. Congratulations, Laura! I’ll be right behind Darlene in line. :) Yes, I most certainly believe in Divine appointments! Often we’re too busy to notice the details. I call them God’s fingerprints on my life.

  10. Congratulations on completing your second novel! :-)

    I believe in serendipity! Sometimes fate has to figure out how to speak to us and it does so through those little moments.

    • Thanks C.B. Life certainly does have a way of getting our attention. Sometimes we just need to slow down and take notice.

  11. I’m sure I’ve had moments of serendiptiy, but I’m rather tell you that yours make the hairs on my arms stand up. That is so kewl, Laura. What a terrific name for a book.

    • Here’s hoping the name will make it on the cover, although I’ve already spoken with my editor concerning the title so I’m very hopeful. It really fits the book and it’s already been approved of by the Universe. What more is there? :)

  12. I love the title of your next book, Laura. I can’t remember if you mentioned this, but did they (Nimbus I presume though I could be wrong) give you a release date?

    I’ve had many moments of magic in my life…particularly if I take the time to add up the events leading to a moment. Some, like the time my pen name came to me the other night, appear out of nowhere to remind me of what I already know.

    Hold fast to your dreams. Not only do they give us wings, but they often allow us lift up others who are down.

    • The release date is up in the air. I’ve been told they’re aiming for 2013. In publishing you learn that until you actually see your book in the catalogue anything is possible. I continue to remain positive so I’m saying 2013..As soon as it’s definite I’ll let everyone know. :)

  13. I’m another who looks at coincidences and serendipity as “God things” … they’re usually too remarkable to be anything else. I really hope you get to keep that title. It’s wonderful! And that quotation would even make a great addition as a foreword, if you could use it. I’ll be so glad when this book finally comes out. It’s been a long wait since your last one. I’m a patient person, but only to a point. :)

    • I agree, Carol they happen for a reason and are not simply strange coincidences. The title, I think, may vary a bit as I’ve already discussed it with the editor, but I think it will be pretty close. It really fits the book.

      “I’ll be so glad when this book finally comes out. ” You and me both!!!

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