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Since I blogged about facebook a few posts ago, I just thought I’d let you all know that I decided to go with an author’s page. Right or wrong, the decision’s been made. I know some of you are already aware of this because you’re on my personal facebook account. If in time I realize it’s a pain to keep up and serves no purpose, I’m sure it won’t be the first page that’s fallen to the wayside.

Truthfully, it was a difficult decision to make. I wrestled with feelings of: are people sick of me at this point and would just roll their eyes? (I’m sure some have. For goodness sake I have a time or two or three…lol!) What I’m planning now is to eventually stop posting anything writing related on my personal account unless it’s something important that I’ll then share from my author page. I’m sure it’ll take time to figure this all out. Eventually I’ll come up with a system that works well and one I’m comfortable with. For a time I’ll likely post my blog updates (although I never post every blog update on facebook anyway.) Truthfully, I struggle with this as well and feel that people who aren’t familiar with the blogging scene probably aren’t interested in reading blog posts unless I have some news to share. I’m sure it seems self-indulgent to them. Maybe that’s just me being self-conscious, but it’s kind of how I feel at the moment.

On another note some of you have already seen the new theme on my blog. A session of high speed over the weekend at my daughter’s house enabled me to check out some of the new themes that wordpress is offering. When I came across this one, it caught my eye. I don’t, as a rule, think of myself as a “pink person” but I told you a few posts back that I was looking forward to some changes.

On the drive to New Brunswick this weekend I finished reading The Hunger Games even though Goodreads said I’d already read it. (Guess I need to learn a bit more about updating on Goodreads too.) I wouldn’t as a rule choose a book like this, but I’m glad my son-in-law passed it along for me to read. I really enjoyed it, which goes to show, we should never enter a book with any preconceived ideas. Not only is it not fair to the book, but it’s not fair to us.  It pays to have an open mind.

I also want to say to those of you who were brave enough to write a few lines to accompany the photo I posted in the last post, you all amazed me with your creativity.  Thanks for taking part.  :)

So now I’m wondering, for those of you who have facebook accounts do you share any or every blog post with your friends? Are you ever afraid that your non-blogging friends will get tired of you if you do? If you’re reading this and you’re a non-blogger do you get a bit tired of seeing blog updates on facebook? Be honest. I’ll still love you if you say yes.  :)

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  1. Ever since I created an author page, I find myself using it more than profile. I only post writing related updates and I think people appreciate that I don’t inundate them with useless information. Like anything else related to social media, its all about creating awareness without being annoying. :-)

    • Exactly, I worry about the annoying part, myself. I’m hoping an seperate page will make me feel better about posting blog updates, etc.

  2. I don’t mind blog updates, but of course, my blog is set to connect to FB as well!

    • Does it automatically go to facebook or is it an option? My always gives the option for facebook and Twitter but I don’t always post to facebook and never to Twitter.

  3. I actually like when people link their blog to FB and it’s how I have “found” some great blogs. I don’t worry about whether others are getting tired of me or not as it’s very easy for folks to stop following!

    • I’m with you on this one, I like when people post their links because it saves me from logging into Google Reader. It’s more convenient for me especially with the dial-up connection.

  4. Madison Woods

     /  May 6, 2012

    Where is your page? I shall ‘Like’ you when I find it ;)

    I do post my blog to my FB profile (but I have a separate mostly neglected account for myself under the name schoolmates and family know best). I don’t post blog updates automatically to my FB page, but sometimes I’ll send it there from the blog if it’s one I want to put on it. I don’t find that I spend much time on FB but I do answer notices and try to check in with my timeline so I can interact with my writerly friends because that’s the only place some of them make announcements that deserve a ‘Like’.

    Maybe I’m steamrolling everyone with my blog posts, heh. I don’t know. But I write them because I feel like it and it’s easy to just check in when they feel like it instead of getting emails of every post.

    • I’m taking Laura’s suggetion and adding a facebook button to the blog…Well, I say I am but in truth I’ll ask my daughter to since I have no idea how to do it…;) I hope you’ll find it once it’s in place. :)

  5. My blog is linked to Facebook, too. Some of my family members read it from there, and leave their comments on FB. I see others blogs. If they’re on my friend list, I’ve probably already subscribed to their blog, but sometimes reading the title and intro may prompt me to read it immediately. I trust that others will take it or leave it when it comes to mine. I do like you new blog, so fresh!

    • Yes, some people do prefer to comment on facebook. I think they’re more comfortable doing that. Linking to facebook gives them that opportunity..

      Glad you like the new look… :)

  6. I love seeing everyone’s blog post on facebook too. My blog automatically goes to facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. No one has ever said they were bored with it or annoyed. (Maybe they are just too nice)

  7. Your new FB fan page looks great, Laura. I have the privacy control on mine set so that only friends see my posts, but I’m sure some of my family — grandkids, for instance — don’t bother to read my blog posts, especially if they’re on the topic of writing as many are. I’m sure my writing friends don’t bother reading my personal posts either. It’s their choice and I don’t mind. I have most of my blogging friends on Google Reader so have often seen their posts by the time I see the links to them on FB so I might just click ‘like’ and skim past them.

    I like your new look here, too. I chose the same template for my aunt’s blog when I set it up for her. It has a lovely fresh look without being to fussy/feminine.

    • Thanks, Carol. I’m glad you like my facebook page. I was really apprehensive going into it. I mean you don’t want to set up a page and find out no one is interested, right? Maybe Darlene’s right, I’m too nice, too afraid of annoying others..

      I really liked this template when I found it, I didn’t look any further. I must say WordPress is coming out with much nicer themes.

      And so far as typos go, some days they’re my best friend… ;)

  8. Mmm… that would be “too” fussy. I promise it was a typo. I do know the difference! :)

  9. First, let me say—I love the new theme and the pink, it looks great. Second, I have done something called networked blog which automatically connects your blog to facebook and you direct your posts to your authors page. Although it shows up on both, but its great and it creates read more links so people can choose to read it or not. It’s wonderful, you don’t have to log-in and post yourself, it just happens. Check it out. FYI—Pink is a healing color. :-)

    • I will check it out, Laura. Thanks for the idea. I also had the idea of adding a facebook widget to my blog today (I guess great minds think alike) so thanks for that tip as well. :) This is why blogging is so great. We get to share ideas with each other.. :)

      I’m glad you like the new colour.

  10. One more thing. Third? A facebook widgets here on your blog so readers can “like” your page? Just an idea.

  11. fivecats

     /  May 7, 2012

    Your theme color should draw the attention of my daughter … may be. :)

  12. the pink is refreshing after the darker palette. I would have just match the colors to your book cover of bitter, sweet. I think so authors does that. they match their blogs to their latest book.

    I don’t use facebook so I have no clue what the fuss is about. plus, it is not really easy to have to keep updating all the time. frankly, I rather spend the time writing or doing other things.

    hope you have sunny and sweet spring.

    • When I found the pink theme it did feel refreshing. I felt ready for a change.

      Lissa, I felt much the same when I first started a facebook account. I just didn’t get it. I couldn’t see what the big appeal was. Over time I’ve changed my first thoughts. It’s been great to keep in contact with family members from away, and people I don’t get to see often. But to deny it takes away precious time from us wouldn’t be right. However, it all depends upon how much time you spend there. For some it’s a lot of their time as they play games and constantly update their status.

      Nice to have you visit…:)


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