God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest. ~~J.G. Holland

Today, I found my first robin nest of the season and thought I’d share it with you. There’s something about finding pretty blue eggs in a  nest that brings joy to my heart. I love finding these gifts from nature. Sometimes living in a rural area feels pretty darn good.

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  1. Beautiful! I LOVE the pleasures of Nature, it so blesses my heart. Today Dad and I were watching – and laughing at – a squirrel taking control; a bluejay wanted the same food but kept losing to the quick little aggressor.
    Thanks for sharing your discovery, Laura .. and not keeping it to yourself. :)

    • Thanks for sharing yor story, Lynn. It made me smile. :) Nature can sometimes be good for a giggle or two.

  2. Laura,

  3. Laura,
    I can’t imagine living anywhere else but the country. I loved the post.


  4. wonderful hope and life.

  5. That’s a lovely discovery! I love living rurally, too. Although we aren’t way off in the bush we’re surrounded by woods that hide enough birds and wildlife to make it seem like we are. You and I are blessed to be able to experience God’s creation on a daily basis!

    • I totally agree, we are blessed. I find as I age I appreciate living in a rural area more and more. Spring is always so full of life and growth.

  6. How special. What an amazing shade of blue they are. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Those are so pretty, what a find! Thanks for sharing them with us. Isn’t it amazing how neatly the nest is made?

    • Nests always amaze me especially when you are really able to examine them closely. We could never build something so exact.

  8. beverleysmith36

     /  May 8, 2012

    I never knew that robin’s eggs were blue :)

  9. True, my problem this year was that the storm must have knocked one of the baby birds out of the nest and the poor little thing ended up dying on my front steps. It was a sad sight.

    • Oh, that’s sad. Last year I found a robin’s nest but went back a few days later and the eggs were gone. Too many preditors, and too many things that can go wrong. Poor little birds.

  10. Awww, how sweet is that! :-)


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