Blast From the Past :The Royals– 1939

Writers never know where their source of inspiration will come from. For some time now, I’ve been interested in some old Standard magazines that were given to us many years ago. These magazines were saved by my husband’s grandmother when the King and Queen came to Canada in 1939. Since the main character in my next novel was born that same year, I decided to make reference to this visit in the novel plus the captions provided little tidbits of information about the tour.

So here are a few of the photos from the magazine of the King and Queen from way back in 1939.

No wondeer the King has a strained look on his face. I would too wearing that head gear. * Note: I said “head gear” for lack of a better word. I’m sure it’s ceremonial, and hopefully something they did away with years ago. On the other hand the Queen looks a tad smug. I’d say she faired a bit better.

They obviously brought this poor veteran outside for photos. There were other photos in the magazine were the veterans were outside in the hospital beds.

The coloured photo is of the Queen with Princesses Elizabeth (future Queen) and Margaret. I think this photo is my favourite.

I hope you enjoyed this visit back in time.

I’m not expecting that many of you have seen these pictures of the Royals before. ;)

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  1. Such lovely pictures! I love the Queen Mother’s clothing, hats, and jewelry; I wish everyone dressed like that. Having tidbits of royal information in your novel (in my opinion) will be a surprising treat for the reader, especially if they are royal-watchers like I am! Thanks for the beautiful images, Laura.

    • Thanks, Libby. I quite like the pictures. It is interesting to see some of the language used in the magazine too. For instance when they stopped to visit some native people they referred to the woman as squaws. Times have certainly changed.

  2. that last picture is truly lovely. Nice to see them in relaxed pose.

  3. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. I agree: the head gear on the king would strain my face too…strained from retaining my laughter. My daughter and I giggled non-stop even when we moved to the next snap. I do love old hats. I have a bag of old, silk, fashioned hats which where made by a lady in my father’s home community. They date back to the 1940s, 50s or 60s. I have no idea what I’ll do with them. Perhaps I’ll start a fashion statement.

    • Oh Diane, you must put those hats on and get some photos. We’d all enjoy seeing them! While I’m not a hat wearer I think hats are so nice. Maybe I’ll put that on my list of things to own one day. Um don’t hats make you look shorter or something?
      I don’t know what the thinking behind the King’s hat was but perhaps it was considered quite posh back in it’s time or at least we had pretend so. Glad you had a good giggle. :).

  4. I enjoyed this very much. They were very much a part of my youth. I remember my mother displaying plagues and photos in our house. Even our house had a huge photo of Elizabeth in our school, once she was Queen. Fascinating family.

    • Glad you enjoyed the photos. The Queen’s photo was everwhere when I was growing up. We don’t see such things in the schools nowadays. There is still such a fascination with the Royal family. I don’t think that will ever stop.

  5. It was wonderful to see these old photos. Poor King George, he was so shy and uncomfortable with being in the public eye. No wonder he looks ill at ease. He couldn’t have done it without the support of his lovely wife. I too loved the last picture of the Queen mother with her daughters. Very lovely.

    • I do so like the old photos, Darlene. I can’t imagine being under such scrutiny all the time. It is certainly ssomething that isn’t for everyone. King George did his duty as all good Monarchs should. This is something that will likely never change for the members of the Royal family.

  6. That’s amazing, thanks for sharing. I saved a newspaper from last year’s royal wedding, at the time I had no idea why, but this has shown me that if I keep it for my kids, adn them for their’s they may find it interesting in 70 odd years!
    Aren’t the Queen’s dresses amazing!

    • Nice to have you drop in Helen. :) I think these things make great keepsakes for future generations. One days these magazines will go to my granddaughter and hopefully she’ll love them as much as I do. I love all the clothing. I also noticed that the Queen liked to wear furs quite often.

  7. Great photos!! When I hear people in Canada (and Britain) say the royalty and monarchy have outlived their purpose, it makes me sad. I’m not a fanatic follower (no decorated plates or photos in our house) but maybe it’s a holdover from childhood princess fantasies that I think they add a sense of dignity to our times.

    • Thanks Carol. I have quite a few magazines so there were many photos to chose from. Like you, I’m not a fanatic when it comes to the Royal family, but I think it’s amazing how they are so loved by many. There’s nothing boring about this family. I love Prince William and Prince Harry. They’ll be sure to keep things interesting for us in the future.

  8. Love, love, love this post. :-) The Royal Family is always so fascinating, especially as the new generation continues to make such a strong mark.

  9. You are so correct, Laura. I had not seen these pictures. They are lovely and harken back to a time that has gone, not only for The Royals” but for all of use. This is like opening a time capsule. How lucky for you that your grandmother safes them !!

    • I do enjoy the old photos, Florence. Sometimes we wonder why we save these things but hopefully it is for the purpose of sharing with others in later years. :)


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