The Beauty of Butterflies

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

Maya Angelou

The same could be said about writing, don’t you think? As a reader we’re presented with the final product,  edited and polished until it shines. But how many drafts, revisions, and edits did it go though to get there? We should never be discouraged with our first attempts at a story. It will change and grow over time.

Perhaps it is a good thing that readers never have to read the first drafts of some very popular books. If they did they might not want to read the finished book at all.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. So very true Laura!

  2. I one day want to get paid for the things I finish. If I could get paid equally for the things I have thrown away or rewritten, I would make much more money. Writing is such a process and those who don’t write, do not understand.


    • I’m with you, Tim. Getting paid for our first drafts would certainly help py the bills, then again we might be so happy if we didn’t have to make our work our best. Writing for sure is a process.

  3. Lovely analogy! :-)

  4. I have just 2 tattoos. One is butterfly center of chest. Represents Risen Christ or resurrection and freedom of any secular kind too.

  5. I agree. Lovely photo. I tell the kids butterflies are like fairies: they should be protected and not harmed.

    • Yes indeed we need to protect both butterflies and fairies. What a nice thing to tell your kids. :)

  6. So true…what a great analogy!

  7. A great quotation and analogy, Laura. (And photo! Isn’t it beautiful???)

    • I love Mayo Angelo, she’s so wise. I was surprised that the butterfly set still to be photographed. There were two that day.

  8. Sometimes I wish I could see an early draft of Eric Lustbader to see just how rough his first drafts are. At least then I’d know I’m not the only one. I know, shame on me for hoping his first draft sucks.

  9. Last week I wrote a scene with a moth in a coccoon that just hatched and the mc thought how far off it is was from the adult moths she saw flying around and how much work it still had to go through to. While I wrote it I was thinking this very thing! how funny!

    • Strange how these things seem to occur when we have our attention on something. I always take it as a sign of encouragement. You should too! :)

  10. I hadn’t quite thought of a book that way, Laura, but it is a metamorphosis.

  11. There are so many ways of seeing things, Patti, we need only open our eyes to the possibilities that are out there. :)


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