The Word Tree

My daughter makes cool and neat things. Whenever I visit I find something new she’s made. It’s usually something simple that ends me thinking, I wouldn’t mind having something like that.

Here’s what I saw on my last visit. Couldn’t help but snap a shot of it.

I believe she used a page from an old book that had seen better days. With a little imagination we can find a use for most everything. Hmmm…. I wonder what happened to the rest of the book?

You know, I was thinking it would be kind of neat to have one with a page from my book, but…

This weekend I’ll be spending some time with Miss Charlotte. She’s only two, but she’s got quite a talent for drawing. Maybe one day I’ll share one of her pictures on my blog.

I’m off to have an enjoyable Canada Day weekend.

Happy Canada Day!

Do you have any special plans for the weekend?


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  1. Angela Wilson

     /  June 29, 2012

    Wow! That’s pretty cool! I sure had my days of creating things. Loved every minute of it! But now I prefer to read if I have any spare time. Plans for Canada Day for us involve going to the Commons in Halifax where they always have entertainment and food, with fireworks later on. Happy Canada to you to, Laura!

  2. Happy Canada Day to you, Laura. How do you celebrate it?
    I love paper craft art work! Your daughter did a really nice job on this.

  3. I love the art work from your daughter. Have a wonderful Canada Day with the little miss. We are attending a barbeque and I plan to have coffee with a writer friend. I also plan to relax and start thinking about Amanda’s next adventure.

  4. Libby Noseworthy-Boss

     /  June 29, 2012

    I just love ‘The Word Tree,… and I’m compelled to make sense of the words that are visible. It’s inspiring, and shows that your daughter has talent, just like her Mom.
    As for Canada Day… hubby and I (yes, I actually wrote ‘hubby’) are heading to Westville tomorrow to spend time with his sister, hopefully see the New Glasgow fireworks Saturday night, and watch the parade with her on Sunday. They have great community spirit in that place, and it’s an excuse to visit. (She is 80 now, and lives alone.)

    • Glad you liked it, Libby. Lots of travell involved, but it’s always worth it to spend time with family. Thanks for visiting. I’m hoping we run into each other again, I’m in B’water fairly often. :)

  5. That’s perfect art for a writer!

    Happy Canada Day, Laura. Enjoy your weekend. We don’t have anything special planned, just the usual: parade and fireworks.

  6. I’ve always said your can learn a lot from trees.

  7. Very cool! I’ll be at the lake for the next few days if you want to get together – 689-2587, or I’ll be checking my email, too.

    • I’ll give you a call Jan when I can..It won’t be this week. I get home too late..We’ll figure something out.. I’m anxious tohear all your exciting news!

  8. I’m thinking she got her imagination from her mama. Big hugs for Miss Charlotte. I ache to see my grandson, Blake. Happy Canada Day, Laura.

    • Once you move closer you’ll get to see Blake all the time.. It will be SO worth it… :) Happy Canada Day!

  9. That is beautiful! I may have to try something like that! :-)


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