Me Time

I’m about to do something I haven’t done before. I’m calling it quits, giving it a rest, taking a little me time, in the summertime. Time for some fun time, in the sun time, working time, writing time, family time, precious time.

This break from blogging has been something I’ve been thinking about for some time. To those of you who faithfully check in, I love you all heaps! Your comments often help brighten my day. You’re all so witty and smart and I love it when you make me laugh.


Not sure how long this will be. Could be a few weeks, could be longer. Just know I’ve got some serious writing I want to get done, and I need to focus on that. Feel free to follow along on my Facebook author page if you wish. Just hit the “like” button to the right, and if I have any writing news to share you’ll be the first to know.

I’ll leave you with this quote I shared on facebook a few months back.

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.~~ Carl Sandburg

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  1. Good luck with your writing and enjoy your break.


  2. I certainly understand…I’ve been daring to do it myself…I’ve even dared with the idea of giving up FB. Perhaps creating another page and letting my personal one ride for awhile-too much “politicking” going on FB.
    I just haven’t made the commitment I need to make to just write above all else.

  3. I need a rest too for some generate some ideas without dead line time. I have built a decent network this 2 years and people expect to see a cartoon each morning from me. But 530 posts in 2 years is a lot or originality. Perhaps I’ll cut down to twice a week and my Wednesday guest posts have been well received and that is also a break.

  4. Me time is the most precious time!

  5. Enjoy your time, Laura!

  6. This is a good idea. You wil be missed of course but I will follow you on FaceBook. We need time to concentrate on writing and on having fun!

  7. Have a wonderful rest of summer, Laura. I wish you well on your writing.

  8. I will miss your musings and stimulating questions, but I totally understand the need for ‘me time’–precious indeed! I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your creative time and I wish you every success in your writing!

  9. Enjoy your break!

  10. Enjoy, Laura. We all need a break, yet we often don’t know when to say when. You must do what’s best for you. I’ll still be here in a few weeks or a few months from now when you return. In the mean time, I’ll keep up-to-date with you on FB.

    The best thing about being a writer is the ability to write, so I say…write, Laura, and we’ll all enjoy it when it’s time.

  11. Laura, at first I was disappointed when I read this, but it was just for me. For you I wish you the break you so deserve. I know what it’s like to just need a break .. so do it. Enjoy it. Make the most of it. Summertime is the best time to change things up a bit. :)
    I look forward to your coming back refreshed and with more to share. And of course, your writing will take on a new spark, and we all look forward to future wonderful books and such by you.
    Blessings! See you when you get back.

  12. I’m so envious. I want to take a break, but I’m not quite comfortable with doing so yet. Maybe once we sell the house and begin our move. Hope you have a wonderful time reading, Laura. Soak up the sun.

  13. Hope you have a wonderful vacation. :-)

  14. I hope you enjoy your summer and your break! Looking forward to hearing about your story when it’s done. :)

    Great quote too btw!

  15. I think it’s good to focus on what you know to be important to you. I would do the same thing except I’m too much of a procrastinator. but I’m glad you’re not.

    I hope you have a very productive break. and also, have some fun in doing whatever you do.

  16. Missing you around here, Laura, but I do the same thing every August… not because I particularly want a break from blogging, but because where I holiday there is no internet. It’s a perfect time for reading and writing and family. Enjoy!


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