Part of My “Someday” List

I keep a mental list of things I’d like to do one day, and places I’d like to see. It’s my “someday” list, and it keeps growing, sometimes serving only to remind me that “someday” doesn’t always come along.

A trip to Peggys Cove has been on my someday list for some time. So a few weeks back we took a drive out to the coast. I had only seen the famous lighthouse in photos. Seemed a bit silly since we’re only about an hour’s drive away.

A friend of mine mentioned that the lighthouse is in the midst of getting fresh coat of paint and it was pretty evident the day we went. Still, it was a beautiful day with sunshine, warm temperatures and light winds.

Plenty of rocks as you can see.

We also stopped off to see the monument for Swissair Flight 111. It’s located at The Whalesback, a peninsula not far from Peggys Cove. September 2 marked the 14th Anniversary of the Swissair crash.

There have been two memorials erected to commemorate those who died when the aircraft crash into St. Margarets Bay. The crash site is roughly halfway between the Whalesback Memorial and another memorial at Bayswater, Nova Scotia. The memorial at Bayswater lists all the victims by name.

The monument reads: “In memory of the 229 men, women and children aboard Swissair Flight 111 who perished off these shores September 2nd, 1998. They have been joined to the sea, and the sky. May they rest in peace.”

BTW the baby stroller belongs to Miss Charlotte, just in case you’re wondering.

I looked up some information about the monument and what it represents because I really didn’t know. Apparently, the site of the crash and the two monuments form a triangle. The three notches on the monument at Whalesback represent the numerals 111. The sight line from the three grooves in the stone points to the crash site; while the markings on the facing stone point to the memorial at Bayswater. I’ve been to the memorial at Bayswater a few years ago. That one contains the names of the 229 passengers and crew of flight 111. The facing stone points to the crash site.

The place where the monument sits is an area of rocks and low shrubs over-looking the Altantic Ocean. In the far distance the lighthouse at Peggys Cove can be seen. I think about the 229 people who crashed into the ocean 14 years ago, who have been joined to the sea and the sky, and whisper a silent prayer. May they rest peacefully.

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  1. Our son was born in Prince George and yet has seen more of the world than I probably will. Peggy’s Cove was one of those. Thanks for sharing this, Laura. I can’t wait to explode the Maritime.

  2. A nice lighthouse landscape, Laura. I love the rock foundation. The memorial is very poignant, reminding at how quickly our days can end. Thanks for sharing.

    • It is very rocky, Patti, yet quite lovely,

      I remember clearly when the plane crashed. It is something I will never forget. The memorials are a good idea.

  3. Peggy’s Cove is on my list too. But first I will explore places along the Danbe. Talk to you come back.

  4. I’ve got several places on my to-visit list, too. L’Anse Meadow is one of them.

    I’ve been to Peggy’s Cove and the memorial, but I didn’t know that about the stones. Thanks for looking that up for me. A triangle, eh? Mmm, that’s always an interesting shape to create.

    • I didn’t realize there was a triangle, or if I did I must have forgotten. I’d been wondering why there were two memorials, but knew there had to be a reason. I guess it pays to do a little investigating.

  5. Thanks for this very interesting and fascinating information, Laura. Peggy’s Cove is on my plan-to-visit list.

    • Hi Lynn, Thanks for dropping in! I know how squeezed you are for time..I’m hoping to get back again soon to see the nice new paint job. There was a man playing the bagpipes the day we went. Miss Charlotte was quite delighted as she bounced in time to the music… :)

  6. Peggy’s cove is so surreal. When I was walking there it felt otherworldly. Was wonderful, never experienced anything quite like it.
    Glad you made it!

    • You visited Peggys Cove? Very cool!

      I’d love to go again this fall, but time is such that many of our weekends are booked.

      • One of my best friends moved from Montreal to Halifax. Love the city! I haven’t spent nearly enough time there!

        The furthest east I’ve gone is Les Iles de la Madeleine. (which I have to say I didn’t care for that much!)


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