Father Christmas Festival

nov Dec 2012 642Today, we headed to Mahone Bay for a book signing. It just so happened, the Father Christmas Festival was on. I took a few photos and wanted to share.

nov Dec 2012 651

nov Dec 2012 662

nov Dec 2012 671

nov Dec 2012 652

nov Dec 2012 665nov Dec 2012 660

nov Dec 2012 648nov Dec 2012 653nov Dec 2012 672

I hope you enjoyed this peek at the  Father Christmas Festival. I’ll be blogging about the book  signing we attended next time I post. I’m excited to tell you all about Janet Barkhouse’s picture book, “ Pit Pony.” Drop in and find out all about it.

nov Dec 2012 673

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Love the old father Santas.

  2. Lovely photos, Laura.
    I plan to attend a book signing on Saturday for another book by a new author, the weather lady, Cindy Day. It is going to be held at Coles in New Minas — where I met you! :)

    • Thanks,, Lynn. I heard Cindy was coming to New Minas. Her book is certainly popular. I think that’s wonderful.. :) I loved my day at Coles in New Minas. They really know how to make an author feel special. Enjoy your signing…

  3. I enjoyed the pictures of the Father Christmas Festival. What wonderful figures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. beverley

     /  December 3, 2012

    How wonderful! Some years ago as i we were travelling through a country village we came a cross a scarecrow festival, it was wonderful to see.

  5. Loved the photos. The Father Christmas characters are brilliant! We visited Mahone Bay in 2011. My husband has a small sailboat that was built there many decades ago. A lovely town.

    • Thanks, Heather. Mahone Bay is a beautiful town. That area is also known for their ship buliding..Very cool that your husband has a sailboat that was built there. :) If you come this way again perhpas we’ll have the chance to meet. That would also be cool. :)

  6. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. The Pit Pony is wonderfully illustrated.

  7. David

     /  December 3, 2012

    The different looks of Father Christmas – very nice. BTW, I like your sandy background – is that a beach perchance?

    • There were way more than what is pictured here. They’re quite wonderful.
      My sister took the photo of my book on the sand last winter when she went to Hell. It’s a beautiful beach on Belize I believe.

  8. Love all the versions of Father Christmas. What a lovely idea for a community project. I rather prefer the European images of Saint Nicholas to our modern day Santa Claus.

    Some years ago our son and his wife decided to celebrate Sinterklaas from the Dutch tradition on December 6th. All the gift-giving happens then and allows the family to focus on the sacred aspect of Christmas on December 25th.

    • Yes, it is a lovely idea. It is the same community where they have the Scarecrow Festival. I love the Old World Santas. :)

      Sinterklaas sounds interesting. I’ve never heard of it, but allowing the family to focus on the sacred aspect of Christmas is a good idea. So often, it seems, the sacredness becomes forgotten.

  9. Wish we were back there enjoying these awesome outings.


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