Let the Edits Begin

Seems as though the things we often expect to happen a certain way end up going off in a totally different direction altogether. Life is funny that way. This month I thought I’d have time to devote to my new writing project, but low and behold I received an email from my editor at Nimbus Publishing. It is time to start editing my new YA novel, “To Fly With a Broken Wing.”  Yippee!!

“If you could have the edits done by January that would be great,” she said.

“No problem,” I replied.

No problem! Oh right, there’s this thing called Christmas coming up this month. I forgot all about Christmas mere seconds before I fired off the email. *gulp*

Okay it’s really not THAT bad. My editor is understanding and did add that if I needed more time it was fine, just to let her know. And truthfully, edits seem a bit overwhelming at first until you actually start addressing each comment and suggestion as you go. Personally, I’m just happy to be working on it and gearing up for the book’s release next fall. The exciting part is, the book is making progress. Edits have begun and, Christmas or not, I’ll get the work done. Authors are funny that way.

But it hasn’t been all work. I’ve been balancing things out as I go. A little shopping, a little gift wrapping, a lot of editing, a little decorating. If I play my cards right I’ll even get to watch an episode of “Grimm” this evening.

DSC02991A big thrill this week was meeting up with Donna Morrisey at a book signing. Donna’s new book is “The Deception of Livvy Higgs.” If you remember, I mentioned in an earlier post that she was on my list of authors to meet. Little did I know at the time our meeting would happen so soon. Yes, life certainly does throw in a surprise or two. This month has been busy with lots of authors doing book signings and I’m heading out again for one tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll either post about it on Facebook or my blog.

I’ve also had a disappointment this week. I’d been planning for months to get high speed Internet service, but it just wasn’t to be. I know this is difficult for many of you to understand, but here in rural Nova Scotia we don’t necessarily have the option for High Speed and that sucks. One company put up towers and many people can receive a wireless signal, but I happen to live in an area where too many trees are blocking that signal. I’ve got to say, dial-up makes life very challenging, and many times I have problems with pages loading, especially those blogs that have lots of photos posted on them. Then again, it can sometimes be impossible to comment when it does load. But I’m dealing with this challenge the best way I can. Some things are out of my control. I sometimes think the thought of something better makes us less tolerant for what we have. So perhaps now, I’ll accept what is and feel grateful to have Internet service at all.

Anyway, despite Christmas and the edits for my novel, I’m hoping to be around Blogland a bit more this winter. I have a lot to catch up on.

Has life given you any unexpected surprises lately?

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  1. I remember the good old days of dial up and, oooh (shiver), feel your pain.

    As far as the pain of the edit, that’s on I hope to have someday.

    Good luck with the edit and have a wonderful Christmas.


    • Yeah, I kind of wish dial-up was part of our “Good Old Days” and not a reality in this day and age, but so be it. Thanks for the good wished, Tim, and have a wonderful Christmas yourself. :)

  2. Yippee is right! Congratulations! I can’t wait to read “To Fly With a Broken Wing”!

  3. I know your new book will be wonderful! I can hardly wait for it. :)

    Dial-up Internet was extremely stressful for me at home, I hated it – especially on top of all the other stress in my life, so recently I finally cancelled it and went with a local company that provides Internet with one of those towers you mentioned. Oh my goodness! What a huge difference! When at Dad’s I have fibre optics, and now at home I have high speed. I truly hope you can get something better than dial-up soon, Laura.

    I will be looking for you at the book signing tomorrow. :)

    • Aww, thanks, Lynn. It’s a bit different from Bitter, Sweet, but I love the main character.
      I had such hopes for High speed. Hoepfully, they’ll come up with a better system to provide better Internet to rural Nova Scotia,

      I’ll be looking for you, too. :)

  4. Edits are a nice challenge to have — they make you one step closer to publication. And I’m looking forward to your new book. You converted me to YA, and I’m assuming ‘Broken Wing’ is another YA?

    You have my sympathy with dial up. I had it several years ago and couldn’t believe the difference when high speed came our way. I worry about my blog being too ‘weighty’ for many readers now that I’m posting photos from my new camera. They’re larger files than my old camera produced, and I sometimes wonder if perhaps I should condense them first. So far nobody has complained but then again that could simply mean they can’t get my site to load! Do you have difficulty with it?

    • I feel as though the book is becoming a reality now that edits have started. It’s a great feeling. My editor says this next book will be one that adults will enjoy as well, which I’m glad about. Not all YA is enjoyed by adults, but then again there are always exceptions.

      Ususally your blog isn’t so bad with my connection, again that depends upon the day. I’m hoping with a few adjustments I’ll be able to use my new laptop while on line and that might speed things up a little. Occasionally I have problems leaving comments on your blog, but overall it’s not too, too bad..

  5. Laura, how delightful that you met a writer you had wished to meet. Your work continues … and about the internet I’d say … the trade off is the lovely landscape that has become part of your work. Hang in there. I also have been out of it for three months on and off. Moved and had tons of problems hooking up all my little play things … can’t get my stuff organized … lost service … had moving blues … lost work time … BUT … I am in heaven in my new little cottage and I would not trade that to reduce my problems. Write on :)

    • It was kind of neat meeting Donna, Florence. She seems very nice and down to earth. I`m glad that after all you went through, you`re happy with your cottage. :) That`s what counts. :)

  6. I’m excited for you, Laura. I love the editing process. And working with an editor is so revealing. When I first got online back in the 90s, we had a party line! Yes, that was very … interesting. Congrats on your upcoming book!

    • Thanks Joylene. after the initial shock wears off, I enjoy the editing process as well. I`m starting to get excited about this next book. You know that feeling well. :)

  7. Congrats on getting to the edits! That’s exciting!

    And sorry to hear you don’t have dial-up. I have high speed, although it’s the scraps of high speed and not very fast! I guess I shouldn’t complain since I live in the boonies too, and am lucky to have any at all! lol

    • Thanks, Julie. Working at edits is exciting. It means publication will follow.. :)

      I have to resign myself to Dial-up and hope and pray something better comes along in the future..

  8. What a problem to have–editing for a book to be published. :) I’m so thankful for high-speed internet, thanks for reminding me.

    • What a bummer, eh? The edits are coming along really well, actually. :) Maybe one day high-speed will be for everyone in these rural parts..I’m hoping.. Thanks for stopping by, Patti. :)

  9. David

     /  December 10, 2012

    Great news your book is ready for editing.

    Would a monitor dying and the need for glasses could be classified as unexpected surprises? :)

    • Thanks. David. I’m having fun with the edits…sometimes..I like a challenge, and figuring out some of the picky little things in a story,making sure it all makes sense, is kind of fun.

      Yup, those sound like unexpected surprises..The need for glasses seems to happen to us all eventually. It’s called aging. ;)

      • David

         /  December 10, 2012

        You mean we all get old? :)

        • Well, actually, just yesterday, I commented on my daughter’s FB wall that she and I were now the same age, (It was her 32nd birthday,) so yeah, I guess that aging thing doesn’t apply to me… But most everyone else I think. ;)

  10. Judi

     /  December 10, 2012

    Good for you, Laura. The day has finally come….I know you are excited….Is there going to be another book signing at the hall? Or are going to a book store???? Either way I will be right there to get my book signed. OMG,….That means I’m going to have to read another book……..Just kidding….I think…..

    • Thanks, Judi,, I know I’ll be able to count on you to be at the launch. I’m sure it will be at the hall again, but it’s too early at the moment to think of these things.You’ll have lots of time to prepare for reading another book. ;)


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