Flying With a Broken Wing Goes to Chicago

My books like to travel. Me, not so much. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Bitter, Sweet was going to go much farther than I would ever dream of. In case you’ve missed past posts here are a few of the places Bitter, Sweet has gone to in the past—Without me, I might add!

So now I have a new book out, and yup, you guessed it, it’s also going places without me. I was excited to learn that Flying with a Broken Wing had made it all the way to the windy city. Oh, I had hopes that it would bump into Oprah on the street, you know maybe beg and plead to make it into her book club. (Does she even have a book club now?) But alas, that wasn’t meant to be. Instead here it is on the skydeck at Willis Tower in Chicago, high as a bird in the sky.  Sweet! Hmmm or maybe that’s a little Bitter, Sweet for me.

On the Skydeck at Willis Tower, Chicago.

Thanks to my baby sister for being such a sport. Maybe next time you’ll actually run into Oprah. And if you manage to get a copy of my book in her hands I’ll be flying.


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  1. I must learn to market, also. I’m very glad to hear of your success. Blessings!

  2. Sweet! That’s one of the cool things about books – their ability to travel (cheaply!)

    • Next time I’m hoping she takes me along with my book. Of course I’m not holding my breath on that one. As you say, books can travel cheaply!

  3. There’s a Kindle version of it here in France. Would post a pic here in comments but WP doesn’t allow that. Probably a good thing too.

    • Very cool, Joss! All the way from France! I think you’re right. It’s probably a good thing that WP doesn’t allow people to post pics. :)

  4. I try to remember to do this, but I always forget. Grr. It’s so cool that your book is an ‘international traveller’.

  5. Glad you are getting about and Flying With A Broken Wing! :)

  6. Laura, your book might get to ‘travel across Canada’ in 2014. I just suggested “Flying with a Broken Wing” to Amy of Amy’s Marathon of Books (

    Good luck.

    • Oh wow! I thank you for suggesting my book, Liana! And thanks for letting my know. :) I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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