Emergency Book Signing–Sometimes You Have to Go That Extra Mile or Thirty

Yes, I did say emergency book signing! Sounds strange, I know, but life is filled with strange and unusually things. Some days even the smallest thing can miraculously turn into an emergency especially when there’s a book involved.

Sometimes the really cool things about being an author are the strange things that can happen on an ordinary day. Monday was such a day, ordinary and plain as white bread, not even toasted and buttered. But then I checked the messages on my phone when I got home from work. There was one from the local bookstore. (Bear in mind when I say “local” I mean it’s still about a 45 minute drive from where I am.) The owner said the most bazaar thing had just happened. A customer came in and bought the last copy of “Flying With a Broken Wing,” and the very next customer in line wanted that same book. She was calling to ask if I had books on hand and if it was possible to make some arrangements to get them. Apparently, the customer was quite disappointed to learn that the last copy ( a signed on at that) had just sold as she’d wanted it to take it to her daughter in Ontario— her daughter, as it turns out, was someone I had gone to school with. Now, there’s a bit more to this as it just so happens that this very same lady taught one of my daughters, actually shared a birthday with her, and always gave my daughter a birthday card all the while she was in elementary school. Nice, huh? I always thought so.

So here was the dilemma, the lady would really like signed copies of both my books but was leaving for Ontario in a few days. This meant the books wouldn’t arrive from the publisher, certainly not in time for me to come out and sign them, before she left. The bookstore owner suggested that I mail out the copies. I explained that I was 20 minutes from a post office and I work through the day. I chewed the situation over the next day at work and decided I’d take a drive out. The bookstore owner was going to buy my copies and keep the ones she had on order for her store. So that’s what I did. I made a quick trip out and delivered the books inscribed with a little message.

Now I know some people might think that it was silly of me to go out of my way to make sure this person got signed copies. She would have taken the books anyway (her husband was going to meet her in Ontario a few days later and the copies would be in from the publisher by that time), but sometimes you’ve just got to do what feels right and this felt like the right thing.

Have you ever noticed that Karma has a way of coming back, sometimes years later, and often in a good way? Many times, it’s those little things that make up for the disappointments we feel along the way. Having people specifically ask for my book, and to have it signed, is really an amazing thing. In the grand scheme of things, I believe all those little things add up to a great deal, at least in this author’s life!

Has anything small made your day recently? I love it when you share your stories.

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  1. That is super cool, Laura! (And I bet the woman who wanted your book is over the moon. I would be if the same thing happened to me! :))

    • I was happy to do it, Ev. And it’s nice to know that people go into book stores asking for your book! :)

  2. Dianne Silver

     /  June 28, 2014

    Oh Laura, you done good lol. We grew up with morals and doing for others as you have always done.A certain someone who we both knew and loved would have done the same thing

  3. Laura, I believe an author who goes that extra mile (or forty) is doing an amazing thing for a fan. You will be remembered fondly every time someone picks up that book or your name comes up for whatever reason. It would so bless my heart should anyone do that for me. And it feels wonderful to do something special for someone else, too, doesn’t it? Blessings all around.

    Such a great story.

    • It was JUST thirty miles, Lynn. ;) It really does feel good to do something like that. I was just glad to be able to do it. :)

  4. Nothing like special delivery. I’m glad you were able to make her day.

    • It feels good to do something for someone else, even a little thing like that. :) I guess it kind of made my day, too!

  5. What a great story! I never doubted that you’d go the extra mile (well, actually 30 of them) to make this woman’s day. :)

  6. What a thoughtful thing to do. I’m sure your extra mile will do you well in future. It’s the little things that count. Had it been a two-hour drive for you, I’m not sure anyone would expect that. :-)

  7. honestly, I feel very honoured to know you, Laura. This is the kewlest part of being an author. Congratulations!

  8. You can tell a lot about people by the little things… thoughtful gestures, going out of one’s way to be helpful, caring about others … those are indications of a kind and generous spirit. I guess I wouldn’t have expected any less of you. :)

    • Carol, you’re just sweet. :)

      Oh, and you must be so proud and excited for Shari. She’s worked hard for this. That first acceptance is like no other. It really puts you up there on cloud nine. :)

      • I’m am indeed! I knew it would come eventually. I think she’s a great writer (and I’m not the slightest bit biased!)

  9. Laura, how special that you made the trip. She will cherish those books even more now. What a boost to a writer to know someone wants a signed copy of one of our books. I would have done the same..

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