Arthur Photos.

Here in the Maritimes we all have our own “Arthur” story to tell. In East Dalhousie, power was out for four days.  Some of us lost our phones and Internet service.  My phone, for instance was out for 10 days, and since I’m on dial-up well…

I thought I would go beside myself. But I survived, and remained in control of my faculties, thanks to the community Cap site. Yeah!!

There were lots of downed trees during the storm. This one was blocking off one of the roads to the cottages at Lake Torment. Hubby cut the tree up and we helped removed the limps and wood to make the road passable. When you live in the country you just never know what you’ll be called to do. It’s remarkable the way everyone chips in and helps out in whatever way they can.


I find this photo particularly disturbing, seeing the damage done to the brook and trees.

DSC05273 We lost quite a few trees on our property back by the brook. Sad to see trees uprooted like that.

This tree was came down across the Lakeview Road.


Lots of trees fell across the brook as well. It will take some time to get everything cleaned up.
DSC05281 Amongst the grapevine leaves, we found a robin’s nest, it’s hiding place revealed when Arthur ripped many of the leaves away. Strange, during the toughest times, these small things capture our attention and give us hope.I’ve been counting the days, hoping the babies soon hatch. DSC05280
Mama robin is barely visible. My hope is that she can keep her small brood hidden from the crows and bluejays.

Arthur left his mark on us, and we’ll not soon forget him. But, as with everything in life, we adjust to what is and learn to carry on with what remains. What else is there to do during times like that?

Do you have an “Arthur” story? Please share if you do.

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  1. Was Arthur a hurricane? Looks pretty awful, Laura. Glad you survived to tell us about it. Blessings to you…

    • Arthur began as a hurricane but when it reached us was classified as a tropical storm. Either way he was nasty.

  2. No, Laura … I thankfully have no “Arthur” story. The worst for us in SoFla this year is lots of rain, wind not so bad, rain, thunder and lightening and that’s all.

    I love that live in a place where people truly believe “it takes a village” to survive and to make whole … even for the little robin and her babes :)

    • I’m expecting the babies to soon hatch and really keeping my fingers crossed.

      We’ve actually had more rain in our parts this past week than we got when Arthur came through. Not that I’m complaining. Arthur’s wind was enough to last us for awhile.

  3. Arthur didn’t pay us much mind, but did cast a couple tornadoes our way, thankfully nothing serious. I appreciate how people who live in the country chip in and do whatever for whomever.

    • I don’t like the sounds of tornadoes. Generally, we don’t have to worry about them but the way our weather is lately one never knows what to expect.

  4. The robin eggs are so pretty. I hope mama bird can keep them safe. The mockingbirds around here are always tormenting the mamas and trying to snatch the eggs.

  5. Glad you weren’t harmed during Arthur’s swoop. I’m in the Toronto vicinity and we were not affected but have read about the devastation your way.

  6. I’m glad you survived Arthur without serious damage. I’m sure it was a frightening experience for many people.

    Here in B.C. we don’t get much violent weather. However, two years ago we were visiting our daughter on Vancouver Island when a storm came through with hurricane-force winds and did a fair amount of tree toppling and roof ripping. The only personal inconvenience was a lengthy power outage, and we braved the wind to take a number of photos and videos. I mentioned the storm in a post after we got back home:

    • Thanks, Carol. I think all things considered we came through okay. I’ll check out your post. Thanks for the link.

  7. We lost a 40-foot linden tree close to our house (which we’d been thinking of trimming anyway:) It gave us privacy, which we miss, but I think we’ll go with a quick-growing bush as a replacement. The sad thing is it takes so many years for a tree to grow and minutes for even massive ones to topple, given the right conditions. But, of course, it all could have been much worse (although I just spent a day without internet service and was practically climbing the walls!) Great pictures!

    • Destruction can happen so quickly. It’s difficult seeing the old trees damaged.

      One day without Internet! Wow! You poor thing.. lol! I finally had to break down and go to the Cap site, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to leave the house for these things. Great that we have them, though!

  8. David

     /  July 22, 2014

    Landlocked in Colorado, we don’t get that kind of weather. Instead, we have the summer monsoon season when the thunderstorms are heavy with rain and move slowly. There were a couple of times last week when it did look like a tropical storm with the rain being wind driven.

    • Weather is something we don’t always stop to consider as being different in different parts of the country. Being in the Maritimes makes us sitting ducks for Hurricanes and Tropical storms.

      I hope there haven’t been any wild fires in your area this year. I remember the photos you posted a few years back.

  9. Wow, you had a lot of damage! We lost a couple big branches (there’s still one precariously dangling over our garden), but fortunately not any full trees. Our power came on in the afternoon, so I still had the internet. ;) I work at a local C@P site — it’s neat to see people using them!
    Have the robin eggs hatched yet?

    • Three hatched out but one died. :( The other two are doing very well. It’s pretty easy to check on although we try not to bother Mama ans Papa too often. They’re a week old now. I expect they’ll be leaving the nest pretty soon. They grow so fast.


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