Young Adult Fiction:

1. Bitter, Sweet — Nimbus Publishing (October 2009)

Shortlisted for the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People

Listed in the Best Books for Kids and Teens 2011

2. Flying with a Broken Wing—Nimbus Publishing (September 2013)

Most Anticipated books of Fall 2013: For Kids and Young Readers.


Wreath Making Tradition Christmas in the Maritimes: A Treasury of Stories and Memories, Nimbus Publishing

A Christmas Morning SunriseA Maritime Christmas: New Stories and Memories of the Season Nimbus Publishing

The Place I Call Home Country Roads: Memoirs From Rural Canada, Nimbus Publishing

Short Fiction:

Silent Rage — The Amethyst Review
Wild Geese — Pottersfield Portfolio, Horizon Magazine
Age Old Remedy — The Antigonish Review, Bread ‘n Molasses
The Red Geranium — The Antigonish Review
Origins —The Amethyst Review
Alexander the Great — The Amethyst Review (Nominated for Journey Prize)
Hatchlings —Green’s Magazine
First Steps — Green’s Magazine
Fair Exchange-- Green’s Magazine
That Summer at Tom Stacey’s — Green’s Magazine
Brighter Days— Green’s Magazine
The Rising Sun — Green’s Magazine
The Phantom — The Gaspereau Review
An Act of Respect– The Gaspereau Review
Chub– The Gaspereau Review
Watermelon Seeds — The Dalhousie Review
Moth-–52% (reprinted as The Green Moth in The Gull Lake Visitor’s Guide)
Ingrained – Canadian Stories
Required Elements —Canadian Stories
The Wounded— Canadian Stories
Erin’s Shrine-– All Rights Reserved, Cahoots
Part Two–Lichen
What No Body Knows —Grain
Windows –The Dalhousie Review
Erin’s Shrine –Cahoots
My Memory of Hearts— The Nashwaak Review
Ode to Cyrus– The Nashwaak Review
A Woman’s Hands– Room of One’s Own
Burnt Offerings In The Wind– Canadian Stories
There is a Plum Tree –All Rights Reserved
Amazing Grace– Room
All That Is Real– The Nashwaak Review
The Bread Poultice– The Dalhousie Review
Unanswered Questions About the Titanic– Transition
The Story of Pumpkin– Grain

There’s This Thing About Leaving–Transition

Molly Riddy– Transition

Scent of Roses – Canadian Stories Special Edition III

No Bad Dogs -REAL Magazine

Bread Crumbs –The Nashwaak Review

Balloon Man –The Nashwaak Review

The Old Queen Rains — Understory Magazine.


Read “Erin’s Shrine” at Cahoots online.

Read  “Unanswered Questions About The Titanic

Read,”There’s This Thing About Leaving”

Read “Molly Riddy”

Read “The Old Queen Rains.”

Non-Fiction Articles:

A Community Staying Connected — Coastal Communities News Magazine
How Sweet it Is — Coastal Communities News Magazine
The Most Beautiful Christmas Tree — Cloverdale Reporter
Wreath-Making: A Job for the Season — Our Times
The Treasured world of Reading —Fair’s Fair

Read “The Treasured World of Reading” at Fair’s Fair online.

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  1. WOAH! It seem to be some real good stuff to spend my vacations with!:)

    Is there any place where I can read them online?:)

    • As a matter of fact there are links above that should take you to a few of my stories. “Erin’s Shrine,” is online at Cahoots Magazine, the other three stories “Unanswered Questions About The Titanic,” “There’s This Thing About Leaving,” and “Molly Riddy,” appeared in Transition a magazine published by the Saskatchewan Mental Health Society. Just click on the links.

      Hope that was helpful!

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