To top it all off I’m hearing voices

Okay, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Nope  the line edits haven’t sent me off the deep end. In fact I was able to work about twelve hours on my manuscript yesterday so that gave me a really big boost. I’ll likely post a bit more about that when I have more time. I have until the 17th to complete the work before it goes to the designer. Woohoo!! Things are closing in quickly. I can hardly wait!

So what’s this about the voices?

Yesterday morning bright and early, my daughter phoned to chat and I could hear my neighbour having a conversation with someone. Now mind you, his voice wasn’t booming in loud and strong but you could clearly make out parts of his conversation. It was as if he was in the background talking, if you know what I mean. My husband called to report the situation to the phone company, all but demanding that it be fixed, and was told someone would be out Tuesday to do the repairs.

I find this very disturbing and wonder just how private our conversations are? This isn’t the first time we’ve experienced this problem with Igor. ( He’s a Russian gentleman…Don’t you just love the name?) In fact, many people in our area have had this problem with hearing unwanted voices. I’m not sure if this is a rural thing or if city phones are just as whackie. So, this evening as I was using the phone I could hear Igor again. (I’m not sure if he spends huge amounts of time on the phone or if we’re just somehow in sink.)   So I guess I’ll avoid the phone and go back to work on the line edit.

Wish me luck, not only with the line edits but with getting my phone repaired! And hopefully none of you are hearing voices.

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  1. Wow, that’s inconvenient (not to mention disturbing, like you said!)! And again, I say “Wow!” to your twelve-hour work day…sheesh, that’s inspiring. Perhaps tomorrow, you can be my inspiration and I, too, will be so disciplined!! 🙂


    • I guess the reason for the twelve hours wasn’t a matter of choice since I have only a few hours each evening I knew Sunday really had to count.


  2. Oh, that happens all the time. At out last home, this one! ALL the time!! Here, the conversations are in french, my last place, italian!

    12 hours!! wow!

    It is so exciting! All the best!


    • Nice to know this doesn’t just happen out there in country. All’s quiet tonight. We’ll be fine for another month or so.


  3. rachelhestondavis

     /  August 11, 2009

    Yeesh, 12 hours? Good heavens. I don’t know if I could work for 12 hours. I mean maybe….if an editor had accepted my book and I was really pumped….but I hope you at least took breaks 🙂


    • I hate having things hanging over me and I knew I’d sleep easier having most of the hard work done. And you’ll be surprised what lengths you’ll go through when you are working with an editor on your book!!


  4. waggledance

     /  August 12, 2009

    How weird! I was only thinking yesterday about the problem of crossed-lines that was so common here in the UK at one time… not sure if it still happens or if I’ve been lucky. Definately discombobulating…!


  5. I guess that goes to prove that technology isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Discombobulating, you say. I LOVE that word and yet I’ve never used it before in my life!!


  6. We called it party lines back in the ’70s, which was the last time I heard of this happening.

    As for 12 hours, I’m jealous. My back hurts after twenty minutes. I take multitudes of breaks and I never feel I’ve accomplished anything.


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