Revisions and back cover copy

Revisions are finally done on the book. Yippee!!  I sent a digital copy back on Sunday night. I finally decided to use the track change functions because sending the MS back via FedEx would have been too complicated. I’m forty-five minutes from town and don’t get off work until four plus making the changes digitally allowed me a bit more time.

After putting in a twelve hour day on the MS the Sunday before, which involved a careful reading plus making the changes, it still seemed to take a fair bit of time. The whole process involved smoothing out some sentences and writing a some new paragraphs and I can honestly say I was more nervous about sending it back this time than I was with the first set of revisions. It all felt so final, as if this was my last shot and I’d better get it right.

I’m happy to report that my editor emailed back yesterday to say that she really liked the revisions. I hope you all get to work with an editor who is as enthusiastic about your work as what my editor is with mine. Nimbus really has been terrific!

Oh, and as for the back cover copy “desolate” and “despondent” have been removed and the sentence now reads:

“Dalhousie Road is a secluded, sleepy place deep in the interior of Nova Scotia.”

And now I’m smiling!

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  1. Ahhhhh! Laura, that’s so great! I’m excited for you, and can’t imagine how proud you must feel! This is just wonderful.


  2. donthangupthequill

     /  August 20, 2009

    Laura, that’s fantastic! Congratulations on completing the milestone. The last one? What happens next?



    • Thanks Gayle. The manuscript goes to the book designer by weeks end and then I’ll get one last look at the galley copy to make sure everything is fine with the text and then it’s off to the printers in early September!!


  3. I definitely like the change. Do you have a publication date yet?


  4. You have plenty of reasons to smile!

    Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my site again. You’ve been so busy, I’d think you’d want to celebrate for a week by not going near a keyboard.


  5. Wow! It is wonderful! You must be thrilled about it all! I am happy the back cover was resolved!

    Halloween – how exciting!
    Canèt wait to read it!


    • Glad you pointed out that Oct.31 was Halloween I was so wrapped up in the date I didn’t even think about Halloween. Good grief!

      And I’m very well pleased with the changes to the back cover I know some of the older folks who actually lived here at that time would have been a bit offended by the language.



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