How to Order in the US

I’ve had a few people from the US ask about ordering my book and since I wasn’t sure exactly how that would work I decided to contact Nimbus to find out. There are several different options for ordering from the US.

I’ve been told that Nimbus will ship to the US and that it will eventually be released in the US in spring 2010. I have the Nimbus link on my site for anyone wishing to go that route. Also the book can be purchased at or Chapters. Ca or it can be ordered through the Woozles website

For anyone wondering what the heck Woozles is it’s the largest children’s bookstore on the east coast of Canada.

So, I ended up at The Inside Story in Greenwood today. I wanted to see if my book was on the shelf. I know, pretty pathetic… but I can’t help myself. Their site had mentioned that the book was in stock so I was curious. I was spiked with disappointment when I didn’t find it. I don’t know why. There are plenty of stores it won’t be in, that’s for sure. I guess it was because I knew they had ordered some in. So where the heck were they?

Before I left the mall my husband went into the store and asked for the book (I was too much of a chicken to do so— doubly pathetic. Right?) Of course it was there, I just didn’t know where to look. Relief!!!

So ….a bit later in the day my sister, who happens to live in the Annapolis Valley stopped into the same bookstore and asked if the book was in. The lady mentioned that she was the second person that day to come in and ask for the book… Hey, how impressive is that my sister thought? She went on to explain that her sister had written the book just before she whipped out her camera and took a photo of my book in the bookstore. Later, we shared a laugh when she found out that my husband was the other person who had inquired about the book today… How’s that for impressive? Hehehe.

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  1. It’s still a new experience for you and you’re entitled to enjoy the pleasurable sensation of seeing your own book on the shelves and worrying when it’s not visible. I’m sure I’d be doing the same thing. Hopefully the bookseller will now think more about potential interest in your book and will place it where it’s more readily seen. It says something about their shelving practices when you can’t find a book that you’re specifically looking for.


  2. I’d sneak in and pull my book out so that the book’s front is on display instead of hidden inside the shelf. I would be a bookstore’s complete nightmare. Maybe I’d go further and walk around with it and when no one was looking stick in on the front table with the bestsellers.

    If I see your book locally, I promise to do all those things.

    Thanks for the links. I’ll likely get it through Nimbus


    • Thanks for all the “sneaky” advise. As I was reading your comment I had visions of you doing just that!! Thanks for making me laugh. It always helps to have a sense of humour..



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