The “Bitter, Sweet” Book Launch

I awoke Sunday morning to the sound of more rain. It wasn’t yet daylight so I laid there in the dark thinking how the day was going to be miserable—- weather-wise, I mean. I ended up reminding myself that at least we weren’t experiencing a fluke snowstorm as we did some thirty odd years ago in October. Rain may be nasty and cold but it can’t stop a book launch. Right? By late morning the rain had stopped and the sun broke though. It was beautiful, such a treat to see the sun as we’ve been having a wet rainy October.

I’m sure I must live the best community in Nova Scotia with so many caring people who chipped in to make this day special for me. The community centre was decorated beautifully, the lunch that was served I’m sure was delicious even though I didn’t have the chance to find out. One thing I do know for sure, I have to be the luckiest author in the world.

People began to arrive early. The hall kept filling up. It was crazy and exciting and more than I ever could have hoped for. 155 people signed my guest book but I know at least 14 who didn’t and there were likely more. In the end we had a nice turn out of about 170 people (or more for the launch)….Did I say NICE? I meant STUPENDOUS!!!!!

My editor, Caitlin Drake, was there from Nimbus and said some pretty nice things although I’m not altogether sure what. My brain was pretty full and not everything was making sense all the time. I may have been floating at some point..Who knows?  A good friend introduced me, I said a few things and read for a bit and signed a LOT of books!

Okay… here’s the truly scary part. I’m not so great at talking off the top of my head without having something prepared but I knew I pretty much had to do it. I ‘m not sure if I thanked everyone that I planned to but it’s too late now to change it.. The weird part of it all was, when I read an excerpt from the book, I wasn’t the least bit nervous. Don’t ask me why. I’ve been nervous in front of much small crowds. I have never read in front of a group this large. Maybe there were a lot of good vibes in the room and that helped. I have no idea.

It didn’t take long to realize that there wouldn’t be enough books, not the way people were buying four and five copies at a time. The bookstore had brought a supply and so had the people from Nimbus. I was asked at some point it I had any extra copies at home. I did. My husband made a quick trip home for my twenty copies and they disappeared. The only thing I regret about the day was the fact that there were people who weren’t able to get a book and that was unfortunate.

I’m not so great about adding photos however, I do plan to post some if I can figure out how to do it (if not, my wonderful daughter will help out. Thanks Mel!!) For all those who attended the launch, who bought book or who helped out in any way, not just Sunday but for anyone who has offered me encouragement along the way, who took the time to write me little notes, (One dear lady sent me some pickles and jelly on the day of the launch)…if you are one of these people I thank you. Without family and friends and community all this would be meaningless. And so I am happy to say that my book launch was pretty darn near perfect!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to describe all of this! It sounds like you were warmly received by such supportive people, and like you may likely get to stay on cloud nine for a while! Enjoy it — you worked so hard for this.


  2. There were more than good vibes in that room… remember, good vibes and a prayer were winging to you all the way from BC! 🙂 I’m so happy the launch was that successful. I don’t imagine too many first novels sell out at their launch! Congratulations!


    • I’m pretty sure there was more than one prayer, Carol. My minister was there as was our three lay readers from the parish!! The bookstore was quite excited. I was talking to them yesterday and they’d like to plan a reading for December. It’s all good!!

      I am working on those interview questions and will get them back by the weekend I’m sure…Thanks Carol.


  3. I’m happy to hear you had a wonderful day, Laura. And wow, selling so many books, that’s just great!


  4. Sounds wonderful and fantastic! I am very happy for you!!
    Must have been quite something, as you had zero expectations.


  5. Hi Laura:

    Great to read about your book launch – rural Nova Scotia truly is an amazing place to live! I’ve just accepted an offer from Red Deer Press to publish my middle grade novel, next fall (yikes!) – I hope my launch will be half as well attended as yours! I wish you continued success as your book makes its way in the world…



    • Thanks Jan, and congratulations to you as well. That’s terrific. I hope you will be posting info about your book as it becomes available. Next fall? Just in time for Christmas…


  6. what an amazing day. I’m so glad it was a sell-out. Sounds like a dream come true.


    • Thanks Tricia. It was a dream come true. Rural places tend to be very supportive. People know who you are or who your parents are and I’d like to think they’d be as supportive of anyone in the area.



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