So what’s it really about?

Before the publication of “Bitter, Sweet” my oldest daughter and I had a conversation about the book and I remember saying that I didn’t want this whole experience to be just about sales. I know what you’re probably thinking, sales are important. Absolutely. Writers need to make a living too, so in one sense sales do matter. Not to mention that the publishing company needs to make money in order to stay in business.

But is that all that really matters? I sure hope not. I hope that somewhere, somehow this little story I wrote a few years back will mean much, much more to me than a few royalty cheques in the mail.

My daughter reminded me of our conversation recently when I mentioned that “Bitter, Sweet” was temporarily of stock on Amazon. (I concluded that perhaps they only had about four copies of the book in stock to begin with. I mean who really knows what that means?) Okay….so I’ve been spying on my book. I’ll admit that.

So is it all about sale, the very thing I didn’t want this to become? I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I can say in all honesty that no, it isn’t. For me this book is about so much more. It is about a whole community working together the day of the book launch to make it the most memorable event possible and, the little notes I received the day of the launch, the flowers, the well wishes and emails not only from my family and friends, but from perfect strangers who know nothing more about me other than the fact that I’ve written a book. This book is about the other authors on facebook— Helene Boudreau, Steve Vernon, Shari Green—- who have been helping to promote my book by writing reviews, giving out links to my book on Amazon for everyone on their friends list to see. It is about a blogger friend, Carol Garvin setting up an interview to help promote it as well– a dear lady who took the time to think up questions for the interview and using her valuable time just to help out another writer. It is the looks of excitement on people’s faces when they let me know they’ve been checking out the bookstores and it’s about the people who have never before entered a bookstore, let alone purchased a book, wanting copies of my book. It’s about the people who have taken the time to actually read the book and to tell me how much they enjoyed it. How cool is all that? It is about people in the blogging community cheering me on, dropping in to read my post and taking the time to leave comment. So far, this little book has brought out the best in a whole lot of people.

So, it is about more than sales. I’d say this little book  is doing pretty darn good for itself.

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  1. Grub

     /  November 11, 2009


    You`re doing fantastic work Momma, keep it up!

    Well, you need not do a thing really – the book is working for you now.


  2. Melanie

     /  November 11, 2009

    I thought about it afterward – hope I didn’t sound snotty when I mentioned our conversation about sales! Happy the whole thing got you thinking, though… love ya!


    • Hey, that is why I like having these conversations with you. It helps me keep things in perspective and it helps to have you remind me of what I’ve already said.


  3. Love this post, Laura! What a beautiful way of seeing your first off into the world. I hope they all bring you as much delight 🙂


  4. I suspect it also must have been about the actual writing experience, too. There is great satisfaction in the creative process. I have novels that will never be published but they were meant to be written because the self-expression was part of my growth as both a Christian and an author.

    Then, as you’re finding, when a book is published it’s also about community. I’m happy to have connected with you and become part of that community of encouragement and celebration. Writing can be a very solitary occupation and we writers have to stick together! 😉


    • You’re absolutely right Carol. Without the actual writing none of this would have happened. And when we write there is no guarantee that it will ever be published but that doesn’t stop us. The creative process is really what spurs us in the beginning, the need to be creative.

      I feel exactly the way you do about writers sticking together and I think many others share that sentiment. Thanks, Carol.


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